Diet for psoriasis – tables of foods thatcan eat

Psoriasis is a disease with a deep history, people
faced him before our era. Today, this pathology
studied more than enough, but still remains a mystery
medicine and, despite the many cases of healing from ailment,
belongs to the group of diseases accompanying a person
for life

The most sensitive problem of the disease is the aesthetic side.
a question that brings much more torment than the accompanying
symptomatology. According to their ignorance, many believe that psoriasis
contagious, and eschew people suffering from this disease.

The complex of therapeutic measures gives a positive effect in the fight
with this ailment. Medical nutrition for psoriasis is mandatory and
important point in this complex. Adherence to basic principles
food, the refusal of prohibited products allow you to forget about
unpleasant symptoms, and even forever. In this article, we
We will understand what and how to eat, as well as understand the subtleties
how the products we are used to affect the flow

Nutrition Basics for Psoriasis

To say unequivocally, what kind of diet for psoriasis will be the most
effective, difficult. The fact is that besides the products,
undesirable for the use or useful, at different patients
individual tolerance of the same products is correlated
power supply. In this regard, for every person suffering
psoriasis, specific recommendations are given.

The recommended form of nutrition provides for the rejection of
certain foods, but provides a balanced diet,
supplying the human body with all the necessary substances.

Provocative factors – what should not be sick psoriasis

  •  Spices

Experience of many years of studying the problems of this disease
shows that you can not eat with psoriasis spices and foods, their
containing. High concentration of essential oils and aromatic
substances are toxic to a sick person, which leads to
раздражению и зуду кожи, а значит – усугублению diseases. Besides
of this, spices are able to activate the blood supply, which also
irritates sore skin. The most aggressive are pepper,
paprika, nutmeg and cloves.

The flower and its
derivatives (seeds, buds), but the leaves and roots contain
small amount of aromatic substances. Therefore leafy and
root spices are permissible (garlic, horseradish, onion).

  • The nuts

Walnuts, hazelnuts and peanuts have a similar effect.
Peanuts are considered one of the most allergenic products, and patients
psoriasis often have an even higher response
on the allergen. Avoid as nuts in pure form, as in the form
additives. Peanut butter, which often
deep-fried foods, cocoa butter is replaced in chocolate and

  • Spicy, smoked and salted foods

Products in this range disrupt normal
absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, and the intestine, as is known,
reacts to trouble skin reaction. Diet при псориазе

  • Citrus Peel

Citrus Peel содержит очень много эфирных масел, токсичных
for the patient. As a result, citrus juice is prohibited.
industrial production since most of them
pressed from fruit with unpeeled zest.

  • Fat meat

Arachidonic acid, which is rich in meat, is a factor
triggering an inflammatory reaction in the skin – the basis of psoriasis.

  • Alcoholic drinks

The most stringent restriction is based on alcoholic beverages.
grapes. During their fermentation, aromatic substances are formed,
causing an allergic skin reaction. Negative impact
alcohol on the liver leads to a decrease in its cleansing function, and
it means – the accumulation of toxins in the body and the exacerbation of psoriasis.
Alcohol, even in minimal doses, violates the absorption of vitamins,
striking a blow to immunity and metabolism at the same time.

  • Blue cheese

For ripening such cheeses (Gorgonzoda, Camembert, Brie)
used culture of the fungus Penizillium, which for patients
psoriasis is an allergenic component.

  • Overweight

Excess weight in general has a negative effect on metabolic processes.
any person, and in the case of psoriatic arthritis aggravates
condition of the affected joints due to increased load on
of them.

How strict are food prohibitions and restrictions for patients with

Every person reacts to a forbidden product of their own.
reaction. Who it will be stormy and explicit, to someone
luck more and provoking aggravation products, no way
не повлияют на течение diseases. Where to find a middle ground and what
can you eat a patient with psoriasis without fear?

Opinions of doctors converge to the fact that you can not rush to extremes
and limit yourself to everything, just like eating recklessly
some harmful products. Before the appointment of a diet
individual testing should be carried out
provocative products (strictly in the period of remission).

