Do I need to keep the baby post afterfeeding?

Is there a real need to keep the baby
post feeding or all this remnants of Soviet medicine?
To get an answer to this question, let’s look a little
physiology of breastfeeding.


Where are the roots of the strange advice of carrying a child a column
after feeding, which gives a huge amount of baby

Among all the species of mammals that exist in the world,
one female after feeding does not change the position of the body
детеныша для того, чтобы избавиться от лишнего воздуха в
the stomach.
It would be logical to assume that if such
necessity existed and was a prerequisite for survival
for such a long period of evolution this action is mandatory
stuck in the subconscious and executed at the level of instincts.
However, this is not.

Artificial feeding in Soviet times

It probably started from Soviet times, when
Regime feeding was common. Maternity leave for
mothers lasted 3 months, after which babies were given to the nursery, where
they were fed with a mixture, and then kept a column so that the child could
belch too much. This helped to avoid overfeeding because
bottle feeding is difficult to calculate individual
the needs of every child for food.

The tiny stomach of the baby is simply not able to accommodate
A whole bottle of the mixture, but you need to eat, because on schedule
the next feeding occurs only after 3 hours. In addition,
the nipple quite often had very large holes, due to which the mixture
ingested with air.

Physiology of breastfeeding

When breastfeeding, attachment is carried out according to
baby’s request, and this procedure can occur more than 4 times
at one o’clock. Therefore, mom simply does not have time to keep
baby post every time after feeding. Also when feeding
it is impossible to breastfeed a baby because the composition of the breast
Milk is chosen in a way that is suitable for regular
attachments. And with the right attachment, the hit problem
air into the stomach can be negated.

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baby to the chest

Unlike artificial formulas, mother’s milk
practically does not linger in the stomach and, thanks to its
composition of enzymes completely absorbed through the walls

Nature also made sure that the fatty back milk
got to the baby not immediately, but only after long
lasts more than 20 minutes. Thanks
sedative components that are part of it, it calms
baby, after which he falls asleep right on the chest in the process
feeding And this is a natural process.

Much more anxiety is needed to show
if the baby does not fall asleep during the feeding process
It is necessary to understand what worries the baby and
prevents him from relaxing and falling asleep peacefully with her mother’s breast during

Let the baby fall asleep under the breast.

And now, having learned a little more about breast physiology
feeding, answer the question: how should the mother write in
is this process of holding a bar?


Baby after breastfeeding quietly falls asleep. Mama,
exhausted by the new mode of life, can also relax along with
baby or do household chores without being distracted by the child. But,
following the recommendations of the doctor, it is necessary to keep the child a column,
to release excess air.

Worried baby instantly wakes up, naughty,
perhaps even regurgitating most of what just ate, and
again begins to demand breasts. And it is completely incomprehensible to feed him
again or to rock? After all, mom is scary and underfed the child, and
feed him over. And there is no one to answer all these questions and
dispel doubts gnawing young mother.

If, after feeding, to give the baby a quiet sleep and not
change his position, the situation will look completely different.
The baby will eat well, sleep well and less
act up


Irena: А мне так жалко сыночка
keep a column … .. He is so sweet with a titia falls asleep
 (tita) In the crib, then you do not want to shift that
wake up, not to mention the column.

Therefore, we strongly recommend nursing moms do not
harass neither yourself nor the baby, and give him a restful sleep after
feeding Even if there is excess air in the stomach, it will come out,
when upon waking you will carry a baby on

Do lay the baby on the tummy

Another incomprehensible recommendation – is to lay out the crumbs on
tummy so that he learns to hold the head. We do not advise you
put the child in this position until he can
roll over by yourself. It is believed that in this position
the crumb feels not comfortable: it seems that he was either left
somewhere, or he fell. Children can hold the head from birth, but
at first they have difficulty in coordinating it. Much more
to properly carry the baby in your arms without supporting
this head.

With special attention must be taken to
the baby did not fall asleep on his stomach. Scientific proven direct connection
baby’s position on the stomach with sudden death syndrome

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