Dental floss with bleeding gums canpromote infection in the joints

Update: February 2019

Dentists recommend getting rid of food particles,
stuck between your teeth, use dental floss, considering it to be
prevents gum disease and tooth decay. However if
regularly clean the interdental spaces with dental floss, germs from
the oral cavity can enter the bloodstream, and settle in distant
organs and tissues, as a rule, in the most vulnerable, “weak places”
organism, causing microbial inflammation.

This can occur if the gum is damaged during
procedures (when gums bleed). Medical Center Specialists
Mayo (USA) faced a similar clinical case.

A 65-year-old patient complained of pain in her knee, and
also on chills, swelling of limbs, weakness. The woman had an endoprosthesis
on the knee joint, but the reaction of rejection was excluded,
since the operation of endoprosthetics was carried out for more than 3 years

After a thorough examination, doctors diagnosed the developing
in the tissues adjacent to the implant, infection, namely growth
gram-positive bacteria Streptococcus gordonii, which are usually
are in the mouth and are involved in the formation of plaque
(see why and how to clean the tongue from plaque).

Doctors analyzed the reasons for which cariogenic
microorganisms could spread so far from their usual
habitat and found that a woman is constantly using dental
filaments cleared interdental spaces. This procedure is most often
accompanied by bleeding gums, so the bacteria could easily
penetrate the bloodstream.

On the bloodstream, the bacteria Streptococcus Gordonii
were able to settle and began to multiply in soft tissues near
endoprosthesis – the most vulnerable place. The patient has completed the course.
antibiotic therapy and recovered.

In addition to damage to the joints, such cariogenic bacteria can
provoke the development of endocarditis, vasculitis and other dangerous
diseases. Thus, doctors warn that
ignore bleeding gums, you should find out the reason
conduct a comprehensive treatment to minimize the risk of hitting
microbial flora from the mouth to the systemic circulation.

Robin Seymour and his colleagues at the University of Newcastle found out
also the fact that most people use this hygienic
the remedy is wrong, that is, do not remove food pieces, but simply
move leftover food with dental floss even closer to the gums.
British scientists claim that ordinary teeth cleaning is more
effective and safe.

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