Diathesis can lead to suffocation!

Cute blush on the cheeks of the baby – this is another reason mom
be touched by your beloved child. But what if instead
healthy redness appeared red, and not only on the cheeks?
Red rash or rounded plaques accompanied by severe itching
may also appear on the elbow bends, under the knees and on other
parts of the body. Blame for all – diathesis!


This disease, which doctors call atopic dermatitis,
very common in young children. Many moms don’t even consider
his serious illness, but in vain! Atopic dermatitis may result
to very dangerous chronic consequences that will torment
child even when he is older. Persistent itching and
painful rashes strongly affect the emotional state
baby This affects both academic success and communication with
сверстниками, и на качестве сна baby

What is dangerous atopic dermatitis?

Diathesis is the “firstborn” among allergic diseases. Half
sick – children up to a year. Appearance of atopic dermatitis
child signals that the baby has an increased risk
development of other allergic diseases.

Here are some facts about diathesis:

  • 80% of patients with diathesis develop allergic rhinitis.
  • 40% of children with diathesis without prompt treatment acquire
    bronchial asthma – a terrible disease that is accompanied
    attacks of suffocation.

Diathesis may be accompanied by food allergies or allergic


Why does atopic dermatitis occur?

The most common occurrence of atopic dermatitis provoke products
power supply. In most cases, diathesis in babies develops due to
increased sensitivity to cow’s milk protein.

Also the causes of diathesis can be:

  • other types of food allergies;
  • house dust mite allergy;
  • allergic to molds;
  • allergic to pollen of trees and plants;
  • pet allergy;
  • allergic to household chemicals.

The exact cause of atopic dermatitis will allow to establish
laboratory diagnostics.

May cause exacerbation of diathesis:

  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • exacerbations of other chronic diseases;
  • stress;
  • influence of bad ecology.

Also, exacerbations are associated with the seasons: deterioration happens
in the cold season, and in the summer the disease usually recedes.
Interestingly, the population of large cities suffers from atopic
dermatitis is several times more frequent than residents of villages and villages.

Atopic dermatitis in a child – what to do?

If the baby has diathesis, then it should be treated immediately, not
waiting for complications. Ignoring the disease will only lead to his
progression – with a long course of atopic dermatitis
the skin becomes denser, and the lesions themselves become more extensive and

The effectiveness of the treatment of infants depends on the mother herself –
can not eat foods that contain

Antihistamines are used to treat atopic dermatitis.
drugs that affect the body as a whole. With severe
During the course of the disease, systemic glucocorticosteroids are used.
Enterosorbents are also prescribed to help remove toxins.
from the body and reduce the allergic reaction. In addition to drugs
used inside, are used and various ointments, gels, lotions,
possessing anti-inflammatory, antipruritic,
antiallergic, drying and improving skin regeneration


Few people know that preparations of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, for example,
Bifidumbacterin, Atsipol, Probifor, absolutely cannot be taken
Children with atopic dermatitis are allergic to
cow milk protein because these drugs are made from

Of course, the need to purchase a large number of drugs and
long course of atopic dermatitis cause huge damage
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Below is a video review on the disease “Atopic

Atopic dermatitis or diathesis: review, symptoms,
diagnosis, treatment, prevention:

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