Dill water from colic for newborns:home cooking recipe, use and how to givebaby

After giving birth to a baby in the gastrointestinal tract
begins the active process of adaptation of the digestive system to
food intake – breast milk or formula. As a result
process, in about a month, almost all babies
intestinal colic appears. They are caused by excessive gassing and
bloating tummy.

укропная водичка

Symptoms of intestinal colic occur most often during feeding.
newborn or immediately after it. The child presses his legs,
comes in crying, blushing. Облегчение baby приносит только
natural bowel movement and gas withdrawal. Any mommy in such
situations I want to alleviate the suffering of his offspring. Come to the rescue
проверенное временем средство — укропная вода.

Dill water – a proven remedy for colic

Укропная вода для новорожденных — это раствор
fennel oil (0.1%). In the people fennel is called “pharmacy
Dill “, so the tincture of its fruit and called dill water.
Children can be given dill water to help get rid of
intestinal colic practically from the very
of birth. 

The drug has become a modern analogue of dill water
Plantex. It is made from fennel seed extract and is produced
in powder form. It must be dissolved in breast milk or water.
proportions specified in the instructions. You can use the drug with
второй недели после of birth.
…to read
more …

However, if your baby has other things besides intestinal colic,
symptoms of indigestion, dill water will not help. With
upset stools (constipation, diarrhea), bloating and worsening
Appetite need to consult a doctor.

What is the use of the urop and dill water

Dill and fennel preparations have an enormous
количеством полезных свойств:

  • Cleans the body from putrefactive formations and helps to develop
    and the cultivation of beneficial microscopic flora;
  • Reduces and relaxes smooth muscle spasms;
  • Helps ease blood flow to almost everyone.
    corners, dilates blood vessels;
  • Expanding, reduces pressure on the intestinal wall;
  • It is a diuretic;
  • It soothes and relieves inflammation in the body;
  • Stabilizes the heart;
  • With постоянном приеме, увеличивает проход в бронхах, снимает
    resistance to air flow entering the bronchi and does not
    stagnate in the respiratory tract;
  • With кашле разбавляет мокроту и способствует ее выводу;
  • It improves the secretion of bile;
  • Improves appetite;
  • Enhances lactation in the mother.
  • It is a great remedy for constipation.
  • It has antibacterial properties.
  • Improves kidney function.
  • Calms, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and sleep.
  • … and helps the healing of ulcers, all sorts of wounds and fractures.

Dill water copes with the removal of gases in babies
due to the removal of intestinal muscular spasm. Her regular
the application will relieve the baby from pain and improve
digestive process.

Отмечена также польза укропной воды для женщин,
breastfeeding – it increases lactation, normalizes
digestion, has a mild sedative effect.

ДЛЯ МАМЫ: Если выпить
пол стакана укропной воды примерно за полчаса до начала
feeding the baby, it will improve the composition of milk, increase its
production and, possibly, will eliminate the need to give a remedy for
colic baby. ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Укроп при грудном
вскармливании — польза для мам и toddlers

Dill Vodicka with children’s colic – Dr. Komarovsky

Buy or cook home dill water (recipe

Withобрести готовую укропную воду довольно проблематично. Buy
it can be in pharmacies with prescription drugs
on site by prescription. Цена на укропную воду в
the average is 150 rubles per 100 ml.

But do not despair if the pharmacy with the prescription department near
not. In this case, you can buy “Plantex”, which is prepared from
 fruits of fennel or “pharmacy dill”. It is sold in
bags in a dry form. «Плантекс» можно давать  младенцу уже
 с двухнедельного возраста,  как раз с того времени,
когда у малыша  начинаются кишечные колики. Also
вместо укропной водички и «Плантекса» от кишечных колик
newborns will be relieved by drugs such as
 �Sub-Simplex and Espumizan.

Рецепт приготовления укропной воды в домашних
The conditions are very simple:

как приготовить укропную воду

  1. Насыпать в стакан (250 мл) чайную ложку сухих,
    seeds previously ground in a coffee grinder or blender
  2. Pour hot water.
  3. Give insist 40-45 minutes.
  4. Strain.
  5. Водичку следует добавить в сцеженное молоко/детскую смесь
    no more than one spoon and give the newborn. For quite
    маленьких грудничков с двух недель до месяца нужно капать
    15 drops per tongue. Store day.

You can make dill water using essential oil
fennel It is necessary to dissolve in a liter of water 0.05 g of oil. Such a solution
can be stored for about a month in the refrigerator. In the future, his
heat to room temperature before ingestion.

How to make dill water, if not found fennel?

Instead, you can simply use the seeds of the usual

рецепт приготовления укропной воды

  1. Dill seeds (1 teaspoon) pour boiling water (1 cup).
  2. Let infuse for an hour.
  3. Strain.

With наличии свежего укропа малышам можно заварить укропный чай.
To do this, one tablespoon of chopped dill green pour
100 ml of boiling water and insist about an hour. Strain, cool and
apply as dill water.

Water for the manufacture of any funds must be taken purified
and all the dishes before cooking rinsed with boiling water.
To babies up to a month they give only freshly prepared dill.

Method and amount of dill water

Как давать baby укропную воду зависит от способа

Breastfed babies are given dill water with
spoons, and iskusstvenniki can be poured into a bottle. Although also
the best way to take the drug will be a spoon – so
It is more convenient to dose the dill.

Withнимать укропную воду надо перед кормлением

If the baby refuses to take colic remedy
make it taste more familiar. Для этого перед тем, как
water the dill with the newborn, mix it with a small one
the amount of breast expressed milk (adapted mixture).

The first initial dose of dill water is one tea
a spoon. It is necessary to give dill water before meals, at first three
times a day. Надо внимательно наблюдать за реакцией baby With
no negative symptoms in
ребенка, дозировка укропной воды увеличивается до
six times a day.

Сколько давать укропной воды с ростом ребенка зависит от
its individual characteristics. If the digestive process
returned to normal, then dill water should be stopped, if not –
continue. Closer to the first half of the year there is a problem with intestinal colic.
ceases to be relevant. The baby has already adapted to the new life and
his body copes with the “processing” of milk.

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