Deprive a person – photo, types, signs,symptoms and treatment

Deprive is a skin disease caused by viruses or fungi. is he
transmitted from human or animal contact
by. Disease is manifested by scaling, irritation and
discoloration of the affected skin. Man is subject to
several types of lichen, some of which may be
pretty dangerous.

The main cause of lichen are viruses, but the disease
may be caused by hereditary factors, appear in
result of allergies to taking a number of medicines and so
Further. Mature people are most susceptible to infection.
(from 30 to 70 years), adolescents and young children suffer from lichen

Лишай у человека

Species depriving people

There are many varieties of lichen, depending on
the shape that struck your body is different in the color of the rash (from
pale pink to red), the place of localization (the appearance is possible
on any part of the body, but in most cases there is a lesion
extremities), a form of rash (not only scaly
spots, but also bubbles filled with liquid).

Externally, lichen looks like the defeat of the skin red
the spots having characteristic edges from transparent bubbles,
filled with liquid. Normally drying bubbles are covered.
crusts that are actively peeled off by spreading around

The most common types of lichen and photo presented

  • lichen pink giber;
  • lichen planus;
  • pityriasis versicolor (multi-colored, color);
  • shingles;
  • стригущий лишай (микроспория);
  • lichen sun;
  • чешуйчатый лишай.

Deprive – the disease is unpleasant, but to be completely cured.
There are even some varieties of lichen that do not require
treatment, and pass by themselves. Some species of lichen can and
transmitted from a sick person, while infection occurs
through household items, such as door handles in the store, handrails
in public transport.

Species depriving people Is it contagious among people? Human consequences
Pink (deprive giber) Yes Skin areas with impaired pigmentation
Shingles (shingles) Yes Postherpetic neuralgia
Ringworm (trichophytosis, microsporia) Yes The disease can become chronic.
Pityriasis versicolor versicolor not No negative effects
Red lichen planus not Absent
Soaking lichen (eczema) not Attachment of a bacterial or fungal infection
Scaly (psoriasis) not The disease is chronic.

How to treat a lichen in a person, the specialist decides depending on
nature of the disease and its causes.

What looks like a zoster in a person: photos, symptoms and signs

There are several types of lichen affecting a person. Signs of
заболевания зависят от виYes грибка, вируса и от специфической
human response to the livelihoods of the pathogen. Have
some patients with lichen does not cause excessive discomfort, others
страYesют от зуYes в пораженной грибком области. How does it look like
человека смотрите на фото below:

Pink lichen

A viral disease whose pathogens are not fully understood.
Manifested in the form of inflammation of the skin on which there are
pink or light brown rounded spots, the center of which is usually
slightly paler than edges and can peel off.


Pink lichen

The disease develops gradually, with the following

  • 2 weeks before the onset of the disease in half of the patients
    a patch of up to 4 cm in size appears on the skin, scaly across
    surface. He is called maternal;
  • In the initial stage before the rash appears, the patient complains of a general
    malaise, mild fever, pain in the joints and in
    some cases of enlarged cervical lymph nodes;
  • Over time, the growth of spots.


In mild form does not require treatment, according to many
Dermatologists, lichen zhyber, passes independently through 6-8
weeks. Но, для снятия зуYes врач выписывает антигистаминные
препараты: ЗоYesк, Супрастин, Кларитин, Тавегиl These medicinal
remedies do not cure deprive, but only relieve from unpleasant

Shingles in a person

Shingles is a unilateral viral
skin lesion in the form of bubbles containing transparent
liquid (see photo).

Опоясывающий лишай

Signs of

  • The most distinctive symptom of shingles is
    severe pain, as the virus infects intercostal and other
  • Pain and itching in the area of ​​the ribs, most often on one side of the chest.

How to treat?

Treatment этой разновидности заболевания ведется в трех
directions. Affected skin areas (purulent vesicles)
treated with “green paint” or they are cauterized by other drugs. For
elimination of the source of infection is assigned to “Acyclovir.” If the skin is strong
itches, hurts, has a wet surface, prescribe drugs for
reduce pain, creams or ointments.


как выглядит стригущий лишай у человека

How to recognize?

  • the formation of reddish speckled rashes (photo
    on right)
  • peeling
  • itch
  • if the focus of the disease is located on the hairy part of the body, then
    You may notice that the hair break under the root in this place.
  • pockets of rash tend to grow

We treat the disease

In the case of hair lesions, a systemic course is indicated.
therapy, which includes taking “Terbinafine” or “Griseofulvina”
in pills. Simultaneous local therapy
antifungal ointments. If you have a zoster hit a smooth area of ​​skin,
then as the main means of drug therapy use
external antifungal drugs. If at the site of injury
inflammatory process begins, application is shown
combination drugs containing hormones.

Pityriasis versicolor versicolor

A fungal disease that progresses actively in the presence of
sufficient moisture level, for example, in case of heavy discharge

Отрубевидный лишай

The first signs are:

  • Spots form on the skin.
  • The skin is slightly flaky.
  • On tanned skin, spots look like discolored.
  • In winter, brown and pink spots become darker and stand out.
    against the background of natural skin areas.

Treatment methods

Apply to the affected skin several times a day.
antimycotic ointments or creams: Bifonazole, Mikospor, Bifosin,
Terbinafin. Эти препараты поYesвляют размножение грибка, оказывают
anti-inflammatory effect.


