Diabetes will save brain cancer

Update: February 2019

Researcher Judith Schwarzbaum representing the University
Ohio, became better known thanks to the publication of the results of its work in
Nature magazine. The doctor and her team of assistants came to the important
the conclusion that blood glucose levels (ie, blood glucose)
linked to the risk of glioma formation.

Currently, such a brain tumor as “glioma”
is one of the most frequent in the practice of neurosurgeons. It grows
of the cells surrounding the neurons, they are called the general term
�”Neuroglia”. Unfortunately, only this information is reliable at this time.
stage of development of science. The current treatment for glioma is not developed.
therefore, scientists are trying to link it with many indicators. One of
such dependent indicators – blood glucose.

Proved: hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) and myself
diabetes are associated with high malignant risks
tumors of the mammary glands, bladder, intestines. But,
absolutely opposite, reducing risks, communication possesses
hyperglycemia with meningioma, another benign one
brain tumor. Therefore, a lot of curiosity caused the search sample.
communication and with glioma.

Dr. Judith’s group has organized two newest
experiment, to which voluntary participation was invited
over half a million people in Sweden and over 100,000 Austrian citizens. AT
In the course of the study, only 812 subjects experienced a formation
glioma. Scientists made their calculations by comparing the numbers of glucose
in the blood (or confirmed presence of diabetes mellitus) with the development of
or not the development of a tumor of cancer origin. AT результате стало
known: hyperglycemia reduces the risk of glioma by 22%.

The key problem for experimenters today is the complete
lack of understanding of the reasons why there is no such relationship with cancer
other localization. It is also alarming that the strong connection between
increased glucose and glioma was observed exactly in the year of installation
clinical diagnosis. ATозможно, это означает наличие контроля
tumor glycemia levels. And maybe high sugar numbers
act as a protective factor of our body.

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