Diaper rash and redness. How to soothe the skinnewborns and children up to 1 year

If diapers and rashes appear on the child’s skin, it is possible
He has an allergic reaction to food or external factors. Only
The doctor will correctly determine the cause of the diathesis. But remove the unpleasant symptoms
– redness and itching can be at home with the help of herbal
bathing. How to organize safe and beneficial water treatments
understand the article.

опрелости у новорожденных

How to choose a bathing tool

Cosmetics with essences from plants is not medicinal. AT
soap shampoos and foams for babies add preservatives, dyes
and perfumes. Baby bathing lines marked “phyto” do not apply
to means of herbal medicine. Такие надписи —  маркетинговый ход.
Cosmetics do not relieve diaper rash and pimples, does not cure diathesis.
Chemical components can cause allergies.

Healing herbs – the safest remedy. Prepare the bath
with herbs can be done in two ways: make a dry harvest or
use herbal extracts.

If you buy a fee at the pharmacy, learn how the product is produced:
ecology of the collection area and method of packaging. I have a grass pot
two minuses. The first is that mothers spend an hour preparing a decoction.
Make a water bath, boil, stirring, cool and squeeze through
gauze. ATечером, когда ребёнок и мама устали, не до суетливых
procedures. ATторой минус —при приготовлении взваров   в
настое  остается лишь 5—20% полезных микроэлементов.

Самый эффективный способ успокоить кожу ребенка —  ванночки
with herbal extracts. Healing effect on skin inflammation
Alder cones, oak bark, nettle leaves and birch leaves, grass
oregano, daisy flowers and succession grass. Use them better by
separately. Unfortunately, thick extracts on the mass market
do not sell in pure form. If the composition of the herb extract is not
one hundred percent, so it added a preservative or other

The company “Herbs Baikal” uses for the production of extracts
дикие лекарственные растения  ручного сбора. Uses clean
water of lake baikal. Packed dry extracts are also manual.
in a way. Careful handling preserves all bioactive components.
This means that only the baby’s skin will be affected.
natural substances.


Why 100% extracts are useful

The Baikal Herbs Company receives herbal extracts from
using technology Live Extracts. This is an advanced way that
saves up to 95% of active substances – 4 times more than in herbal
fees. This means that only 2 grams of powder from the stick package
enough for one swim. Due to the high concentration of the substance
useful procedures will be less than when adding decoctions. If a
baby does not like water, bathing time can be reduced – extract
acts fast.

Preparation of the bath with the extract takes one minute – pour
into the water and stir. No longer need to brew for a long time and

After bathing the baby, make a spa procedure for yourself.
Hold hands or feet in healing herbs – the skin will become tender and

ATанны с добавлением стопроцентных экстрактов череды, ромашки,
oak bark, birch leaves, oregano, alder seedlings or leaves
nettles relieve irritation, soothe itching and redness on the skin,
help to relax and fall asleep faster.

Where to buy useful extracts

�”Baikal Herbs” have released a special set for children up to a year –
�”Mom and baby.” AT коробочке 35 стик-пакетов. Each is designed for
one water procedure.

To learn useful recipes for treating the Baikal and
Altai herbs, leave a request for free
sample bath extracts Mom and Baby, visit the site

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