Diapers Pampers: all the pros and cons

Pampers от компании Procter&Gamble — не
the only diapers that the modern market offers
parents of babies. However, among all the diversity, it is these
diapers have gained the most popularity. What do they deserve
worldwide recognition? Are they as safe as promised?


Today, without disposable diapers is difficult to imagine
happy motherhood. Thanks to the diapers in women appears
more free time they can usefully
yourself, and caring for your baby becomes more pleasant. But how to pick
the right diaper for your baby? After all, a variety of brands from
Different manufacturers simply impressive. And if experienced parents
at least understand something in choosing this hygiene product for children, then
couples who first gave birth to a child are often lost in this

Today I want to stay at one of the most popular brands.
diapers, and this is the company Pampers
Procter&Gamble. Why products of this particular brand? It’s simple:
сегодня любые подгузники многие называют памперсами,
both disposable and reusable. But diapers
(Pampers) is one of the brands of disposable diapers, and call
Their all diapers are not correct! However, this name is absolutely
All diapers have become firmly established in our everyday life, and therefore no one
especially does not pay attention to this inaccuracy.

In the arsenal of the brand Pampers several types of diapers.
They differ in price, properties and quality. All diapers have
both advantages and disadvantages. Consider their characteristics
in details.

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Pampers Sleep&Play

Pampers Sleep&Play

This type of diaper from Pampers belongs to a number of budget
options. Their price is the lowest – a pack of 50 diapers
(size 4 Maxi) is in the range of 600-700 rubles. (about 14 rubles. For
piece). Sizes from 2 to 5 are available. According to customer reviews,
Pampers Sleep&Play (памперс слип энд плэй) достаточно мягкие,
not thick, well absorb moisture, pleasant to the touch. However there is
and those who are dissatisfied with the quality of diapers: in some of them
leaks, others simply did not like it, others have

Так что же представляют собой Pampers Sleep&Play? Behind
small money we get:

  1. Soft products from a pleasant material that does not rub
    delicate baby skin. Many mothers agree that the diapers of this series
    not soft and thin, but for 14 rubles. this option is quite
  2. Excellent product quality. It really is. On quality
    There are practically no complaints.
  3. Good hygroscopicity. They hold and absorb well.
    moisture. However, some grievances are still there: Pampers
    Sleep&Play порой протекают, особенно плохо удерживается жидкий
    chair. But these moments may not be associated with quality
    products, for example, with improper use, selection
    size or long stay of the child in the diaper, because of what
    discharge is simply nowhere to be absorbed.

The other side of the coin is

  • children often develop allergies to diapers of this type, and
    The reason for this is the impregnation of the compound diaper with flavors and
    chamomile lotion. After using disposable diapers
    some parents note an unpleasant smell, although for some
    the aroma of new pampers seems sharp enough;
  • diapers “breathe badly”, because of what the baby’s ass sweats;
  • long absorb feces: because of this, baby skin is long
    in contact with moisture, which can provoke irritation on the skin,
    dermatitis. If you change the diaper right after the baby
    испражнился, можно заметить, что внутренняя часть Sleep&Play
  • uncomfortable stickies – they have no stretching part. On the belt
    there is no elastic at the back, which is why the diaper is poorly adjustable, therefore
    need to take the size of the weight of the child. Otherwise possible
    leakage. When a baby is lying on its back, liquid stool can
    flow through the rear upper part of the diaper;
  • diapers often break, as reported by some

Advise parents to use Pampers diapers.
Sleep&Play, никто не вправе. However, if temporary
финансовые трудности, то this option is quite acceptable.

Pampers Active Baby

Active Baby

This series is slightly more expensive than the previous one – for a pack of 87 pieces (5th
size) will have to pay 1500-1700 rubles. (порядка 19 rub. за piece).
And the price is considered the main disadvantage of these diapers.
Available in sizes 3 through 6.

The advantages of Active Baby products include such

  • soft, well absorb moisture and liquid stool, enough
    thin: part of the parents notes that the diapers are Active Baby
    stays dry for up to 12 hours, as the manufacturer says. but
    the second part of consumers claims that Active Baby is leaking
    terribly. Here such options are possible: either the diaper is not matched by
    size, and it can be both small and large, or
    the consumer got a fake which open spaces of modern
    a huge market;
  • diapers do not wrinkle or deform while wearing and
    active movement of the baby, because the products have anatomical
    form. And double cuffs around the legs protect against leakage, even
    when the child is most active;
  • elastic side so you can adjust the velcro on
    the desired length. In addition, the regulation of the Velcro to the desired length
    allows you to make wearing a diaper comfortable, since it does not
    squeezes the baby’s tummy while eating or active movement.

The negative qualities of the series, except for the price, include a sharp
product odor and frequent allergic reactions.

In general, a good option. Also in this series for kids
older there are comfortable diapers, panties. They are easy to wear.
baby, they absorb moisture, do not wrinkle and do not interfere
baby move actively.

