Disposable diapers – for and against, benefitsand harm

With the advent of a newborn baby, especially if
This is the firstborn, before the young mom gets a lot of questions on
care, feeding, education. The controversy over diapers is another
from the exciting topics.

Одноразовые подгузники за и против

  1. Do not have a long stay in the diaper baby
    harmful effects (are diapers harmful to boys)?
  2. Up to what age can diapers be used and when
    better to teach the child to the pot?

This article is based on the experiences of others.
mummies, and hopefully help you resolve doubts on the topic

Pros and cons of diapers

Being in an “interesting position” I studied a lot of literature on
this topic and decided for myself that I will not keep my future
baby in the diaper constantly, and use it only on
walks, when going to the clinic and at night. Most compelling
arguments against the constant use of disposable diapers
There were the following statements:

  • Constant wearing of a diaper can cause fading.
    врожденного мочеполового рефлекса, и, как  следствие, к
    a significant decrease in the volume of the bladder;
  • Continuous stay of the baby (especially the boy) in the diaper
    may cause overheating of the genitals and adversely affect its
    reproductive abilities;
  • Babies who are constantly in diapers are very difficult.
    to accustom to the pot.

Moreover, it was very interesting to me, when did my baby start
himself ask on the pot.

Raising a baby without disposable diapers is possible, but
 Is it so economical, as some moms think?

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newborn baby per day?

Minus reusable diaper

Reusable diapers, in my opinion, – a relic of the past. Not
imagine what it looks like? 4 times folded diaper,
put on the child on the principle of panties and fixed
pins (!). There are even several options for addition and
vestments in a reusable diaper.

Maybe someone has adapted to this option, but I do not
was able to. The diaper gets off, does not hold on the ass and, the most terrible,
she’s wet all the time. At the end of the day – a lot of wet, often
obkakanykh, diapers and the same wet pants.  According to the rules
hygiene, all this heap of dirty laundry needs to be washed manually
baby soap, bleach 6 hours in an oxygen bleach,
rinse and then machine wash the full program,
dry in a well-ventilated area and iron from two
parties (!).

Notужели вы способны на такой героизм, чтобы проделывать эти
actions daily? Add here also the characteristic smells throughout

If you don’t wear a disposable diaper at all, only
blouse and romper suit, the situation is not much different: this
the same pile of dirty laundry and daily laundry.

So our grandmothers and mothers raised children, so in the wet
diapers have grown and you, dear readers of the article.

About disposable diapers

Someone will object: disposable diapers – expensive.
But, if you calculate the cost of electricity, laundry detergent,
amortization of the washing machine and your strength, then, believe me, diapers
cheaper. The benefits of using this little good
civilization becomes obvious and undeniable.

And now I will give the most important argument in defense of disposable
diapers. Many moms try to seat the kids on the pot as
possible earlier, but in spite of all the efforts the little ones start themselves
ask about 2 years (plus or minus six months). To this
age, children ripen and can control their desires, t.
e. little to suffer. It happens, kids are asking for a pot already to 1
year, but it is an exception to the rule.

I will cite as an example my friend, who was proud that my daughter
grew without a single “diaper” and washed all the diapers by hand
(!), because I took care of the washing machine. How do you think in which
at the age of her child began to steadily ask for a pot?
After two and a half years!

What is the difference between children who were raised without diapers,
from kids who grew up “dry”?

Children who grow up without disposable diapers, parents
try to teach the pot for half a year. As a result, they understand
his appointment and celebrate there “their business” when planting, but
do not ask for the pot themselves. Often, babies carry a potty or
point with a finger in the direction of the toilet, but already after the fact.

Children growing up in “pampers” most often resist
planting and even afraid of the pot. To accustom such children to a toilet,
really a bit more complicated. In any case, schooling children to
the pot is a long process. Have patience and washing
powder. (See the article why and what to do if the child is afraid

At what age is it best to teach a child to the pot?

Experts advise starting after the year: 1.2-1.6. But
познакомить малыша с горшком  стоит уже тогда, когда ребеночек
will begin to confidently sit without support: in 6-7 months. So he will
understand the purpose of this subject and will not in the future
resist planting. Planting a little on the pot right away
after sleeping, after eating and walking, you can save 2-3 diapers in
day. Читаем подробно: когда и как приучить
baby potty

When not to use a diaper

In order not to harm the baby, every mother should
know that there are situations when using disposable
diapers are prohibited:

  • The baby is premature. As a result of the imbalance between
    the generation and release of heat in an infant can constantly keep
    повышенная температура (37,1 – 37,4о C);
  • The child has a fever;
  • The baby has eczema, dermatitis or exudative diathesis;
  • Not рекомендуется также использовать подгузник во избежание
    overheating during very strong summer heat.

Joyful motherhood and intelligent kids, dear

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