Developing a baby from the first days of life: tipsto parents

Many moms ask how to deal with
a newborn child, exclaim: “He still does not know anything and
can’t do it! ”Believe me, since he was born
looks at unfamiliar surroundings, actively tastes everything and
attentively listening to your voice. This is why you should not miss
this time and develop the baby from the very first days
of birth.

развиваем ребенка с рождения

Feeding is a guarantee of health

The best food that is invented by nature is
of course, breast milk. To lay the foundation for the future
successful development of infants, it is very important to feed him
requirement. Thanks to him, the child not only becomes full, but
and completely satisfies the need for contact with the mother, in her
presence and warmth. Being in the maternal arms, sucking
chest, he immediately becomes more calm, even if he
bad mood or disturbed intestinal colic. But as
well-known, emotionally stable children perceive information
much better.


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Frequent communication

Perhaps the little man is not yet ready for purposeful
games, so just talk to him as often as possible: gently,
quietly, changing the intonation and timbre of the voice depending on
What are you telling him now? Be sure to connect to the dialogue
dad, let him share his emotions from the birth
dear son or daughter. In conversation, always call the crumbs on
name, soon it will become his favorite word. Also help
the development of lovable lullabies and heart-to-heart

After the baby learns to hold the head, go with him
room and touching his handle to things, pronounce them
Names: bed, wall, shelf, wardrobe, etc. Maybe you
It seems that he is not able to understand and hear, but so uncomplicated
the way you lay the foundation for the formation of speech.

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Develop the senses

Infant development is largely based on
stimulation of taste, hearing, sight, smell and touch. In the meantime
the most new things about the baby will be found out by touching them on

  • Touch

Touch the legs, tummy and face with a soft feather. If a
your fumes liked these touches, “arm”
materials with different textures. It can be cotton balls
terry towel, wool mitten or silk scarf. Besides
In addition, place your own finger or a small finger on the child’s palm.
little thing that the kid clenched fists.

Hug the kids regularly, stroke them on the head, back,
kiss and lay naked on his stomach. So you
improve and tactile sensations, and emotional-personal
the scope.

  • Hearing

Hang the rattle or spinning carousel, which publishes
quiet melodies, over the crib. Do not be discouraged if
the kid focuses on them for just a couple of minutes. So far to him
it is still very difficult to concentrate. Babies well
perceive classical music: works by Vivaldi,
Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Strauss. And surely they love to listen.
mother’s and father’s voice. (when baby starts to hear?)

  • Vision

Up to two or three months, kids can only distinguish between black and white.
colors. Hang in the eye of a karapuz image of concentric
circles, checkerboard or contrasting, superior quality
black and white photographs. To attract interest, change the pictures
in a few days. And the newborn really likes to follow
for facial expressions of a human face. So smile at him as much as you can.
more often! (when does the baby start to see?)

  • Sense of smell

Scarce recognizes your smell immediately after birth, because it includes
in itself the same components as the amniotic fluid. On
chemical and perfume aromas may appear in some children
allergic reaction. So be careful with perfume and
lotions and naturally with smoking. Just do not excommunicate
dad who for some reason can’t give up
cigarettes, from communicating with baby.

  • Taste

From the first days, babies feel the taste and express their preference.
sweet food, not sour or bitter. Therefore, nursing woman
You must enter into your diet a variety of products, but only
gradually and in small quantities. So you сможете приучить своего
offspring to the diversity of tastes and insure further from his
selectivity in food.

If a вы будете следовать этим simple advice, then
from the cradle your child will actively grow and develop. Not only
Overload it with new knowledge, so as not to harm the formation
nervous system. Let the development of your favorite babes be

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