Diaper rash in a newborn baby -prevention, folk treatment methods, ointment

Практически каждый новорожденный ребенок страдает от diaper rash.
This is due to the fact that the skin of the baby is very gentle, and
exposed to high humidity and temperature. Besides,
not all mothers adhere to all the rules for care
newborn baby.

Чем лечить опрелости у новорожденного


  • redness of the skin (often in the area of ​​the buttocks, groin,
    underarms, behind the ears and on the neck of the child);
  • skin is constantly wet;
  • small cracks at the site of redness;
  • itching and burning;
  • in rare cases, small pustules may appear around

Causes, treatment
и профилактика diaper rash

What to do if your misfortune befell your baby? Treatment
always start with prophylaxis. Even a small
redness of the skin requires parental attention.

Check the skin on the buttocks, groin, underarms, behind the ears and
on the neck. If inидите шелушения, сыпь, покраснения, значит, стоит
take extra care.

  • Испражнения малыша — обычная первопричина этих
    troubles. Urine contains specific uric acid,
    which causes irritation during prolonged contact with the skin. And in
    contact with harmful bacteria from feces its action
    increases several times;
  • Incorrect use of diapers. As if
    not strange it sounded, but most parents allow
    primitive errors in the use of diapers, and this leads to
    severe diaper rash between the buttocks and in the groin area.
    Quality diapers can’t be a factor on their own.
    возникновения diaper rash, они наоборот снижают вероятность контакта
    мочи с кожей (см статью о том, как выбирать хорошие
    . But no matter how high a diaper, his
    must be cleaned every 4 hours, or immediately after
    excreta. Otherwise, urine and sweat build up and ass
    baby is in a kind of “greenhouse” of uric acid and
  • Late departure. After each shift
    the baby’s diaper needs to be washed under running water, and after
    defecation – be sure to use baby soap. If
    the need to change the diaper appeared outside the house – you need to clean
    wipe your baby’s skin with antibacterial wet wipes;
  • Do you use baby cream under the diaper?
    Before putting on a baby’s diaper, use a powder or
    special cream. (См статью «крем под подгузник» (как наносить
    / рейтинг популярных средств)
  • How is bathing? After bathing and
    undermining the baby’s skin should be allowed to dry by gently prodding it
    a towel;
  • Friction. Most often diaper rash occurs in
    folds or places of contact with the seams on the child’s clothes.
    Prefer artificial cotton clothing with artificial materials.
    (preferably with external seams). Also be sure to use
    diaper of the right size – and you can easily avoid such
  • Allergic reaction. As if странно это ни
    sounded, excessive parental care of the baby’s skin can also
    стать причиной возникновения diaper rash. Powders, creams, lotions and
    t. n. – often irritate, but not soothe the skin. Baby cosmetics
    must be natural and hypoallergenic. But even if you
    use only proven means, not the fact that the child
    не могут возникнуть опрелости (см ТОП-10 средств для ухода за
    вашим крохой
    ). ELSE and food allergies – enough
    common phenomenon in our day. Remember
    — пищевая аллергия в сочетании с опрелостями сильно ухудшает
    condition of the child. Часто в таких ситуациях требуется
    консультация врача аллерголога или дерматолога Будьте
    extremely careful with mom’s food, if the child is on the chest
    вскармливании, а прикорм вводите своевременно и постепенно (см
    как правильно вводить прикорм
  • Overheat. Diaper rash often occurs on the background.
    high air temperature in the room where
    newborn. The optimum temperature for a child is 18–22 ° C.
    Wear the child according to the temperature, he feels the heat
    just like an adult. How do you dress a child
    to the walk?
    Many parents sin by fearing
    freezing baby try to wrap him as warm as possible.
    Это неправильно — читаем статью как одевать
    child for a walk;
  • Bacterial and fungal infections. Perhaps,
    the only option when intertrigo needs to be treated
    medication, so as not to run the disease. But
    such cases are extremely rare!


Как говорили выше, очень часто опрелости возникают из-за
misuse of diapers. Любой подгузник не
рекомендуется носить более четырех часов, и после того, как вы
будете менять подгузник, не забывайте малыша подмыть.
It is very helpful not to dress the child for a while, but
leave the skin open. Such air baths are very favorable.
для здоровья ребёнка, так как, кроме профилактики diaper rash,
are also a great way to temper.

Уход за кожей при опрелостях

  • After washing and air baths, you can treat the folds on
    baby’s skin with oil or a special children’s water-repellent cream
    (рейтинг кремов);
  • Sometimes a child may have an allergic reaction to
    diaper. It is individual and may be associated with materials
    included in its composition. In this case, the brand should be changed.
    diaper (read about diapers and how to choose them);
  • Pay attention to the diaper. To keep their skin dry
    should be changed regularly. It is better to use disposable diapers.
    or cloth oilcloth. This will help to avoid debate.
  • It is important to wash baby clothes with special detergents.
    Rinse it thoroughly and iron on both sides (Recommended: as
    and how to wash things for a newborn).

