Dermatitis on the hands: treatment, folk remedies,causes and types of dermatitis

Обновление: Октябрь 2018 ATоспалительный процесс, возникший на коже,
called dermatitis. ATоспаление на коже рук считается очень
common pathology because it is this particular part of the body
turned out to be most affected by external factors, and
and internal pathological processes in the body. It is worth noting,
that treatment of dermatitis on the hands is directly related to the elimination
reasons that led to the development of pathology.

Causes of Dermatitis

There are external irritants that cause dermatitis of the skin.
hands from hand to elbow. About 90% of patients suffering from dermatitis,
these are women.

  • Physical agents. This group may include the action
    pressure, friction, high or low temperature conditions,
    radiation. For example, the causes of cold dermatitis can be
    spasm of peripheral capillaries and the development of inflammation,
    due to the effect of low temperature (see cold allergy:
    symptoms, treatment).
  • Biological stimuli. This group includes juice or
    pollen of plants, for example, nettle, buttercup, garlic, aloe,
    snowdrop, milkweed and others.
  • Group of chemical agents. These are chemicals capable
    damage the skin (acid, alkali, washing powder,
    varnishes, paints, etc.). Quite a few people complain of peeling.
    the skin of the hands and the recurrence of dermatitis after use in everyday life washing
    powders or detergents.

Allergens that cause dermatitis:

  • Products causing an individual allergic reaction or
    food intolerances – cow milk, citrus fruits, nuts,
    red fruits, honey, pastries, any products with
    artificial additives, preservatives, flavors, etc.
  • Polluted air, containing a mass of toxic substances,
    emissions from industrial enterprises, vehicle exhaust gases,
    and also pollen of plants during flowering.
  • Medication, absolutely any drug
    can cause allergies, whether antibacterial
    препарат, анальгетик, НПATС или даже лекарственные травы и
  • Cosmetics and perfumes are a separate category of external
    irritants, the number of women increases every year,
    which occurs allergic manifestation on various creams for
    hands, balms, as well as deodorants, perfumes, toilet water, mascara
    eyelashes, powder or eyeshadow.

Causes of atopic dermatitis in the hands of adults consider
hereditary predisposition of the human body to
the occurrence of atopy, autoimmune conditions, chronic pathologies
internal organs, especially the digestive tract and endocrine glands (see
treatment of atopic dermatitis in children).

Studies by Italian scientists prove that the presence of a dog in
home reduces the risk of dermatitis in a child by 25%, while
provided that the dog is in the house since the baby was born (see dogs
reduce the risk of atopic dermatitis in children).

ATажно помнить, что дерматит на руках может быть обусловлен
the course of neurosis, depressive disorders, stressful
situations and hormonal disruption.

If a patient has a history of allergic diseases in
combined with certain disorders of the immune system,
external factors can lead to significantly more
intense reaction of the body in comparison with healthy people.

Symptoms of dermatitis

If the disease occurs acutely, then patients note brightly
severe inflammation, which is accompanied by:

  • Intense itching of the skin, burning sensation and pain
  • The skin at the site of inflammation has a color from
    red to rose red
  • AT зависимости от тяжести дерматита интенсивность эритематозного
    edema can vary from severe to weak.
  • Severe dermatitis is accompanied by blistering
    filled with clear or turbid liquid, may
    to form areas of necrosis (tissue necrosis). Bubbles at
    this spontaneously burst, exposing wet areas of erosion,
    which then cover scales and crusts.

If the dermatitis becomes chronic, then
arising edema may be stagnant:

  • AT результате будут утолщаться некоторые слои дермы
  • The surface of the hands may become bluish
  • ATозможно шелушение кожи
  • In addition, the integument will be dry, they may appear
  • If dermatitis is not treated, it can lead to atrophy

In the event of a disease due to exposure to mechanical
irritants, the hyperemic area will be scuffed,
swelling, vesicles that are filled with serous fluid. Sometimes
dermatitis can skin hands take the form of corn. The fact is that
appearance of skin hyperkeratosis may be a reaction to exposure
irritating agents. AT результате появится бляшка, которая
will retain its sensitivity, but will not deliver pain

After exposure to cold, cold dermatitis may occur,
which is characterized by the appearance of bluish red swellings,

Contact dermatitis от прочих видов данного заболевания
different limited lesion focus, fast recovery
skin after removing the irritant agent.

