Djufaston for a call of monthly: how to accept,side effects

Update: December 2018

On the state of reproductive health of women shows
regular menstrual cycle. Each of the representatives of the weak
sex at least once in my life faced with a delay of menstruation. To
To resolve this issue, you should visit a doctor who carefully
analyze the situation and recommend a drug for
call menstruation.

Briefly about menstruation

The menstrual cycle is called the time period,
from the first day of the last menstruation to the first day
started Normally, its duration is 21 – 35 days,
and menstruation lasts 3 to 7 days. In the menstrual cycle distinguish
two phases:

  • first (controlled by FSH and proceeds under the auspices of estrogen)
    endometrial proliferation occurs (proliferative phase).
  • during the first phase, the endometrium begins to thicken (up to 4 – 5
    mm) and grow, and follicles mature in the ovary.

When estrogen levels peak, the main follicle
torn and out of it comes a mature egg – which is called
ovulation. In place of the main follicle under the action of LH is formed
progesterone producing yellow body. Since the start of secretion
pituitary LH and progesterone production and the second or
secretory phase of the cycle. In this phase, the lining of the uterus is loosened and
becomes edematous, that is, preparing to take what is called
implantation, fertilized egg. If conception is not
it happened, then by the end of the second phase the production of LH, and, accordingly,
progesterone decreases and then stops and uterine mucosa
starts to reject – this is desquamation or menstruation.

Why is menstruation delayed?

The time “X” has come, and the menstruation has not begun, the reasons
lack of menstruation a lot:


With a delay, and especially the absence of menstruation more than 10 days
the first thing is to eliminate pregnancy. As they say and
an unloaded rifle shoots once a year. That is, despite
measures of protection, the chance to get pregnant still remains
(see Duphaston during pregnancy).

Postpartum period

Menstruation should not wait at least 4 (or better than 8) weeks
after childbirth, despite the fact that the woman adheres
artificial feeding. In the first 6 to 8 weeks after delivery
the wound surface of the uterus (in the place of the placenta) should
heal and build up a new functional layer of the endometrium, ready for
desquamation. And if a woman is breastfeeding, then she has blood in her
place increased prolactin, which inhibits the production of FSH and LH in
the pituitary gland, which respectively, blocks the secretion of estrogen and
progesterone and endometrial changes (transformation and secretion),
necessary for its rejection – menstruation.

Puberty age

During puberty is considered the norm irregular
menstrual cycle for two years after menarche, which speaks of
unsteady hormonal level and constant “jumps”
hormones. There is a shortening or lengthening cycle that
accompanied by either delayed menstruation, or their unexpected
offensive. If after the specified time the cycle is not
adjusted, should be examined and exclude others
causes of delayed menstruation.


Lack of ovulation can occur in a healthy woman in 2 – 3
menstrual cycles throughout the year (see ovulation test).
The corpus luteum is not formed due to anovulation, and the proliferative phase
does not give way to secretory, that is, the functional layer of the endometrium is not
growing and rejecting is not what. Such anovulatory cycles
happen due to short-term system failures
hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries under the influence of different but
short-term factors (climate change, stress, physical


Malnutrition and inadequate nutrition, including strict
weight loss diets are reflected in the menstrual cycle. Level
estrogens that are synthesized not only in the ovaries, but also in
adipose tissue, with a sharp decrease in weight decreases, leading to
hormonal disorders up to the development of amenorrhea.


Overweight can also cause permanent
menses delays, oligomenorrhea and amenorrhea. Estrogens, in large
quantities synthesized by adipose tissue are converted to androgens,
what causes hyperandrogenism, cycle disorder and changes in
appearance (acne, stretch marks, hirsutism and others).

Artificial or spontaneous abortion

Both medical abortion and miscarriage are stressful for
organism, a sudden change in hormone levels after
aborted pregnancy cause system malfunctions
hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries and lead to a violation of the cycle (short
and scanty periods, their delay).

Gynecological hormonal diseases

Polycystic ovary, endometriosis, ovarian tumors and uterine cancer
may be accompanied by long delays of menstruation followed by

Acceptance of hormonal drugs

Pregnancy Protection with Hormones
(cm. oral contraceptives for and against) or endocrine treatment
pathologies also affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle and
provoke delayed menstruation.


