Dependence on chocolate barsis real

Update: February 2019

US media reported the news of the intention of Donald Trump
introduce a state of emergency in the United States. The reason is so
decisive action have become big statistical numbers regarding
addicts using opioids. Russian narcologists led by
Evgeny Brunom hastened to assess the situation prevailing on
the territory of our country. According to them, serious problems at this
there is no moment. However, is it true?

It is known that 27 million Americans are consumers
narcotic painkillers for many diseases.
Officially registered about 2.5 million drug addicts, which
is a significant part of the 324 million total
living in the usa. For comparison: in the Russian Federation lives
144 million citizens, 630,000 of whom are also registered in
state registry. Unfortunately, these numbers only show
documentary situation.

If you make detailed calculations, you will notice:
drug compliance in the States is only 30% higher,
than in Russia. Americans because of their border position with
Latin America is the most widely consumed cocaine. Ours
countrymen differ in the use of “heavy” drugs – heroin,
pharmacy substances.

But where does this American “catastrophe” originate from?
It turns out that it’s all about ordinary chocolate bars. To all
the world knows about the love of this nation for sweets, especially since the second
half of the last century, when there were a variety of soda,
chocolates, etc.


Yakov Marshak, doctor, narcologist commented on the past:
�”Such food, usually taken in a hurry,” contributed
sudden jumps in blood glucose (serum glucose).
As a result, the concentration of our “hormones of happiness” increased –
endogenous opiates. The effect did not last long, the level of opiates fell,
what made a man look for a new portion of sweet. ”

Studies of the past suggest that changing
American food culture has largely impacted
on their gene pool. There were so-called syndromes
�“Dissatisfaction” and “satisfaction” due to
inheritance of certain genes. Interestingly, the first of
they are increasingly found in the population, rather than the latter.

Narcologist Marshak gave his assessment of the situation: “Predominance
public dissatisfaction can have a beneficial effect on
human activity and his desire to find
self-satisfaction. For example, creative people are completely
immersed in a favorite cause, and other citizens find solace in
alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances “.

According to the doctors, this wave of events will not pass by our
country. In about 25 years, a gene mutation will occur in Russia.
And the first 25 years (just half a century) have already passed safely, because the boom
soda and chocolate bars happened 26 years ago,
since 1990.

That is why the Scientific and Practical Center for Narcology (Moscow)
Last summer, announced the start of the newest project. Now every
a resident of the capital can voluntarily pass a free genetic
study. According to the results, experts will determine whether there are or not.
deficient states of a Russian, and whether his DNA
�”Addiction genes”. The test lasts less than one minute, which is very
convenient in its mass passing.

Such tests are incredibly important for evaluating statistical
indicators on addiction. On average, every fifth resident of the Russian Federation has
predisposition to dependent states. Influence the same
genetic factor occurs in 80% of cases.

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