Types of dermatitis on the hands

1. for reasons of appearance:

  • Contact dermatitis occurs after external action
    agent irritant. As a result, this pathology is localized.
    exactly where the contact occurred.
  • Atopic dermatitis —  характеризуется возникновением
    inflammation on the skin that is genetically
    due to
  • Solar dermatitis is an inflammatory response.
    dermis appearing after exposure to sunlight
    allergic type of treatment (see allergy to the sun:
    symptoms, treatment).
  • Actinic dermatitis – radiation exposure, ultraviolet irradiation, solar
    rays, sources of ionizing radiation. Clinical picture
    dermatitis depends on the intensity and time of exposure
    on the skin. They suffer from welders, farmers, foundry workers,
  • Allergic dermatitis on the hands is a reaction
    organism on the effects of various allergens. Manifests itself
    skin rash, itching, burning. May have
    recurrent nature.
Дерматит на руках лечение Allergic dermatitis на руках Atopic dermatitis
 Actinic dermatitis  Allergic dermatitis  Atopic dermatitis
Sun dermatitis  Contact dermatitis
 Sun dermatitis  Contact dermatitis

2. along the course of the disease

  • Acute form, which is characterized by severity of symptoms
    (redness, swelling, itching, burning,
  • Chronic form, which is characterized by the presence of a long
    swelling in the area of ​​inflammation. As a result, a change occurs.
    dyeing to a bluish tinge, thickened skin on the affected


Dermatitis of the hands, on the fingers of the hands delivers significant
discomfort to the patient. It can lead to the development of serious

  • Sepsis or blood poisoning
  • Eczema that develop due to infection
    bacteria, viruses and fungi of the dermatitis affected area
  • Also dermatitis can cause
    psycho-emotional disorders that are associated with incessant
    itching and burning in the affected area

However, subject to adequate and effective treatment of dermatitis
does not cause serious complications.

Diagnosis of dermatitis

To diagnose the doctor will need to establish the nature
irritant, the rate of development of the reaction after contact with him,
lesion area. In addition, the patient will need to pass:

  • General detailed analysis of blood and urine
  • Complete serological, immunological studies
  • Biopsy followed by histology (by
  • Contact an allergist and pass blood tests for various

The rate of development of the disease, the type of dermatitis and the main reason for its
the occurrence will be decisive in the decision of the doctor than to treat
dermatitis on the hands.

How to treat dermatitis on the hands?

Dermatitis therapy is conservative, it consists of
use of drugs, both local and systemic
impact. Acute dermatitis, as well as children’s forms will require
using local products that have minimal effect
on the whole body and act only at the site of application.

Topical therapy is the use of dermatitis ointment.
hand skin. They must regularly treat the affected area.
skin. As part of such funds are usually
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components. Most
effective non-hormonal dermatitis ointment for children and

Крем “Зорька” (или Сила леса) – замечательный
cream with floralisin improves trophism, metabolism and biosynthesis in
tissues, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, accelerates tissue regeneration,
used in veterinary medicine. Do not let this scare drug
natural and in the opinion of many patients it is very effective in
any skin problems from eczema to psoriasis, dermatitis and herpes,
and also helps with varicose veins, hemorrhoids. The price of the cream is only 60 rubles,
sold in veterinary pharmacies (similar to the power of the forest in order
Эплан – оказывает ранозаживляющее,
regenerating, analgesic, antiseptic effect,
применяется при ожогах, дерматитах, повреждениях skin. Acting
substance glycolan, gicerin, triethylene glycol, ethylcarbitol.
Де-пантенол (аналоги Бепантен, Пантенол,
Pantoderm) the most effective cream to eliminate dry skin on
background of developed dermatitis on the hands, as well as skin cracks
covers, burns, diaper rash in infants. Promote improvement
регенерации тканей hand skin.
Экзодерил при присоединении грибковой
infections, inflammatory dermatomycosis can help this
antifungal cream.
Радевит  показан при контактном,
atopic, allergic dermatitis, skin erosion, eczema,
cracks. It has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic action,
улучшает восстановление skin. The composition of the ointment includes α-tocopherol
ацетат, ретинола пальмитат,  эргокальцифероl
Гистан  это биологически активная
additive, which consists of herbal extracts, betulin,
dimethicone. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
Элидел  противовоспалительный крем при
atopic dermatitis, eczema, active ingredient
Протопик действующее вещество tacrolimus
used for atopic dermatitis, does not cause atrophy
Фенистил  противозудное средство, а также
possesses anesthetic effect, is used for dermatitis,
eczema, burns.
Лостерин  действующие вещества 
urea, D-panthenol, Sophora extract, salicylic acid,
almond oil, naphthalan not tarred. Used when
dermatitis, eczema, has antibacterial, analgesic,
рассасывающее действие, снимает воспаление и зуд skin.
Деситин (цинковая мазь), используется при
dermatitis, ulcerative skin lesions, burns, except zinc oxide in
The composition includes cod liver oil.
ATундехил – это крем, обладающий
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound healing
action, the composition includes tincture of Sophora, propolis,
Yarrow, Potentilla. Helps with allergic reactions
dermatitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers.
ATундехил – это крем, обладающий
anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, wound healing
action, the composition includes tincture of Sophora, propolis,
Yarrow, Potentilla. Helps with allergic reactions
dermatitis, psoriasis, trophic ulcers.
Ла-кри успокаивающий крем,
moisturizes the skin and has a regenerating effect, removes
allergic reactions hyperemia, rash, itching, peeling. Composed
cream series, avocado oil, dexpanthenol, licorice, walnut

