Do not leave the child crying alone

Why is a baby crying? Does he feel bad, does something hurt? Or tired
overworked? Want to eat or drink? Or maybe it just requires

Parents are divided into two camps. Some believe that crying is
signal of trouble that needs to be identified and eliminated. Other
are of the opinion that nothing will happen to the child, cry
and stop. And generally, let him learn to control his
emotions. Responding to each episode of baby crying may result
to the fact that the child grows up spoiled and “loved”. Who same


American researchers conducted a series of observations and proved
that maternal instinct is the right thing. Do not fight mom
yourself, your desire to take the crying baby in his arms and comfort him.
And it definitely won’t lead to negative consequences, just
on the contrary, it will help the baby to develop correctly and harmoniously.

A baby is unable to fight its emotions or
curb them – the child’s self-control develops only in the older
preschool age then volitional begin to form
quality. If, however, screaming, it stops very small
baby, it does not mean that he realized all the wrong
your behavior. This means that he was desperate to call his parents on

In a study conducted by scientists took part about
six hundred families, and the researchers analyzed data
for different periods, including not only children’s age, but also adult
conscious life. As it turned out, hugs, kisses, affectionate
words and other manifestations of tenderness, following crying,
impossible to spoil the child. On the contrary, children not experiencing
deficiency in parental love and caress, develop better, lead
yourself more relaxed even in stressful situations. But if not
react to the crying of the child, it may adversely affect
normal and natural course of its development and formation as
personality. In the future, this method of education can lead to
uncertainty, increased nervous excitability, low


Can you spoil the attention and care? Not. On the contrary
spoiled grow those children who at one time lacked heat and
love Therefore, they always want the most. And toys, and
attention and affection. It’s like they are trying to get it all.
for future use.

Scientists stressed that the behavior of parents and their interaction
with the child plays a very important role in development and directly to him
affects. Moreover, the negative impact extends not only to
psyche, but also on physical health. Proved to be deprived
attention, children grow weaker and more painful, which is associated with
negative effects of stress that the child experiences every
once left alone with their fears, that is crying in
alone Also, researchers have noted that form
correct behavior is needed from the first months of a baby’s life.

Such a baby grows with a subconscious feeling that he
nobody needs. This is a very destructive feeling. It is it
gradually becomes the cause of behavioral problems in children’s
adolescence, depression, neurosis.

Love your children, and let them know about your love: hug,
console, do not stop crying alone!

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