Diesel fuel is dangerous for the heart

Update: February 2019

Many chemically active substances have a negative
impact on human health. One of these harmful
materials – this is diesel fuel. When it burns into the atmosphere
so-called UDCs (ultrafine particles) are ejected –
solid particles that are also found in lava of volcanoes.

Until now, it was already known that diesel particles
fuels are very toxic to vessels and the heart muscle, they can
lead to sudden cardiac death. Now scientists,
representing Queen Mary University (London, UK)
and the William Harvey Research Institute, conducted the newest
a study that allows a more detailed understanding of this
the problem.

For the experiment were selected 4255 British residents. During
work, researchers measured the volume of the cavity of the left ventricle of the heart
and his ejection fraction (how much blood he is able to throw in
aorta during contraction). The main task was to determine the impact
PM2.5 diesel fuel particles. The average amount of its impact on
subjects per year found out through the addresses of their residence. Were also
indicators such as gender, age, lifestyle of the British and

As a result of the study, it was found out:

  • With an increase in the content of the PM2.5 malicious particle by 5
    мкг/м3 объем полости левого желудочка рос на 4-8%.
  • With the same value of increasing PM2.5 in the air, the fraction
    ejection of the left ventricle fell by 2%.

Such indicators show unconditionally negative
action on the heart muscle and vascular network. Diesel fuel,
thus, not only the threat of the environmental situation in the world, but also
risk for every person on earth. Is it necessary in connection with this
continue to use diesel engines populated by people
regions? Hardly. However, this is still a controversial issue.
for the authorities from an economic point of view.

There is evidence that people with higher education are less susceptible
the detrimental effect of PM2.5 particle. Most likely, this is due to their
knowledge of cardiovascular pathology. This fact also remains
unexplained and controversial among scientists.

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