Treatment of atopic dermatitis on the hands begins with
maximum elimination of irritants and elimination of the main
causes of inflammation. Traditionally during treatment use
antihistamines that block the effects of histamine. AT
As a result, it is possible to reduce swelling, reduce the intensity of itching and
burning sensation, normalize blood flow.

Antiallergic drugs are used orally, i.e.
inside in the form of tablets, for example, Erius, Claritin, Suprastin,
Cetrin (see the full list of allergy medications). Using
Preparations of the 2nd and 3rd generation can avoid such side effects.
reactions like drowsiness or absent-mindedness of attention, moreover, they
have a prolonged effect and are not addictive.

If allergic dermatitis is severe, then the doctor
may prescribe hormonal drugs – glucocorticoids, they
quickly eliminate the manifestation and further development
allergies have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, but
have a lot of undesirable side effects:

  • With prolonged use cause thinning of the skin, atrophy
    skin, because they have an immunosuppressive effect on the skin,
    therefore, they should be used only as directed by the doctor, brief
    by course
  • May cause systemic side effects, especially
    concerns ointments and creams that are actively absorbed into the blood (Fluorocort,
    Flucinar, hydrocartisone ointment, Celestoderm)
  • Increase the risk of developing Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal
  • When treating hormonal ointments and creams should be gradually
    reduce the dosage by mixing them with baby cream, since
    there is a withdrawal syndrome and possible deterioration
    after abrupt cessation of use

A complete list of hormonal creams with their side effects in
Our article Psoriasis Ointment:

  • Клобетазол – мази Дермовейт, Скин-Кап,
    Cloveit, Powercourt
  • Флуметазон – Флуцинар, Локасален, Локакортен,
    Sinalar, Ultralan, Sinoderm, Lorinden, Sinaflan, Flukort,
  • Бетаметазон – Целестодерм, Целестон, Акридерм,
    Betasalik, Betazon, Futsikort, Diprogent, Betnovayt, Kuterid,
    Flosteron, Belogent, Beloderm, Betacortal, Diprosalik, Betacalin,
    ATипсогал, Дипроспан, Белосалик, Тридермль, Дайвобет
  • Мометазон – Элоком, Гистан Н, Авекорт,
    Uniderm, Moderderm, Momat, Monovo, Silkaren Skinlight
  • Гидрокортизон – Гидрокортизоновая мазь,
    Copolcourt, Oxycort, Sulfodecortem, Duckacort Hyoxyson, Corteid,
    Fucidin, Cortef, Lokoid, Sibikort, Latikort
  • Триамцинолон – Фторокорт, Кенакорт,
    Polkortolon, Ftoderm, Kenalog, Triacort, Burlicort, Nazacort

For the prevention of the accession of secondary infections are shown
antiseptics that will impede the development
infections. If the affected area was infected, then
use antibacterial drugs:

  • Lincomycin ointment
  • Gentamicin Ointment
  • Erythromycin
  • Левосин (метилурацил, левомицетин,  сульфадиметоксин)
  • Bactroban (Mupirocin)
  • Levomikol (methyluracil, levomycetin)
  • Fucidin (fusidic acid)
  • Miramistin or Chlorhexidine solution (skin is treated before
    using ointments)

Any allergic reaction may be triggered.
stressful situations, so the appointment will be rational
sedative drugs.