No matter how encouraging the test result is, follows
remember that products from the category of prohibited can only get in
category is rarely and moderately consumed. If during
Testing skin reacts by exacerbation of psoriasis, these products
should be excluded.

The positive effect of substances contained in the products

  • Long-chain unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids

These acids in marine fish are naturally occurring.
an arachidonic antagonist that activates
inflammatory skin reaction in psoriasis.

  • Vitamins C, E, PP, group B, carotinoids

These substances, which are rich in fruits and vegetables, stimulate
body defenses and improve the immune system, and
This means they contribute to resisting harmful factors provoking
psoriasis. B vitamins support the central and
peripheral nervous system.

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  • Zinc

Zinc, содержащийся во фруктах и овощах, злаках и мясе, ключевым
participates in stabilization of the immune system and regeneration
skin. It should be noted that even dietary meat is rich and harmful.
arachidonic acid, therefore should not be a source of zinc and
be used only in moderation.

  • Calcium

Calcium, которым богаты молочные products, разрешенные для
patients with psoriasis in a fat-free form, leads to a decrease in
allergic and inflammatory reactivity of the body and the skin in
including has a calming effect on the central nervous system.

  • Aminobenzoic acid

Aminobenzoic acid, которой богаты овощи и фрукты, принимает
participation in skin pigmentation and levels of inflammatory
the reaction.

Is it possible to ginger with psoriasis?

Ginger can be consumed because it can cleanse the body.
from toxins, which means – contribute to the extinction of activity
psoriasis. In addition, ginger is rich in vitamin (C, A,
B1, B2), microelement (sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron,
calcium, zinc) and amino acid (tryptophan, lazine, threonine,
phenylanine, methionine, valine) composition. Apply it as an additive to
first and second courses.

Diet according to D. Pagano

This diet, or rather, a therapeutic method without
use of drugs, many years successfully practiced throughout the world,
since proven to be effective on millions of patients.
Pgano studied this problem for many years of his medical practice, and
the result of his work is a certain principle of nutrition with strict
respecting the acid-base balance of food consumed. So
nutrition, which for psoriasis patients should become a style
life, allows you to control the internal acid-base environment

The essence of the treatment method:

Происходит последовательное оздоровление всего organism. Diet
for psoriasis, PEGANO relies on balance
products on the acid and alkaline component, in which 70%
ration accounts for alkaline-forming food, and 30% – on
acid-forming. Predominantly alkaline reaction in the body
является основой для угасания симптоматики psoriasis.

Stages of the Pagano technique – table:
What’s happening Ways to implement Duration
  Stage 1 – cleansing the body  Active intestinal cleansing throughout its length  Monofruit diet or 5 days
 Apple or Citrus Diet 3 days
 Additionally – the use of enterosorbents and
bowel colonotherapy
During the diet
  Stage 2 – special power mode
  • A barrier is created for the entry of harmful substances into the body.
    provoking aggravation
  • Joints are getting better.
  • The accumulation of slags stops.
  • Immunity increases
 Balanced acid-base diet
power supply
 For life
 Daily, 1-2 fold emptying of the intestines
 Stage 3 – physical activity  Prevention of spinal dysfunction, as
exacerbation factor
 Exercises for the spine (without limitation, any
feasible and not prohibited in each case)
 For life
 Stage 4 – cosmetology procedures  Cleansing and restoring the epidermis. Cleansing
organism from toxins
  • Sauna
  • Bathhouse
  • Steam bath
 For life
 Stage 5 – a positive attitude  Prevention of stress and stressful situations like
exacerbation factor
  • Timely psychological rest
  • Relaxation
  • Reading favorite literature
  • Avoiding stress factors
 For life
  The result of the diet:
  • improving the overall condition of the body;
  • slowing the process of skin death on psoriatic
  • elimination of pruritus;
  • lack of disease progression.
Рацион power supply при псориазе — таблица
Alkali-forming products (70%) Acid-forming products (30%) Strictly prohibited products
  • All fruits and berries, except prohibited
  • All vegetables, except Solanaceae. In limited quantity:
    beans, pumpkin, rhubarb, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, corn
  • Freshly squeezed vegetable juices: carrot, beetroot, celery,
    onion, spinach, parsley juice
  • Freshly squeezed fruit juices: pineapple, grape, citric,
    papaya, pear, grapefruit, orange, mango,
  • Mineral alkaline waters with acidity more than 7 pH: Borjomi,
    Esentuki-4, 17, Smirnovskaya, Slavyanskaya, Dilijan
  • Lecithin, as an additive in food
  • Glycothymoline with clear water
  • Fish: perch, sturgeon, salmon, trout, sardines, halibut, mackerel,
    flounder, tuna, haddock, blue fish, cod
  • Meat: lamb diet; partridge, chicken, turkey
    only white meat
  • Grain crops: oats, millet, rye, corn, barley, wheat
  • Low-fat or completely fat-free sour-milk and dairy
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable oils: sunflower, corn, olive, soybean,
    cottonseed, rapeseed, almond
  • Butter
  • Herbal teas
  • Seeds: sesame, flax, pumpkin, sunflower
  • Сахар и все сахаросодержащие products
  • Vinegar of any origin
  • Preservatives, dyes, flavors – respectively, and any
    products, их содержащие
  • Fried and fatty dishes
  • Smoked meat
  • Marinades
  • Alcohol in any form and any fortress
  • Vegetables from the family of nightshade: eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes,
  • Plum, currant, blueberry, cranberry, prune, strawberry,
  • White flour and products from it
  • Synthetic drugs (except for vital
  Принципы power supply по Пегано