Traditional methods of treatment

Tested to help with diaper rash in newborns
time remedies of traditional medicine.

  1. Trays with oak bark. Cook the decoction
    oak bark, brewing it in proportion to one cup of bark for two liters
    water. Then pour it into a bath with warm water and bathe in it.
    child for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Обтирания раствором йода. 200 milliliters
    Water should be 1-2 drops of iodine. Apply the solution to
    the affected areas, and then blot dry with a soft cloth. For
    the maximum effect after such rubdowns should be airborne
    bath (about half an hour). Perform this procedure several times.
  3. Вместо присыпки используйте кукурузный крахмал
    или гречневую муку.
  4. Растительное масло против воспаления.
    Sunflower, olive or fir oil pre
    boil in a water bath and cool to 20 degrees. Some
    once a day grease diaper rash.
  5. Эвкалиптовый отвар. 2-3 tablespoons
    Eucalyptus pour a glass of boiling water and hold the solution for 5-7 minutes on
    water bath. Apply the broth to the baby’s skin with a cotton pad.
  6. Тысячелистник против микротрещин. If in
    small cracks have already appeared in the inflamed areas, try
    following recipe. Two tablespoons of yarrow dissolve two
    cups of boiling water and leave for about an hour. After that, strain
    liquid and wash the wound.
  7. Swimming in the broth series. Make a string
    like oak bark and use with every bathing baby – this
    the plant has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
    (см статью о купании в череде).
  8. Зубной порошок отлично подсушивает кожу.
    Dilute it with boiled water and grease the damaged areas. Wash off
    after drying with herbal decoction of oak bark, succession or
  9. Раствор марганцовки тоже подсушит кожу, если
    add it while swimming.
  10. Home antibacterial lotion
    Dissolve in a liter of boiled or
    distilled water a few drops of lavender or calendula.
    Wipe the baby’s skin with this solution every time you change it.
    the diaper.
  11. Березовый почки — хорошее средство от
    diaper rash, if crushed and mixed with petroleum jelly.
  12. Эффективным будет отвар из смеси измельченной коры дуба
    и череды
    . Pour the mixture with a liter of water and boil for about 10
    minutes This broth is added to the bath with warm water.
  13. Affected areas can be cleaned several times a day.
    alcohol tincture of birch buds. For его
    cooking pour five tablespoons of crushed birch
    kidneys with two glasses of vodka and leave in a cold place on
    a week
  14. Эффективным будет сок подорожника или
    , который наносится на марлевые повязки и
    applied to chafing.
  15. Уменьшить воспаление и убрать зуд поможет настой из
    шалфея, валерианы и хвоща полевого
    . To prepare
    similar infusion, mix 7 spoons of sage and 40 grams of horsetail
    field and valerian. The mixture must be poured steep glass
    boiling water and insist about two hours. Strain, give the child a
    три столовых ложки внутрь дважды в day.
  16. Народные целители рекомендуют избавляться от diaper rash
    при помощи меда
    . Mix 400 grams of honey with 10 grams
    fish oil and 1.5 grams of chloroform. Apply the ointment on
    поврежденные участки несколько раз в day.
  17. Проверенное средство от diaper rash — примочки с
    using the crushed leaves of coltsfoot, dandelion,
    violets, plantain.
    Compresses with brewed will also help.
    flax seeds.


If diaper rash appears regularly, in their place
there were visible cracks, sores or pustules, if due to
reddening of the skin, the child does not sleep well, has lost his appetite and is very
плачет — этом случае необходимо обязательно обратиться к
a doctor (dermatologist or pediatrician) and not engage
self medicated! In this case, simply folk remedies are not
get along.

VIDEO: the most effective treatment
diaper rash

Ointments, powders, herbs

You may find the list of the most frequently used
лекарственных средств от diaper rash. At the same time keep in mind that
unequivocally effective means does not exist, as the result
treatment depends largely on the individual characteristics of the skin and
the body of the child.

Here is a list of drugs that most people use.
young parents:

  • Zinc paste. It is sold in any pharmacy and is inexpensive;
  • Plain potato starch as a powder;
  • Desitin;
  • Bathing in a solution of herbs: succession, celandine or chamomile;
  • Bathing in a solution of potassium permanganate;
  • Boiled olive oil;
  • Bübchen Baby Cream (bubchen);
  • Clotrimazole (1%);
  • Bepanten (ointment or cream);
  • D-panthenol;
  • Cream Drapolen;
  • Vaseline oil;
  • Draft vegetable oil.

If diaper rash does not go away after a week, contact

Никогда не игнорируйте появление diaper rash. Immediately
provide the skin of the child with the necessary care, otherwise diaper rash can
go to a more serious stage. When redness is added
infection, skin cracks and pustules. Then ordinary
средствами уже будет не get along.

Health to you and your children!

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Видео галерея по теме diaper rash:

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