With age, the production of hormones in the ovaries decreases, which
often accompanied by hormonal fluctuations and disturbances
menstrual cycle (the body is preparing for menopause).

Infectious diseases of the uterus and appendages

How does duphaston

The active ingredient of the drug “Duphaston” is
didrogesterone. In one tablet it is contained in the amount of 10 mg.
Feature of didrogesterone is its similarity in structure,
chemical and pharmacological effects with natural (natural)
progesterone. Since didrogesterone is not a derivative
тестостерона, то он и не вызывает side effects, присущие
most synthetic progestogens derived from androgens
(excessive hairiness or coarseness of voice).

Also, the drug does not possess anabolic activity (not
increases protein synthesis and muscle mass), does not affect
production and metabolism of glucocorticoids and temperature, including
number and basal (for example, when taking KOC to measure the basal
temperature does not make sense). Didrogesterone supports favorable
effect of estrogen on blood lipids, but different
that does not affect blood clotting. Also didrogesterone not
has a negative effect on carbohydrate metabolism and function
the liver.

Didrogesterone makes up for its own progesterone deficiency
the body, that is, contributes to the “unfolding” of the second phase of the cycle
– loosens the endometrium, preparing it either for implantation
oocytes, or to rejection (monthly). Thus duphaston
reduces the increased risk of endometrial hyperplasia or
cancer on the background of an excess of estrogen, which is observed during long-term and
regular menstruation delays.

Indications for admission and dosage

The drug, in addition to calling menstruation, is applied to other
indications (in case of progesterone deficiency):

  • endometriosis – duphaston appointed from 5 to 25 day cycle to 1
    a pill twice a day;
  • second phase failure (luteal) and treatment
    infertility due to her – from 14 to 25 day of cycle 1
    a pill;
  • premenstrual syndrome – from 11 to 25 day pill twice
    per day;
  • irregular menstruation – from 11 to 25 day pill twice in
  • amenorrhea – in conjunction with estrogen (from 1 to 25 day one
    once a day) duphaston must be taken twice a pill
    day from 11 to 25 day of the cycle.

If the reaction of the endometrium to the drug according to the ultrasound is not sufficient
(endometrial thickness in the second phase does not reach 10 mm), dose
duphaston increase to 20 mg.

How duofaston cause monthly?

With a long delay of menstruation should see a doctor
which first exclude pregnancy. If pregnancy
No, after a thorough medical history and complaints, the doctor establishes
possible cause of delayed menses.

  • In case of influence of external factors (stress, climate change and
    other) menstruation begins independently after their elimination
  • But in the case of an ongoing delay of up to 10 or more days,
    It is recommended to take a blood test for hormones, and then proceed to
    drug treatment.
  • Djufaston for a call of monthly is appointed in a dosage of 10 mg (1
    tablet) twice a day for 5 days.
  • Menstruation begins after stopping the drug, or
    somewhat before the end of the course.
  • It is possible and delayed action when the monthly “come”
    3-7 days after the cancellation of duphaston.

If the patient complains of irregular menstrual
the cycle and the constant delay of menstruation, then it is prescribed 3 –
6-month course of treatment with duphaston from the 11th to the 25th day of the cycle. how
usually after such a course of treatment, the cycle
is being restored.


  • The drug can not be taken in the presence of Rotor syndrome and
  • With extreme caution, duphaston is prescribed, if during
    Pregnancy was pruritus.
  • It is also not recommended to take the drug during breastfeeding.
    (penetrates the milk).
  • And, of course, duphaston is not appointed in the case of individual
    didrogesterone intolerance.

Side effect

A reception of duphaston may be accompanied by a number of side effects.

  • In the first place against the background of treatment with this drug is possible
    the appearance of breakthrough uterine bleeding that eliminate
    increasing the dose of medication.
  • Changes in the blood system and development are also possible.
    hemolytic anemia (rare).
  • A number of women mark the appearance of a headache or migraine,
    increased sensitivity of the mammary glands.
  • The occurrence of allergic reactions is not excluded (skin
    itching and rash, urticaria and in rare cases, Quincke’s edema).
  • Possible violations of the liver (weakness or malaise,
    jaundice and soreness in the right hypochondrium).
  • And extremely rarely duphaston provokes the development of edema.