Elimination of product mixing:

  • Only in their pure form and separately from other foods they consume:
    melons, pumpkins, watermelons, bananas and apples;
  • Citrus and freshly squeezed juices are not consumed along with
    wholegrain and dairy foods;
  • All permitted fruits in any form are not consumed along with
    products from flour and cereals;
  • Tea and coffee are consumed without the addition of dairy products.

Cooking methods:

  • Fruits, vegetables – pure, frozen, stewed, on
    a couple;
  • Eggs – отварные;
  • Fish – steamed, boiled, baked;
  • Meat – steamed, stewed;
  • Cereals – in the form of boiled cereals, bread;
  • Seeds – in pure form.


  • Water – 8 glasses daily in pure form, separately from others
  • Lecithin granules – 1 tbsp. в products 3 раза в день в
    течение 5 days;
  • Glycothimoline – 3-5 drops to 200 ml of water at night 5 times a
    a week;
  • Баранина – до 170 гр 1-2 раза в a week;
  • Птица – до 170 гр 2-3 раза в a week;
  • Рыба – до 200 гр 4 раза в a week;
  • Eggs – по 2 шт 1-2 раза в a week;
  • Vegetable oils – 1 tsp. three times a day;
  • Seeds in its purest form.

There should not be a lot of acid in one meal
products (both one type and combined). Excluded
binge eating.

Sample menu for psoriasis

Diet на неделю на основе рекомендаций Пегано в первые недели
treatment should strictly comply with the recommendations given. AT
Further, the diet can be adjusted to your own tastes,
respecting the balance of acid and alkaline products.

First day menu

Завтрак: овсянка, сваренная на воде либо
skimmed milk, dressed with 1 tsp. honey Glass
non-carbonated alkaline mineral water with lemon juice.
Обед: вегетарианский овощной суп, куриная грудка
boiled. Vegetable salad with germinated wheat and olive oil.
Whole grain bread. Ужин: лосось, запеченный с
stewed vegetables. Salad leaves with olive oil.

Second day menu

Завтрак: пшеничная каша, сваренная на воде,
seasoned 1 tsp honey with a few cashews. Herbal tea. Fresh
berries and fruits – separately, as a second breakfast.
Обед: тушеный кабачок с сельдереем и тушеная
mutton. Raw vegetables sprinkled with olive oil (benefit and harm)
Ужин: цветная капуста, запеченная с постным
cottage cheese and garlic. Fresh carrot and beetroot salad.

Menu of the third day

Завтрак: 2 яйца вареных, тосты с оливковым
whole grain bread butter. Decaffeinated coffee.
Обед: овощной суп-пюре. Salad leaves
and pasta durum. Broccoli, baked in yogurt.
Ужин: Тушеный судак с луком и морковью. Fresh

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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