Difficulties of late pregnancy

Modern women are increasingly delaying birth.
child and decide on this step in adulthood. We are not
We will understand the reasons for this trend, although it is based on
There are obvious social and economic background. In this
article we decided to focus on the medical aspects of pregnancy
after 35 years and discuss possible risks.


As women age, physiological
changes that caused the gradual extinction of childbearing
functions. The supply of eggs, which is given at birth,
decreases, hormonal changes occur. Therefore, more and more
cycles turn out to be anovulatory, although the menstrual cycle and
stays regular.

Given the features available, women mature
age is recommended to be tested for infertility through
six months of unsuccessful attempts at conception.
Special attention is needed
give an ovarian reserve estimate based on ultrasound data and
hormonal profile.

After 45 years, spontaneous pregnancy becomes rare.
If a woman at this age is planning a child, to raise
doctors usually give extracorporeal chances to give birth
fertilization with donor egg cell replanting. Coma that
Over time, gynecological diseases manifest themselves, which also affect
to conceive. So, in adulthood, many women develop
inflammation of the pelvic organs, uterine myoma, endometriosis.

Multiple pregnancy

There are also statistics that confirm
dependence of the frequency of birth of twins on the age of the woman. Other
In other words, the older the expectant mother is, the more likely the multiple fetal
pregnancy. The use of assisted reproductive technology
in adulthood also increases the likelihood of conceiving twins.

The birth of twins or twins brings a double
joy, but also creates a double burden on the female body, and
This increases the risk of miscarriage, the development of complications
pregnancy and childbirth.


Pregnancy complications

Not only reproductive changes are age-related.
system, but the rest of the systems and organs of the human body. Have
mature women are more likely to develop gestational sugar
diabetes, hypertension and preeclampsia. These factors in the period
pregnancy planning require careful examination
gynecologist and other specialists to rule out diseases that
can proceed in the latent form. During childbirth
you need to regularly monitor your blood glucose and
blood pressure indicators.

Spontaneous miscarriages

Statistics show: the older the expectant mother, the higher she is
risk of miscarriage. Everybody faces this.
The fourth woman is between 35 and 45 years old. Probably the main
The factors that negatively affect gestation are
increasing risk of fetal chromosomal abnormalities and acquired
gynecological diseases.

Haveже с первых недель беременности требуется регулярно наблюдаться
at the doctor’s. At a later age, as a rule, more often prescribed
progestin drugs that provide hormonal support
of pregnancy.

Chromosomal pathology

Age is a significant factor in itself.
causes the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities. By
statistics, among 40-year-olds, the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome
is 1: 100.

It is worth noting that at any age a woman can give birth to a baby.
with problems. Only during late pregnancy should be more attentive
treat prenatal screening. This procedure consists of two
этапов и основывается на биохимических маркерах и результатах HaveЗИ.
As a result, the doctor can determine the high-risk group
which requires invasive diagnosis.

We in no way claim that after 35 years
becoming a mom is not like that at all. After all, age is only
numeral. What really matters is the general condition.
physical health, psychological and emotional background. Simply
There are some tendencies that are set by nature itself, therefore
it makes no sense to deny them. Byэтому после 35 лет особенно важно
remember the risks and approach planning for pregnancy
with maximum responsibility.

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