Discharge during pregnancy: what is the norm, whatpathology, bloody, brown, yellow, white, watery

Update: October 2018

However, the occurrence of brown discharge in small terms
gestation may be a sign of other equally dangerous
diseases. Periodically occurring “daub”, accompanied
bouts of pain and disappearing without a trace, is characteristic of ectopic
(ectopic) pregnancy. This pathology requires immediate
surgery because it is life threatening
women (massive intra-abdominal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock
and the development of DIC).

In addition, the appearance in the first weeks of pregnancy
bleeding may accompany a disease such as
trophoblastic disease (blistering or chorionepithelioma).
Trophoblastic disease is characterized by the absence of pregnancy.
against the background of the existing abnormal tissue in the uterus with areas
embryonic tissue. Treatment трофобластической болезни зависит от
its forms and degrees of malignancy (some forms require
immediate removal of the uterus followed by radiation

Brown or oozing may also occur.
lumps of mucus with streaks of blood on the eve of childbirth, which is
normal and indicates the body’s readiness to
generic process (cervical ripening). Brown vaginal
discharge in the last weeks of gestation is due to discharge
mucus plug from the cervical canal, which throughout
During the gestation period, the fetus was protected from the penetration of pathogenic flora from
vagina in the uterus. Duration of discharge of mucus plug
makes 3 – 7 days, at the same time childbirth will come in the next 3 – 14

Bloody discharge in early pregnancy can
scare a woman if they appear after intercourse.
Their intensity is different, but, as a rule, it is insignificant
discharge from the blood, not accompanied by pain in the abdomen, nor
any discomfort. Most likely, such a contact
bleeding indicates undetected or untreated erosion
cervix and does not pose a threat to pregnancy. For erosion
or another pathology of the cervix is ​​characterized by discharge, which
occurred before pregnancy (contact bleeding, yellow,
muddy and other whites).

Yellow discharge

Not so rarely do future moms encounter such a thing as
yellow discharge during pregnancy from the genital tract.

In case of yellowish, but clear and light discharge
for short periods of pregnancy there is no reason to panic if
there are no signs of itching, burning and discomfort in the area of ​​outdoor

In the first weeks of pregnancy, as soon as the embryo is thoroughly
entrenched in the uterus (after implantation), under the action of progesterone,
which is produced in enhanced mode, the secretion increases
glands of the cervix that produce mucus. This mucus is necessary for
mucus plug formation in the cervical canal and separation
vagina and cervix with the uterus. Therefore, whites in the beginning
pregnancies become thick, white or yellowish

Also a variant of the norm are considered yellow or whites with a light
yellowing in the last weeks of pregnancy (37 – 39). On the eve of
childbirth, as mentioned above, the discharge of the mucous begins
jams that look like copious yellow discharge on linen
possibly with blood streaks.

If the vaginal secretion has a rich yellow color with shades
green and accompanied by itching and burning, the appearance of unpleasant
odor, urination disorders then you need to go
screening for exclusion / confirmation of pathogens
microorganisms in the vaginal microflora (staphylococcus,
Streptococcus, Proteus, E. coli and others), as well as genital
infections (trichomonas, chlamydia, ureaplasma and others).


In the absence of pathogenic flora in the vaginal smear
the cause of yellow discharge should be sought in violation of the rules of intimate
hygiene and poor nutrition (neglect of hygiene,
use of alkaline detergents and
scented pads, wearing synthetic underwear,
nutritional errors: abuse of spicy, spicy, overly
salty and sweet dishes).

White discharge

Another cause of concern for women are whites
discharge during pregnancy.

But before you panic, you need to figure out which
White highlights are normal and which are not. how
it becomes clear from the above, there is no pregnancy
without secretions, as whites are present in each representative
beautiful half of humanity, regardless of their “pregnant or
non-pregnant state.

Since the fertilization of the egg and its attachment to
mucous uterus in the female body begins “hormonal storm”,
qualitative and quantitative content of genital and non
only hormones, which creates conditions for optimal carrying
child, his growth and development. In the first 14 weeks, as already
it was said, future moms are celebrating an increase vaginal
secret, changing their texture and color. Beli in the truest sense
the words become whites, that is, viscous, abundant and milky
colors, what is “guilty” of progesterone (stimulates along with the rest
organs and cervical glands causing them to produce mucus in
large quantities for cork mucus formation).

Therefore, dairy and viscous discharge in the first trimester is absolutely
normal, provided that they are not accompanied
subjective sensations (itching and burning of the perineum and during

In some cases, however, the white vaginal secret may be
and a symptom of such an extremely unpleasant disease as
urogenital candidiasis or candidal vaginitis, and in a simple way
thrush. From 80 to 90% of women suffer from thrush in the period
gestation, which is connected:

  • First, with immunosuppression, especially in the first weeks
    pregnancy (prevention of embryo rejection)
  • secondly, with changes in the acidity of the vaginal environment due to
    intensive progesterone production.

Symptoms of candidal vaginitis are very characteristic. Woman
complains of the appearance of abundant homogeneous or cheesy whiter with
sour yeast odor, itching and burning in the perineum and in
vagina, in severe cases of pain during sexual contact and
urinary disorders (frequent and painful). Treatment
diseases are carried out by antifungal drugs both sexually
to partners. The choice of an antifungal agent depends on
gestational age. Prevent the development of thrush will help compliance
simple recommendations:

  • give preference to linen made from natural fabrics;
  • adhere to the rules of hygiene (how not to neglect and not to
  • give up aromatic detergents and intimate means
  • observe the principles of healthy eating (do not abuse
    sweets, pastries, canned food, spicy, salty and pickled

Watery discharge

The beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy is accompanied by a change
consistency of discharge from the genital tract. At this stage, the products
estrogen increases, which affects the amount and consistency
vaginal whiter. They liquefy, become watery,
transparent or with light turbidity. If there are no signs
discomfort, the future mother has nothing to worry about. The only
unpleasant moment can be called a constant feeling of moisture,
that is easily eliminated through the use of daily

Watery discharge будут продолжаться до конца беременности,
but watch them carefully in the last weeks
gestation, as such liquid discharge is easily confused
with leakage of amniotic fluid. To prevent water leaks
use a special test for amniotic fluid
(made in the form of a gasket, which is mounted on the underwear
and worn up to 12 hours). Change the color of the gasket (appearance
greenish or bluish streaks or spots) indicates
presence in the discharge of amniotic fluid.

In the case of watery, greyish or mixed with greenery and
frothy discharge, itching and burning sensation, skin redness
crotch and mucous lips of the genital lips, the occurrence of unpleasant
fish smell speaks about the development of the pathological process. More often
In total, similar phenomena occur in bacterial vaginosis.
In addition, abundant fluid discharge from pregnant women,
accompanied by discomfort, may occur with genital

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that if during pregnancy
there were secretions that were alarming by their color, smell,
quantity, and the woman herself is experiencing discomfort, should
See a doctor as soon as possible.

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