Demi-season baby jackets

Demi-season baby jackets разработаны специально для мам,
who want to constantly feel their baby near, be with him
inseparable. And who want to get rid, finally, of cumbersome
heavy stroller. Демисезонные-слингокуртки

What is a slinger jacket?

This is a jacket designed for two at the same time – for mom and
baby Moreover, in addition to wear outer clothing to the child
it is necessary, mom’s warmth heats it perfectly. In a slingokurtke comfortable to wear
baby And there are models where the crumb is in front, on the chest,
most of these models. And there are those where the baby can
worn on the back. The choice is yours.

Modern models are quite stylish and fit.
fashion requirements.

Demi-season slingokurtki are sewn from windproof and
moisture fabric, the lining is usually fleece – Polara. In such jackets
warm and comfortable for both mother and baby. Slingokurtka size
quite voluminous and consists of a jacket for the mother and
snap-in insert with a hole at the top –
a mouth for the head of the baby and a hood. Many models have a neck
designed so that the neck crumbs securely covered from
bad weather

Photo (clickable)

Choosing a jacket

  • Any woman wants to look beautiful. Therefore the color of the fabric
    should you like and be to face. Check that all seams are
    well stitched. Fabric desirable with windproof and moisture resistant
  • It is better to choose a model with a fleece lining. This fabric is soft,
    warm, much nicer than sliding smooth, with cooling
    feeling material;
  • The presence of pockets will help you solve the issue of storing different
    little things – a handkerchief, keys, and so on;
  • Hoods on the jacket for you and your baby will serve
    additional protection from wind and precipitation;
  • The sling should not be less than the spirit of the scenes, it is more convenient
    adjust the size;
  • An elongated jacket is preferable to a short one – it will protect it better.
    ваши уязвимые места от bad weather


The price range of demi-season baby jackets is wide enough –
from 1500 to 9000 rubles. The price depends on the quality of the material, style,
trademark manufacturer.

How does the baby stay in the sling box?


No The baby sling itself does not hold. It’s just
outerwear. The child inside the jacket is in the slingoharf, ergo
– backpack, May – sling. Therefore, acquiring slingokurtku
Take care and carrying for the baby.


Read on:

Types of various slings. How to choose a sling? Which to choose:
Sling with rings, Sling-scarf, May-sling, Sling-backpack, Fast-sling
(advantages and disadvantages). Video instructions

How to make (sew) a sling scarf and sling with rings

Varieties of slingokurtok.

In addition to slingokurtok, there are also slingokapidki, or mamaponcho.
They are also sewn of two types of fabric – outer and inner,
позволяют удобно носить и прятать от непогоды baby For the price they
slightly cheaper slingokurt.

You can choose a slingokurt for any taste and any weather. Judge
yourself: fleece slingokofts, windbreakers, raincoats, raincoats, ponchos,
vests, elongated and short jackets. All models have different
Utyazhki, kuliski, lacing for regulation, to mom and baby
It was comfortable and warm, never blown.

Why is a slingokurt better than a simple jacket?

  1. The mother’s hands are released.
  2. The child is comfortable to wear, he is always with his mother. It gives him a feeling.
    full security (“mom is near”), the baby is calm. These kids
    develop well. In physical, psychological and mental
    development they are far ahead of their peers.
  3. Under the jacket the baby is safely covered from the weather, it is warm and
  4. The baby moves its arms and legs freely, its body
    located naturally.
  5. It is convenient to visit shops, a children’s clinic, trips to
    public transport is no longer a problem. After all, no longer
    need to carry a bulky stroller.
  6. Many models can be worn first during pregnancy, then
    use with a sling, and then, having unbuckled the insert, wear it as
    the most ordinary jacket.

Slingokurtka will provide you close contact with the baby, protect it
from the weather, will warm your body heat, save you
time will make you more mobile.

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