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Update: October 2018

Hemorrhoids are an unpleasant disease in every sense
due to the expansion of the venous network of the lower part of the rectum.
Inflammation and bleeding of hemorrhoids bring a person
a lot of physical and moral suffering.

One theory says that a causative factor in the development of hemorrhoids
is an excessive passion for spicy and spicy food. Straight
there is no evidence of this, but the diet does play
significant role in the prevention of exacerbations of the chronic course
diseases. Yes, and acute hemorrhoids occurs with less severity.
symptoms when the patient observes a certain food

How does nutrition affect the course of the disease?

Неправильный mode и рацион питания часто является причиной
exacerbation of hemorrhoids. The main mistake of people suffering from this
the disease is diet only when exacerbated
process, while constantly adhering to a certain food
behavior, they could avoid these same exacerbations.

Some foods (smoked, spicy, spicy, alcohol) are capable
provoke increased venous blood flow to the vessels,
localized in the pelvis. An overflow of blood vessels leads to
their overload and the gradual formation of hemorrhoidal

The prevalence in the diet of heavy and nourishing food, along with
недостаточным питьевым modeом приводит к запорам, а это является
direct path to exacerbation. What diet helps with hemorrhoids
avoid its aggravations?

The basic principles of nutrition for hemorrhoids, constipation

  • The intestine should run smoothly, but gently.

This is facilitated by plant products,
because it is rich in fiber. Thanks to fiber, fecal masses
soften and bowel movement occurs easily and
timely. It minimizes the likelihood of injury to the nodes and
pain syndrome during defecation in the period of exacerbation. Cellulose
helps to maintain normal intestinal biocenosis.

  • Sufficient fluid intake

It is also very important for softening the feces. The denser
feces, the slower it moves through the intestines and the more effort
makes a person to commit a bowel movement, and with hemorrhoids it
just unacceptable. Straining leads to increased pressure on
intestinal wall, injury to hemorrhoids and the formation of
anal fissures – another unpleasant pathology that is very
poorly treatable.

  • Diet involves regular but split meals.

It is important to eat at certain temporary
intervals, thereby setting your intestines to a certain

  • Large amounts of wheat bran should not be abused

Since patients with severe hemorrhoids usually have poor
endure. If the use of bran occur adverse
reaction, then you should consume softer dietary fiber, to
For example, dried fruits (dried apricots, figs), better soaked in water.

  • In addition to dietary intake according to indications
    Lactulose preparations, such as Normaze, Medulac, Duphalac, Goodluck,
  • When a patient has to limit meat intake,
    possible development of iron deficiency anemia, therefore, periodically
    hemoglobin levels should be monitored (see iron preparations
    with anemia).

Permitted products – useful and necessary

The basic diet of a patient with hemorrhoids should
make vegetable and cereal dishes, fruits, dried fruits.

  • Cereal products: pearl barley, oatmeal, buckwheat, barley.
    It is useful to include in your diet bran in the amount of 60 grams
    every day.
  • Bread can be from flour coarse varieties and bran, slightly
    dried up.
  • The pasta in the weekly diet should be minimized and
    use products only from solid grades.
  • Vegetables can be any, preference is given to beets, zucchini,
    carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers and tomatoes, as in
    fresh and nutritionally prepared (steamed,
    stewed, baked).
  • Useful sea kale in the form of salads and side dishes to
  • Fruits – always ripe: apples, apricots, bananas,
    citrus fruits, plums, and also dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins,
  • Meat and fish products are allowed to use only lean
    varieties and cook them in a dietary way.
  • Vegetable oils are very useful, especially olive and flaxseed
    (see how to choose the right olive oil, its benefits and harm)
  • Dairy products can be used any, giving
    preference of products enriched with beneficial microflora (lacto-and
    bifidobacterial cultures).
  • Drinks – fruit drinks, juices from dark berries and light tea.
  • Clean drinking water during the day and always in the morning.
    on an empty stomach in the amount of one glass.

Prohibited Constipation Products

Hemorrhoids are not directly life-threatening diseases.
However, a number of prohibited foods should be excluded from food
diet, especially during the exacerbation of the disease. So, prohibited:

  • fatty and spicy foods
  • fried foods
  • pickles and canned
  • fresh wheat bread
  • confectionery flavored with creams and cream
  • chocolate, cocoa, jelly
  • rich tea, coffee
  • White cabbage
  • beans, radishes, turnips, radish
  • strong alcoholic beverages
  • limited to potatoes, rice, semolina

How to eat after surgery and with exacerbation of hemorrhoids and

Diet after surgery hemorrhoids plays an important role in
rehabilitation after surgery and is also
prevention of postoperative complications. Purpose: physiological
балансирование modeа питания и легкое, своевременное опорожнение

After removal of hemorrhoids during the first 24 hours suggests
голодание с достаточным питьевым modeом. Postoperative diet
Hemorrhoids on the second day include:

  • 5-6 meals a day
  • excluding products that lead to fermentation and gas formation in
    кишечнике (White cabbage, редька, репа, редис, бобовые,
    grapes, citrus and juice from them, carbonated drinks, whole
    milk, black bread and sweets).
  • Smoked, spicy, pickled,
    spicy dishes, canned and alcohol because these products
    able to increase blood flow to the pelvic organs.

In the postoperative period, crumbly porridges are recommended.
(buckwheat, millet), lean meat, dairy products, wheat
Yesterday’s bread, vegetable oils, vegetables and fruits (except
mentioned above). All dishes – steam, baked or stewed,
additionally crushed at first. Grinding principle
products should be observed further: meat in the form of souffle and
meatballs, vegetables in the form of salads and mashed potatoes, etc.

Fried foods are excluded until full recovery after

Menu options for hemorrhoids

The diet in the acute period is called slab-less. Purpose –
stool delay for a few days to eliminate mechanical
the effect of feces on the inflamed areas of the rectum. With
Constipation is recommended to follow the diet of diet table number 3.

Withмерное однодневное меню включает: 1 day
  • protein omelet
  • ground broth with boiled meat
  • rice porridge with a small piece of butter boiled in water until
    mucous consistency;
  • some white crackers
  • plenty of drink throughout the day
  • for the night: a glass of infusion of yarrow, licorice, senna, fruit
    coriander and buckthorn bark
  • soft-boiled egg with steamed vegetables, seasoned with butter
  • herbal tea with lemon (3-4 glasses per day)
  • potatoes boiled with milk and dill, seasoned
  • fruit jelly
  • stewed green borscht, steamed meatloaf
  • buckwheat porridge crumbly
  • boiled fish with vegetables
  • a glass of fermented milk product (kefir) at night
2 day 3 day
  • каша овсяная с oiled
  • baked fish fillet
  • fruit juice or fruit compote (3-4 glasses during the day)
  • steamed broccoli
  • vegetable soup, boiled poultry
  • beet stew with carrots in vegetable oil
  • chicken liver in milk sauce
  • yogurt with bifidobacteria 200 ml
  • green salad with sour cream
  • scrambled eggs with cheese
  • light tea with milk (3-4 glasses during the day)
  • fresh fruits
  • vegetarian soup, dressed with sour cream
  • steamed cauliflower and fish meatballs
  • vegetable souffle with cottage cheese
  • a glass of ryazhenka at night

The menu can be varied by individual food preferences.
taking into account the recommendations that relate to the choice of products and method
their preparation.

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