Dependence on sugar is akin to cocaine – conclusionsAustralian scientists

Update: February 2019

The magazine PLOS One briefly reports that the Australian
Scientists came to a scandalous conclusion: supposedly sweets
dependent on the use of sugar) can be considered the same
addicted as well as on drugs and they should be treated as cocaine

It is known that with constant abuse of sweets significantly
The level of the pleasure hormone, dopamine, is increased, just like
and in the use of cocaine, morphine or tobacco smoking.


Moreover, with long-term dependence over time, the effect
decreases and man for pleasure requires a dose of everything
more and more, i.e. sweet tooth to get the right concentration
dopamine forced to increase sugar intake, otherwise they
comprehends the state of depression. A sharp rejection of sweets leads
to the real “addict breaking.”

In addition, scientists said that the popular drug from
nicotine addiction – varenicline, helps with failure
sweets from sweet abuse (see how to lose weight without harm
for good health).

Однако подобные выводы Australian scientists противоречат
the result of a large study that biologists received in 2014
year at Edinburgh University. According to biologists,
sugar addiction is psychological traction, not biochemical,
those. it is akin to gambling addiction. And a treatment like
passion should not be carried out with medication, but by changing attitudes
to the patient’s food.

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