Denial of junk food can causepsychological breakdown

Update: February 2019

A new American study found that stopping
the use of harmful, but beloved by many food (hamburgers, pizza,
French fries) can cause withdrawal or withdrawal symptoms.
Drug addicts and alcoholics experience a similar condition in the first days.
after giving up drugs and alcohol. Research results
published in the Appetite magazine.

This is the first study to evaluate withdrawal symptoms,
who experience people who have stopped eating high
degree of processing. All previous studies are more.
accentuated similar symptoms when the abolition of sugar in animals.
The study of these reactions in humans was carried out only for individual

Sugar and salt are the strongest addictive additives.
to salty and sweet foods, as well as to their impulsive
consuming, which ultimately leads to weight gain and
reduced health outcomes. When a person denies himself
a regular bottle of soda or hamburger, there are unpleasant
the senses.


Зависимость от той или иной пищи равносильна  зависимости
from drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, and leads to retaliatory
symptoms of failure: anxiety, headaches, depression,
irritability, etc. The researchers concluded: understanding,
does withdrawal syndrome develop after giving up “favorite” products with
a high degree of processing becomes an important step in the overall assessment
how much these foods can be addictive.

R. Schulte and her colleagues developed a special technique for
measuring psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms in
people, then asked 231 people to report their feelings after
how they reduced the amount of processed foods in
ration compared with the previous year.

Experimental participants reported that irritability, sadness,
fatigue and craving for junk food peaked in the first 2-5 days
after failure, then these symptoms gradually disappeared.
A similar effect is observed with withdrawal symptoms after treatment.
narcotic drugs. The study did not take into account
how abruptly did people stop using harmful products
gradually or immediately.  Future research papers should evaluate
поведение людей в реальном времени, без  ретроспективного

Manifestations of withdrawal impede the transition to healthy food and
cause people to return to harmful products. TO
This conclusion was made by psychology professor Ashley Girhardt, co-author

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