Do I need to teach a baby to a dummy?

Some can not wean the child from the nipples, others can not
can put the baby in the nipple. Yes, yes, sometimes children
flatly refuse dummy nipples, and quite often it is
nipple soother helps out parents in different situations. She’s great
успокаивает ребенка, стимулирует сосательный рефлекс. During
nipple sucking brain stimulation occurs, produced
a certain concentration, the production of pleasure hormones.
The baby quickly calms down, concentrates on sucking and
falls asleep. Disputes over the fact that the child should not be
Teaching to the nipple were always, so here every parent decides
himself, to teach or not. But you should also know what is worse from the nipples.
the child definitely will not, the only real minus is possible
there will be difficulties when it comes time to take and wean your
ребенка от соски :) (вот тут мы писали об этом: как отучить от

The content of the article

  • 1 When do I need to use a dummy?
    • 1.1 Why can not we teach the child to the nipple when feeding
    • 1.2 What can a pacifier be useful for?
    • 1.3 What may be the negative aspects of use
    • 1.4 Some children absolutely do not want to use
      dummy. Should I insist?
  • 2 Приучаем к пустышке — маленькие хитрости
    • 2.1 At what age can a dummy be offered?
    • 2.2 How to choose?
    • 2.3 Should I combine breastfeeding and use
  • 3 Видео мнение: Пустышка — давать или не давать?

ребенок с соской

When do I need to use a dummy?

  • Optimal use of the dummy before bedtime. In this case
    stimulation of the sucking reflex will help calm
    baby, replacing the usual and normal for the baby breast sucking
    before bedtime;
  • During долгих сборов на прогулку и на самой прогулке когда
    the child is playing in the sandbox;
  • When you have to wait in large queues, for example, in
  • During прогулок по магазинам (примерка новой одежды на
  • All kinds of travel and travel.

Why can not we teach the child to the nipple when feeding

If breastfeeding continues up to a year or a year and a half,
dummy is not required. On the contrary, it is likely
will be indignantly rejected. Teach a child who is on
breastfeeding to a pacifier is almost impossible. Children
Feel the difference perfectly and will demand not a dummy, but
warm and lively maternal breast.

Not everyone can afford to breastfeed for a long time.
time. The use of a number of drugs, antibiotics, non-compliance
special diet, stress, early exit to work. All this
leads to forced abandonment of breastfeeding.

What can a nipple be useful for?

  • A child accustomed to a pacifier does not require attention before bedtime,
    he has enough pacifiers. This is a very important point. Motion sickness
    a child before bedtime without using a pacifier will require no
    менее часа, а то и двух ежедневно (т.е. в течение всего
    days). If you have so much time, you can’t
    think about the need for soothers. If not, more rational
    choose a good nipple;
  • Пустышка стимулирует деятельность кишечника и спасает
    baby from gazikov;
  • During прогулок на улице и игры ребенка в песочнице (ведь
    kids pull in the mouth all sorts of “Kaku”);
  • There are special nipples that contribute to the formation of
    correct bite;
  • A child can be quickly reassured in any situation by offering him
  • Any member can use a dummy to soothe a child.
    families. And the father and grandmother of the child, and older children. To bring
    baby in a complacent state does not require mandatory participation
  • The development of the skill of concentration, which
    subsequently will be very useful in school or in intellectual
    work. It is very important to ensure that this attachment does not
    switched, for example, to smoking. But teenagers can easily
    explain the harm of smoking and find an alternative to achieve
    concentrated state.

What could be the negative aspects of use

  • Less attention is paid to the study of the surrounding world, the child
    focused on sucking;
  • Children, приученные к пустышке, позже начинают разговаривать, чаще
    the help of a speech therapist is required (it is certainly possible and a myth);
  • It is difficult to wean from using a dummy. Sometimes it is
    (how to disaccustom the link in the beginning of the article);
  • In some cases, the child switches to other objects (all
    that gets on eyes) and sucks them, including fingers. By the way
    отучить ребенка от соски проще чем от сосания пальцев (см
    статью как отучить ребенка сосать пальчики)
  • The baby’s dummy can suck a few hours without a break. it
    much longer than you can suck the breast;
  • Because the dummy is used longer than physiologically
    breastfeeding is justified, and without time restrictions,
    overdeveloped sucking reflex can persist for a long time and
    reflect in the sucking pens and pencils at school, the habit of nibbling
    nails, smoking.