If the patient was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis of the skin
hands, only a qualified person can help.
allergist AT таких случаях на фоне применения
antihistamine, sedatives, glucocorticoids,
It will be necessary to prescribe and allergen-specific immunotherapy.
Local remedies for atopic dermatitis include:

  • Burov’s liquid – aluminum acetate
  • ASD paste and ointment
  • Zinc ointments and pastes – Zindol, Desitin
  • Naftaderm – liniment of naphthalan oil
  • Birch tar
  • Ichthyol ointment
  • НПATС (см. мази от боли)
  • Phenystitle gel
  • ATидестим, Радевит – жирорастворимые витамины
  • Keratolan ointment – urea

Healing properties and improves regeneration and trophism
fabrics possess the following means:

  • Gel Kuriozin (Zinc Hyaluronate)
  • Радевит, ATидестим (ретинола пальмитат, то есть витамин А)
  • Methyluracil ointment (+ possesses immunostimulating
  • Solcoseryl, Actovegin – ointment and cream, hemoderivate gels
    calf blood
  • Dexpanthenol – cream and sprays Panthenol, Bepanten

For the treatment of acute actinic dermatitis, which
triggered by UV or solar irradiation used by linole,
Linetol, cream with corticosteroids, as well as cooling lotions,
burn cream.

Treatment of dermatitis folk remedies

How to cure dermatitis on the hands? AT поисках ответа на этот вопрос
Many patients decide to resort to the use of folk remedies.
medicine. This treatment may be effective, but better.
conduct it under the supervision of a dermatologist and combine with
drug therapy.

It is worth remembering that before applying each product to
damaged area, it is worth checking for allergies
composition. To do this, just apply a small amount of the drug.
on the skin at the bend of the elbow. If after 12 hours there is no
reaction, the tool can be safely used.

With atopic dermatitis on the hands of folk remedies may have
much more effective compared to medical

Very carefully you should use any folk remedies and
recipes, it requires an individual approach that helps one
can hurt another. If the patient has pollinosis,
using medicinal herbs is not advisable, it can
cause deterioration as most
dermatitis is an allergic reaction to various
irritants, including on medicinal plants.

  • Use of chamomile broth or pharmacy

To prepare the infusion is enough to take 4 tbsp. spoons of flowers
medicinal plants, pour boiling water over them. After that for
quarter of an hour must be heated in a water bath and allowed to cool.
After straining the decoction can be used in the form of trays.

  • Use lotions from pumpkin juice, potatoes or

It is enough to apply tampons moistened to the affected area.
соком тыквы, картофеля или cucumber на 20 минут. Procedure is necessary
repeat 3 times a day.

  • Ointment with a golden mustache, olive oil, valerian

For cooking means enough to mix the baby cream with 1
a tablespoon of golden mustache juice, a teaspoon of valerian and
1 tablespoon of olive oil. Affected area needed
lubricate ointment several times a day. This tool will help remove
itching, heal small scratching.

  • You can use a mixture of propolis with olive oil (harm and

To do this, mix crushed propolis with oil 1: 4,
heat for 45 minutes the mixture in the oven, then pour it into
емкость, прикладывать тампоны со смесью к пораженной коже  1-2
p / day.

  • Calendula, chamomile, plantain

Make a collection of plantain leaves, calendula and chamomile 4 tbsp.
l pour 300 ml boiling water into a thermos, let it stand overnight, in the morning
can be used by wiping the affected skin with infusion and not washing it off

  • Ointment with rice starch, milk, glycerin

1 tablespoon of each tool mix to get
homogeneous mass, bringing to the consistency of sour cream. Lubricate such
mix the affected area overnight.

  • St. John’s Wort and Butter

Fresh juice squeeze out of the grass and mix with melted cream
oil, store the mixture in a refrigerator in a glass
utensils, use several in the morning and evening.

  • Celery, Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt

This folk remedy is effective for atopic dermatitis. For
этого требуется выжать сок из сельдерея, смешать 50 мl juice from 50
мl apple cider vinegar (home made) and 2 gr. salt. Lotions
with such a mixture to do for 5 minutes on the affected areas.

  • Cranberries with Vaseline

Fresh cranberry juice is very beneficial not only for dermatitis (see
cranberries for cystitis), it can be used for skin healing
with various dermatitis. For этого требуется 200 gr. vaseline and 50
gr. juice. Lubricate the affected skin several times with this mixture.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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