Detraleks: instructions for use, indications,how to take, course duration, analogues

Update: December 2018

Detralex is a drug that reduces capillary permeability,
appointed with venous lymphatic insufficiency, varicose veins
varicose veins, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prostatitis.
Its use as part of complex therapy is recommended.
these diseases. The effectiveness of this drug is scientifically
proven, the drug is non-toxic, well tolerated.

Farmgroup: venoprotective and venotonic agent.

The composition of the drug

One tablet film-coated Detralex

  • Diosimine – purified micronized flavonoid fraction
  • Hesperidin – 10% vegetable flavonoid

Excipients: water, gelatin, talc, magnesium stearate,
sodium carboxymethyl starch, microcrystalline cellulose.

Shell: macrogol, sodium lauryl sulfate, premix
(hypromellose, glycerol, magnesium stearate, ferric oxide yellow and
red, titanium dioxide).

Analogs of Detralex

  • Venarus (active ingredients Hesperidin + Diosmin, but cheaper)
    Детралекс инструкция по применению
  • Venolek, Vazoket, Phlebodia (active ingredient Diosmin)

Release form, price

  • 30 tablets (500mg each) 2 blisters of 15 pcs. in each 
    700-750 rub.
  • 60 tablets (500 mg each) 4 blisters of 15 pcs. in each
    1400-1550 rub.

pharmachologic effect

In the instructions for use detraleks indicated that clinical
tests confirm the activity of the drug to improve venous
hemodynamics. In the treatment of diseases of the veins of the lower extremities and
acute hemorrhoids its therapeutic efficacy is proven. is he
reduces the tensile properties of the veins, reduces the severity of venous stasis,
increases the resistance of capillaries and reduces their permeability.

  • The best ratio “dosage-effectiveness” is achieved when
    take 2 tab.
  • This effect is demonstrated for the following venous
    parameters: time of venous emptying, venous distensibility and
  • Increases venous tone – tests showed a reduction in time
    venous emptying.
  • In case of severe microcirculation disturbance, an increase is determined
    capillary resistance (determined by

Pharmacokinetics: With urine, 14% of the drug is excreted, the main
excretion of detralex occurs with feces. The half-life is 11
hours The presence of phenolic acids in the urine confirms that
The drug is subject to active metabolism.

Indications for use

With chronic venous insufficiency

The drug is used for symptomatic treatment.
venous lymphatic insufficiency, which occurs when:
varicose veins, congenital pathologies of the venous system –
Klippel-Trenone syndrome, Park-Weber-Rubashov,
postthrombophlebitic syndrome. Main effect:

  • reduces the feeling of heaviness in the legs
  • reduces pain
  • reduces morning leg fatigue

The maximum effect of the treatment of venous insufficiency is achieved
with a combination of drug therapy and a balanced image
life: reduce excess weight, avoid prolonged standing on the legs,
limit or refuse to stay in the sun, more often commit
walking and wearing compression underwear for varicose veins – all
It improves blood circulation.

Detralex application for hemorrhoids

Used as part of complex therapy for acute and chronic
hemorrhoids, reduces discomfort and pain due to:

  • Strengthening the protective properties of vessel walls
  • Blocking factors that trigger the development of inflammation
  • Increased vein tone, normalization of permeability
  • Decreased vein distensibility, reduced venous level

During exacerbation of hemorrhoids, Detralex does not replace the main treatment.
other anal disorders. The course of therapy should not exceed 7 days.
If after the course of treatment the symptoms persist,
review therapy and conduct proctologic examination.


The drug is well tolerated, there are contraindications only

  • Hypersensitivity to excipients or active
  • Not recommended for women during lactation

Use during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy – teratogenic effect during experiments.
    on animals was not identified, reports of side effects at
    use by pregnant women is not.
  • Breastfeeding – since there is no evidence of possible excretion
    Detralex into breast milk, it is not recommended for lactating
    for women.


When venous lymphatic insufficiency: With acute hemorrhoids:
  •  2 tab. a day, afternoon and evening while eating
  • At first 4 days on 6 tab. per day (3 pcs in the morning and in the evening)
  • then in the next 3 days 4 tab. per day (2 in the morning and
    in the evening)

Side effect:

Nervous system: Skin: Gastrointestinal tract:
  • general malaise
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • itch
  • hives
  • rash
  • isolated swelling of the lips, face, eyelids
  • angioedema
  • vomiting
  • dyspepsia
  • nausea
  • diarrhea

Does not affect the ability to perform work that requires speed
psychomotor reactions, driving a car. The drug is released
over the counter. Does not require special storage conditions, do not allow
open access for children

Analogs of Detralex

  • Venarus (30 tab. 650 rubles, 60 tab. 1150 rub)
  • Vazoket
  • Phlebodia (15 tab. 500 rub., 30 – 900r.)
  • Venolek (table 30. 750 rub)

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