Do not make coffee with boiling water.

Update: February 2019

We all know that coffee is not a simple drink, it combines
a lot of nutrients. However, no one has yet figured out how
need to cook it properly. Edition “Moskovsky Komsomolets”
told about the new experiment conducted by the University of Thomas
Jefferson (USA, Pennsylvania). Specialists have developed
list of “rules” of brewing coffee and called for the use of “cold”

For the experiment, scientists chose four varieties of coffee drink and
brewed them at different water temperatures. It turned out exactly
room temperature best reveals beneficial
properties of coffee beans. Of these, the most
caffeine and antioxidant substances (chlorogenic acid). Wherein
additional positive effect of brewing traced
when using coffee beans with an average level of roasting.

In particular, as American scientists have recalled, coffee
beneficial effect on the nervous, cardiovascular systems,
metabolic processes in the body. Namely, lowers the risks of development
dementia, cirrhosis of the liver, strokes and heart failure,
improves fertility and reduces body weight. But do not forget about
the effects of invigorating drink abuse, for example,
exacerbation of infections of the urogenital system, exacerbation of gastritis or
stomach ulcers, tachycardias (see the benefits and harm of coffee).

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