Если лишай занимает большие участки тела и с трудом подYesется
treatment with ointments, the doctor prescribes anti-mycotic drugs inside:
Oronazole, Clotrimazole, Irunin, Mycosyst, Fluconazole,

Red lichen planus

Red lichen planus – заболевание, которое может возникнуть в
any age, characterized by a rather protracted course and
is a red colored papule having a brilliant

What does lichen look like and where is it located:

Red lichen planus

  • localization – abdomen, back, folds of arms and legs;
  • appearance – nodules of red or bluish color with a shiny
    surface; the center of the nodule is flat
  • as the disease progresses, the nodules in the plaque merge with
    mesh pattern.

How to treat a person to deprive this type?

This type of lichen is a chronic disease. Treatment
complex, depends on the timely elimination of factors
provoked the disease. As a treatment widely
antihistamines, vitamins (especially A and C) are used,
а также лекарственные средства, имеющие сеYesтивное действие,
for example, Phenazepam.

Soaking lichen

The cause of this disease is considered immune pathology in
сочетании с геnotической предрасположенностью и другими внутренними

Soaking lichen


  • The rash is symmetrical (for example, on both hands
  • On the skin appear patches of redness and swelling with fuzzy
  • В Yesльнейшем эти области покрываются узелками и пузырьками,
    filled with liquid.

How to treat the disease

As a base, strong hormonal ointments are used.
combination with antihistamines. Advanced dermatologist
corrects the diet and the patient’s schedule, assigns
immunity strengthening procedures and other preventive measures

Scaly deprive

Scaly deprive

It is often differentiated as a separate disease. On the skin
whitish, silvery or gray spots similar to
frozen wax drops. Затем они начинают красnotь и itchеть.

Signs of лишая:

  • The disease can occur anywhere on the body;
  • Очень редко сопровожYesется itchом, но peelingм

Is it possible to cure?

This dermatosis refers to incurable diseases, therefore
The main goal of treatment is to eliminate its unpleasant external
manifestations, transfer to the stage of remission and prevent it
re-aggravation in the future. Unfortunately, often scaly
лишай обостряется без видимых на то причин. Say exactly
after what period of time this will happen is impossible.


For дифференцирования виYes появившегося лишая проводится
visual examination and collection of the history of the disease, as well as scraping
with affected skin. Collected materials are studied under
a microscope, followed by observed mycelium filaments and spores
identify pathogen lichen. For этого споры помещаются в
nutrient medium and, after rapid growth, clarify the type

When the occurrence of varieties of hernia associated with the state
immune system, it may be recommended to identify an allergen with
using skin tests, blood count on the number of immune cells
системы, антитела к ветряной оспе и вирусу герпеса.

How to treat versicolor in humans

Treatment лишая включает применение противогрибковых и
antiviral ointments, immunomodulatory therapy and tablets
antimycotic drugs.

СтанYesртная терапия любых видов лишая у человека включает
following procedures:

  1. Treatment of stains (tar, ichthyol ointment);
  2. Симптоматическое лечение диуретическими, сеYesтивными
  3. Физиотерапия (HaveЗ, лазер);
  4. The exclusion of psycho-emotional overload;
  5. Antiallergic therapy.

With the defeat of the scalp is enough to use
�”Nizorala.” Лекарственное средство устраняет peeling и жжение

Одна из важных заYesч лечения – недопущение перехоYes болезни в
chronic stage. Early defects can heal in summer, but again
appear in winter, due to the short treatment of pathology.

When first signs of development are found on your body
you must immediately contact an experienced specialist, because only
he will be able to decide how to cure the shingles in your case in a short time
and with high efficiency. It depends on many factors.
for example, how is it manifest, is considered the initial stage
disease or advanced case and many other factors.

To decide on the treatment of any of the types of depriving
drug alone, it is impossible. A prerequisite for successful
лечения, является сYesча анализов на грибок и только после этого,
The doctor will be able to choose the right drug.

How to treat lichen folk remedies

The main focus in the treatment of various types of lichen is on
medications. After advice with a dermatologist try
one of the proven homemade recipes. How to treat versicolor at home
conditions? Use medicinal herbs, natural

  1. Spread celery roots and leaves, proportions 1: 1. Received
    Apply the gruel daily to problem areas. Take
    three times a day fresh celery juice 2 tbsp. l spoons.
  2. Treat lichen wheat oil. Millet in the amount of one or
    two tablespoons of ignited on a hot skillet. Must
    appear black oil with a characteristic odor. КогYes масло
    остыnot до нормального состояния им можно смазывать места
    lesions. There are usually a few procedures to complete.
  3. Ointment prepared independently at home from a hundred
    грамм меYes и одной столовой ложки чесночной золы — вот еще один
    popular recipe.
  4. This folk remedy for depriving is very effective. For рецепта
    you will need not the plant itself, but the mustache of the plant. Of them to you
    you will need to squeeze out the juice and moisten the lichen. Solution can
    apply as compresses.
  5. In the fight against depriving effectively treatment with tar soap –
    finished product, based on birch
    tar. The darker the color of soap – the higher the concentration of tar and
    accordingly, its medicinal properties. Affected area required
    lather the resulting foam left on the skin until it is full
    drying out The recommended duration of the procedure is 2 weeks.
  6. A few cloves of garlic are ground in a grater and mixed with
    natural honey until smooth. Received смесь
    spread over areas of the skin with lichen plaques that
    contributes to their extinction. The course of treatment is two or three.
    of the week.

Now you know what to treat. Do not use medicinal
препараты и народные рецепты без рекоменYesции врача. Apply
the whole complex of methods – the disease will recede.

Deprive a person – a serious disease, regardless of his
виYes. is heо имеет неприятные симптомы и нарушает привычную жизнь
person, forcing him to avoid communication with family and friends.
Timely treatment to a specialist will identify the causative agent
diseases and find the right treatment

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