Do I need to teach a child to write before school?

Modern parents, fascinated by the idea of ​​early
development, they believe that children must be able to write long
before they enter first grade. Of course, babies are extremely
receptive and easily absorb new knowledge and skills. Their
You can teach and singing, and geometry, and foreign languages. Only
what for? Today we will talk about whether to teach a child to write

учить писать до школы

Do not rush!

Primary school teachers from year to year say moms and dads,
that you do not need to teach preschoolers to write in capital letters
letters. Why are they so categorical? Introduction to calligraphy in
this age is excluded for the following reasons:

  1. The five-year plan is not yet ripe for writing, either physically or mentally:
    fine motor skills are not developed, do not work properly
    mechanisms of neuromuscular regulation and visual coordination,
    ossification of the wrists and phalanges of the fingers is not completed.
  2. Few of the parents have a special education. After all
    literally for each letter a certain algorithm was developed
    writing, which the teacher devotes several lessons. More often
    self-training leads to erroneous technique
  3. Children who learn to write early often have bad
    handwriting. To master the skill of calligraphy, you need at least
    hours a day, to prescribe the letters, which, you see, is impossible in
    case of preschool children. In addition, next to them should be mothers,
    eyeing the exact mapping of a particular element that
    also difficult. In the end, left unattended, the child writes
    as it is more convenient for him. And at the desk he will not be taught, but
  4. Experts note that even in the preparatory groups
    kindergarten kids can not always navigate in such
    required to write the characteristics, like a right-left,
    up-down, closer-on, etc. What can we say about the younger

Preparing for the letter

Educators say some first graders face
numerous difficulties when working in the prescriptions:

  • they do not know how to properly hold a pen;
  • do not rely on a sheet of notebook;
  • periodically unfold it when shading;
  • draw very small pictures on paper.

These features suggest that adults simply do not
paid enough attention to the children at home. I.e
at preschool age you need not to teach your child to write letters beautifully,
but to improve precise finger motor skills, memory, thinking and
speech Training should also include developmental tasks.
hand and eye coordination. How to help preschool children?

Tasks to prepare the hand to the letter

  1. It is very important to teach the child how to sit properly at the table,
    the position of the album or notebook sheet, hands, pencil. Future
    it will be much easier for the student to meet the same requirements when
    work in the list.
  2. We draw images in which the most different lines are combined:
    straight, vertical, oblique, wavy. In medium groups
    kindergarten you can draw tracks, columns and ribbons,
    gradually moving to the closure of lines in the form of circles (rings and
    glomeruli). In the older preschool age exercises become
    more difficult: placing sticks, arcs, ovals and circles in
  3. Who says that preschoolers do not write dictations? Graphic
    Exercises will teach to determine the direction, write under
    dictation of adults and even a little count. For example: “One cell
    down, three squares to the right, “etc.
  4. Hatching will help your child form a useful skill.
    uniform movement of the hand under visual control. Teach
    child horizontal, parallel and oblique lines
    one movement of the pencil.
  5. Another effective way is to color the images in
    special books. This exercise improves pressure
    makes the movements of the fingers coordinated (or you can download and
    print coloring on our site
  6. Offer the crumbs to copy the vending pictures on
    transparent paper. Prefer patterns, because in them
    a huge number of curls, knots, hooks, which are
    elements of capital letters.

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to hold the pen and pencil correctly – 8 proven ways

We hope we managed to convince you not to teach
baby letter at such a young age. Provide this lesson
school teacher, and free time to spend on joint
games that will help your offspring develop petty
motor skills.

How to teach a child to write. The first steps

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