Diarrhea in an infant (first aid)

Diarrhea in infants (or diarrhea) is multiple
bowel movement with discharge of diluted and heavy fecal
masses, sometimes mixed with mucus. However, parents should be aware
что у грудных детей жидкий стул – это совершенно нормальное
, т.к. children of the first year of life receive
predominantly liquid food in the form of breast milk or dairy
mixes. Consequently, liquid food cannot form a solid.
chair. Moreover, liquid stools at that age should
be considered normal.Понос у грудного ребенка

Please note that for children under one year is dangerous.
not so much diarrhea itself (which just performs a protective function,
emptying the intestines), how much loss of fluid and salt, followed by
violation of the internal organs.

Symptoms and causes of diarrhea

Понос у новорожденного может возникать
periodically, and the reasons for this are enough:

  • intolerance to individual products;
  • the introduction of new dishes in the diet of the child;
  • badly washed bottle or dirty toy;
  • child overheating;
  • neurogenic disorder (when frightened);
  • teething;
  • infection;
  • the use of certain drugs (antibiotics that violate

Symptoms indicating diarrhea are:

  • very loose stoolsPonos-u-grudnogo-rebenka-1

  • increase in feces during bowel movements,
  • unpleasant smell
  • the appearance of “flakes” in feces.

Treatment of diarrhea in infants

If the baby has diarrhea, treatment should begin with the first
hours Parents’ actions should not be directed to suppression.
diarrhea directly, and to replace the lost fluid and salts.
Below are the first aid measures.

  1. Breast-fed babies need as much as possible.
    more often applied to the chest.
  2. To compensate for the loss of fluid is better to use specially
    prepared solutions sold in pharmacies (for example, solutions
    электролитов «натуралайтом» или «педиалайтом» но
    consult your doctor first).
  3. Positively affect the state of the intestinal extracts of leaves
    blackberries, dried blueberries or pomegranate peel.

If within 2 days parents can not independently
to cope with the discomfort of the child, it should be shown to the pediatrician and
get the necessary advice.

Medical attention may be required.
if a:

  • the child had pallor, cracked lips, dryness
  • there was a high fever, vomiting;
  • появилось подозрение, что понос у грудничка вызван приемом

On the subject of stool in newborns:

  1. If a baby has a green stool
  2. Constipation in infants
  3. Dill water for newborns

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