Analogues of Duphaston

There are a number of drugs whose mechanism of action is similar to
duphaston. A distinctive feature of all the listed analogues
duphaston is their ability to cause lethargy and drowsiness and
reduce concentration of attention.

  • Utrozhestan

The active ingredient of this medicine is natural.
micronized progesterone, which is obtained from a vegetable
raw materials. Utrozhestan выпускается в желатиновых капсулах, которые
taken orally (by mouth) and administered intravaginally.
One capsule contains 100 active substances. Treatment dose
It is selected individually in each specific case and depends on
forms of the disease and severity of clinical symptoms. Utrozhestan,
as well as Duphaston, can be taken during gestation.
Price: 28 pcs 410 rubles.

  • Iprozhin

The active ingredient of the drug is progesterone,
obtained by synthetic means. Iprozhin тоже выпускается в
capsules that are allowed to be ingested or administered
intravaginally. One capsule contains 100 mg of progesterone.
Price: 15 pcs 380 rub.

  • Kraynon

Kraynon выпускается в виде геле. One applicator contains
1,125 gr. artificially synthesized progesterone. Applicators
are introduced into the vagina. Цена: Kraynon 2200-2700 руб.

  • Prajisan

This drug also contains 100 synthetic progesterone.
or 200 mg in each capsule. Oral and
intravaginal prajisana. Price: 10 pcs. 270 rub.

Question answer

I had a long delay, a pregnancy test
negative. The doctor ordered to take duphaston. After graduation
reception went dark spotting that lasted only 2
of the day This is normal?

Yes, after the first course of taking the drug, menstruation is short and
scarce enough due to incomplete proliferation
endometrium, that is, the lining of the uterus was not quite ready for
rejection, because the functional layer of the endometrium has not reached the desired
thickness. After three months of taking Duphaston hormones and
the menstrual cycle will align and the menstruation will become more
intense and long lasting.

After the cancellation of duphaston, the menstrual periods did not start at 5, not at 7
day. Pregnancy test questionable. What to do?

Of course, the first thing to exclude / confirm
pregnancy, donate blood for hCG and perform an ultrasound of the uterus. In 90%
The incidence of pregnancy is confirmed.

The doctor prescribed me duphaston for a long delay, but
after the abolition of the drug, menstruation did not begin. With what is it

If pregnancy is 100% excluded, then maybe you have too
low estrogen levels, which did not cause endometrial proliferation in
the first phase, and, accordingly, could not whip up and the second –
secretory phase of the cycle. Thus, the endometrium turned out to be
�“Immature” and not at all prepared for desquamation — menstruation.
It is necessary to investigate the level of estrogen in the first phase and
the content of progesterone in the second and adjust the treatment
disturbed menstrual cycle with estrogen preparations and

Acceptance of duphaston increases weight?

The drug enhances metabolic processes, that is, accelerates the absorption
nutrients that can “spur” the appetite and
provoke an increase in body weight. When treating duphaston
should be avoided hypodynamic and control appetite, then weight
will remain at the same level. Perhaps some weight gain
the bodies account for peripheral edema, but they disappear with the onset of monthly
on their own.

Can I take alcohol on the background of treatment duphaston?

Taking alcoholic beverages is not desirable (but not prohibited) when
treatment duphaston. The drug is metabolized in the liver, and alcohol
accelerates this process, therefore, the therapeutic effect of duphaston in the background
alcohol consumption may decrease.

Can duphaston speed up her period?

Yes, taking the drug from the 11th day of the cycle allows you to bring the beginning
menstruation, but doctors categorically do not recommend it. Everything
hormonal drugs affect the hormonal background of the body, and
�“Innocent” desire to move the cycle in one direction or another may
cause ovarian dysfunction and even infertility.

What drugs are not recommended to take simultaneously with

On the background of treatment duphaston, phenobarbital is not recommended.
and rifampicin, which speeds up the metabolism of the drug thereby
reducing its effectiveness.

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