There are also positive sides with excessively developed sucking
reflex. When sucking items like pencil
habitual brain stimulation occurs, easily achieved
concentrated state, produced hormones of pleasure. AND
the algebra problem is solved, so also with pleasure. A pencil
you can buy another box instead of those who were bitten at the decision, nothing

Некоторые дети категорически не хотят пользоваться dummy.
Should I insist?

Of course, the dummy is a convenient tool for managing the child.
Most parents find it convenient, at any time.
silence the child and calm down. From nipples more often
active children refuse to independently manage any
by the situation. It is possible that for such children,
discarding nipples, habit of concentrated states
will be especially helpful. Well, all the advantages of using nipples we
wrote above.

Приучаем к пустышке — маленькие хитрости

There are 2 main methods of schooling.

  1. child-with-nipple

    To deceive a baby by slipping a pacifier instead of a breast. In that
    case attachment to the nipple will be maximum. Take baby
    on arms in a pose in which breastfeeding occurs, but instead
    breast offer nipple, lubricated with milk or formula. itт
    The method is ideal for children under 3 months. Older babies
    to carry out this way is already difficult.
  2. Offer a pacifier in the period of the appearance of teeth when the baby is ready
    nibble and suck on anything. The baby will perceive the pacifier as comfortable.
    and useful toy, it will nibble and bite, learn
    put it in your mouth and take it out on your own
    to desire.

Oh yeah, many advise you to smear the nipple with sweet jam or
медом чтобы ребенок ее не выплевывал, ни в коем случае не
It is worth doing this, because have a small child this can
появиться диатез, кариес, аллергия и возникнуть зависимости от
taste. Также не нужно облизывать соску, перед тем как
дать ее ребенку, в слюне взрослого человека содержится
a huge number of bacteria.

From what age can a dummy be offered?

Соску можно давать с рождения. Good pharmacies have
A wide selection of nipples for babies from birth. If a
the newborn flatly refuses the pacifier, then hold off and
try again in 1 month. Bite-forming nipples can
start using from 7-12 months.

How to choose?

Purchase nipples according to the age of the baby (dummies
sold in sizes from 0 to 3 months, from 3 to 6, between 12 and 18
months). Also pay attention to the nipple material – maybe
silicone and latex (latex is softer than silicone) and on the form.

By the way многие малыши отказываются и выплевывают
nipples are often due to the fact that it does not fit them in size and
form (either too small or large), or the child will not like it
material from which the nipple is made (we recommend to purchase and
латексные и силиконовые — малыш сам выберет которая ему
fit and enjoy). We read in detail how to choose a pacifier


Should I combine breastfeeding and use

it нежелательно. The reasons are as follows. Breastfeeding
the child learns to be very careful with the mother’s breast.
Children, не использующие пустышки, практически никогда не кусают

But the pacifier is very convenient to gnaw. AND дети грызут пустышки, когда
teeth are cut, as a result, when the breast is in the mouth again,
It is difficult for children to switch and they can bite. Tolerate and forgive
such bites can not be punished also not for that.

It should be understood that any decision has its own positive and
negative sides. ANDсходите из рациональных предпочтений. If a
you have enough time, calmly react to
requirements of attention by the child in the middle of the night, ready to rock for hours
your baby if he has a tummy ache or teething – question
with dummy can be left open.

If a вы хотите иметь немного времени для себя лично, не иметь
constantly exhausted by continuous lack of sleep of the species, something
do your homework – choose a pacifier.

Top 10 baby dummies: choose a pacifier for the child

Top 10 major manufacturers (brands) nipple pacifiers,
which you can find in the market of children’s products. Manufacturer,
features, properties, advantages and disadvantages, price

But if your child still does not want to
take a pacifier, rejoice, do not have to wean :)

We just leave it here. :)


Видео мнение: Пустышка — давать или не давать?

Look at the opinion of mommy 5th children and the opinion of the doctor

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