Pampers Premium Care

Pampers Premium Care


According to many parents, the best Pampers brand series is
diapers premium care. They are very soft, gentle, well absorbed.
and breathe well. Available sizes from 1 to 5. Cost a little
differs from previous diapers (for a pack of 104 pieces of the 4th
size will have to pay about 1900-2000 rubles., and this is about 20
rub. apiece), but their high quality justifies such

Advantages of Pampers Premium Care:

  • soft, breathable, gentle;
  • have a filling indicator;
  • Up to 3rd size on the inside of the diaper
    сеточка, которая отлично пропускает жидкий chair. Therefore skin
    the child practically does not touch the waste,
    which eliminates the appearance of irritation on the delicate skin of the baby. B 4 and 5
    sizes this mesh is missing;
  • white diapers, and from the 4th size have purple
    shade that not quite like many consumers.

Отрицательные moments:

  • high price;
  • provoke allergic reactions;
  • Strong smell.

Feedback from users makes it clear that the Pampers series
Premium Care up to the 3rd size inclusive absolutely suits and
parents and children. but с этими подгузниками 4 и 5 размеров
something happened: users notice that quality is significantly
worse than the first three sizes, and the smell comes from them sharp and

In the Pampers Premium Care series, there are diaper panties. And about them
reviews are very good. Of the disadvantages only the high price – for 22
подгузника (4 размер) нужно отдать 600-800 rub. (порядка 32 rub. за
1 product).

Pampers New Baby-Dray

Pampers New Baby-Dray

This series is designed specifically for newborn babies.
Pampers New Baby-Dray come in two sizes – 1 and 2. Size 1
designed for babies born prematurely or with low weight.
Size 2 will fit the newborn weighing up to 6 kg.

The cost of diapers New Baby-Dray is very attractive – for
a pack of diapers (94 pieces) of the 2nd size will have to pay about
1100-1200 rub. (около 14 rub. за 1 подгузник). Users
note that New Baby-Dray is quite soft, well absorbed,
reliably sit on the baby. In general, they are better than the series.

but и у подгузников New Baby-Dray есть

  • provoke allergies;
  • only 2 sizes;
  • have a pungent odor;
  • if you buy a small pack of diapers, then the cost is
    they are overpriced.

Buy any of the presented options diapers brand
Pampers can be in a pharmacy, online marketplace or specialized
the store. Such accessibility makes the diapers Pampers
popular among the population of our country. The main thing – in advance
decide on the size of the products and their series.

Pampers Active Girl and Active Boy

Pampers Active Girl and Active Boy

Designed specifically to separate children by sex
a sign that the kids feel lighter and freer, and
discomfort was absent

  • Double absorbent front for boys and in the middle –
    for girls;
  • Elastic inserts on the sides allow you to quickly change
  • Stretching belt for baby’s comfort, as in real
  • �”Breathable” outer layer;
  • Bright design especially for boys and girls.

Starting from 8 months the baby moves so much that it is difficult
keep in place to change the diaper. Baby loves to play
it is through the game that he discovers a lot of new things,
unexpected and fascinating. That’s why he doesn’t want to
distracted. Pampers Active Boy and Active Girl panties stretch
from all sides, like real panties, so they can be easily and
quickly put on. In addition, these are the only double panties
absorbent layer located in front for boys and in the middle
for girls, this is where babies need it most.

The basic “FOR” and “AGAINST” diapers Pampers

As a result of the above, we give the main arguments
positive, why use

  1. Using diapers makes it much easier to care for.
    baby Now long walks or long journeys are possible,
    you don’t need to take a whole bunch of clothes with you in case
    the child will make his “dirty business” in the most inappropriate
  2. Pampers products do not irritate the delicate skin of a child, they are soft,
    достаточно тонкие, хорошо впитывают moisture.
  3. Some models (especially for the panty series) are very
    comfortable to wear, they are not deformed during the activity of the baby,
    do not leak due to double cuffs.

Why some parents do not recommend brand products
Pampers (pampers)?

  1. Too often, diapers of this brand cause allergic
    reactions in children.
  2. Many parents note that the smell of diapers of any series
    too sharp.
  3. Some модели diapers, особенно те, которые относятся к
    budget options, badly or not at all let the air in, creating
    under the diaper greenhouse effect. Consequently, if not long
    change the diaper, the baby appears diaper rash, irritation,
    boys overheat testicles, which in the future may be bad
    on men’s health, and girls are at risk of developing diseases
    infectious nature.

Of course, the last drawback depends on how
properly used diapers. And if parents change in time
diaper baby, giving the baby’s skin a rest for at least 20 minutes,
then such problems can be avoided.

As you can see, diapers Pampers are represented by many types. Such
a wide range allows you to choose exactly the products
which will suit your baby in quality and price for you. Each
The series has its own characteristics. but недостатки у них одинаковые —
аллергенность и Strong smell. Therefore, it is important to initially determine
Does the child have a negative reaction to the components of the diapers?
Pampers and its smell, and only after that should make

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