Deletion бородавок жидким nitrogen — последствия,pros and cons of the procedure

Update: October 2018

The appearance of warts on the fingers, hands, body, face, foot in
primarily indicates the instability of the immune system
person So, it is known that their occurrence has viral
origin, and when provoking factors reduce protective
strength of the body, the risk of infection and growth of papillomas and warts
is increasing.

When a neoplasm is suddenly detected on any
body area, especially if it causes discomfort, to a person
Be sure to contact your dermatologist to find out
pathogen and measures to remove it. Nowadays
cancer tension any changes on the skin, change
colors of moles, weeping or resizing, the appearance of children
neoplasms should be cause for concern, as occurring
pathological internal processes in the body make themselves felt in
form of skin manifestations.

Naturally, a healthy body produces a decent immune system.
response to the introduction of any virus into the body and the better health,
stronger immunity, the lower the chances of HPV and other viruses
to multiply and cause various pathological growths on the skin.
But what to do when a failure in the body has led to
warts? Today, medicine offers several
various methods of removing tumors, about one of them –
удалении бородавок жидким nitrogen мы расскажем в этой статье.

Modern methods of wart removal

Of course, most of us fear various medical
manipulations, and for this reason they are looking for folk methods and ways
removal of formations at home (how to remove a wart at home
conditions) to avoid doctor visits and possible
painful procedures. Yes, you can try to remove warts.
celandine, juice or extract or ready-made pharmaceutical acid
or alkaline solutions:

  • Superclean – potassium and sodium hydroxide, the price in the pharmacy 20
    rub. (best remedy)
  • Веррукацид — метакрезол и фенол 180 rub.
  • Криофарма, Вартнер крио — 500-700 rub. a mixture of propane and
    dimethyl ether
  • Solkoderm – oxalic, acetic, nitric, lactic acid 400

But this is quite a risky exercise, because careless
handling poisonous celandine or strong chemically active
substances can lead to pain and burns
nearby tissues, and in case of inept or improper handling may
just do not give effect. Moreover, without establishing exact
diagnosis, it is dangerous to perform any procedure. What is offered
modern medical technology how to remove a wart in
medical facility how effective, safe and
how much is it?


  • Laser wart removal is not a cheap procedure (300-3000
    rubles depending on the type, size, quantity, location), but
    fairly effective, painless or slightly painful, and how
    doctors say – safe.
  • Deletion жидким nitrogen — или криодеструкция, воздействие низких
    temperature gives the effect of deep freezing of tissues and their
  • Electrocoagulation – under local anesthesia with high current
    frequencies of thin metal loop produced surgical
    coagulation, the wart is cut off and the surrounding are coagulated

More recently, a real one was made with a scalpel.
surgery to remove warts with a long period
восстановления, осложнениями, of educationми рубцов и шрамов. Such
Nobody produces any procedures, all paid clinics have become
use modern equipment and advanced technology
(see How to remove a wart, which method is better).

When should I contact a dermatologist?

The issue of wart removal arises in the following

  • Soreness, itching, burning in the place of growth of the wart
  • The neoplasm changes color, shape, size, appears
    non-uniform color
  • There is a multiplication of formations, increasing their
  • Warts in a prominent place, cause aesthetic
    the discomfort
  • Кровотечение of education, надрыв
  • Wart growth in areas of skin where they interfere, and may be

Какая цена удаления бородавок nitrogen?

Цена на услуги по удалению бородавок жидким nitrogen варьируется в
depending on the medical center, the city in which it is produced
procedure, on the area of ​​the lesion, that is, the size of the wart and their
количества, вида новоof education, места его расположения — лицо,
пальцы, бородавки на интимные местах, подошвенные of education.

If a neoplasm is not more than 0.5 cm, the price of its removal will be
пределах 150-600 rub. more than 0.5 cm from 350 to 1300 rubles, the larger
the wart, the more expensive when processing several elements of the clinic
offer discounts. You should also choose experienced
qualified specialist because the quality depends on it
carrying out the procedure, aesthetic appearance of the skin after wound healing,
with overdose, too deep cooling may form
marks on the tissues.

Contraindications for this method of removing formations

Deletion wart nitrogen cannot be used with the following

  • In case of individual sensitivity to nitrogen
  • Epileptic conditions
  • With high blood pressure – hypertension
  • Angiospasm
  • You can not remove warts with nitrogen in the presence of any
    irritation, rash around neoplasm
  • No method can be produced during pregnancy.
    wart removal
  • During cold, flu, ARVI, acute infectious
    diseases, inflammatory processes of any internal organs,
    even with a slight indisposition and low body temperature
    you cannot perform an operation

Как проходит процедура wart removal ?

Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen is performed using an applicator,
by deep freezing
directly on the wart with a slight pressure for 10-40
seconds The applicator is 25-30 cm. Wooden stick with cotton
tipped, also besides him for a session can
apply a cryoapplicator with a tip of various configurations –
This is a tank for liquid nitrogen.

Deletion бородавок жидким nitrogen

During freezing, the formation begins to fade,
thicken, turn white, after the procedure the place of freezing turns red and
swells in a few hours or the next day at this place
a blister forms with hemorrhagic or serous contents. This
the bubble self-resolves within 6-8 days and on its
there is a crust. After 10-14 days crust independently
it is separated and a pink spot forms in its place.

When treating juvenile warts is required, then nitrogen
Only skin quenching is performed. With this rotational
with quick movements, the doctor holds the applicator in parallel
the surface of the affected skin area at low pressure to low
blanching. After 1-2 minutes, the process is repeated, and so 3-4 times.
After a week, the treated skin darkens first, then peels off and
neoplasms disappear.

Removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen

The appearance of warts on the foot for a long time may not bother
human, but when they germinate deep into the tissues, they cause
pain when walking. Their favorite localization –
on the fingertips, at the base of the fingers, on the heel, very often
plantar tumors are formed in children.

During the procedure for removing plantar warts with liquid
nitrogen, pain always occurs in the patient, as required
more pressure and more time for the freezing process. Also more
heavy and recovery period, sometimes it leads to
disability of a person for 2-3 weeks, so as to step on
painful area of ​​the foot becomes impossible.

In addition, with plantar warts, nitrogen treatment should
spend 3-4 times every 3-4 days, in rare cases, severe treatment
may be delayed up to 6 months. A doctor for quality
processing should be as accurately as possible to determine the depth
impact so that after removal does not form on the sole
dents, and healthy skin was not damaged.

What care for a wound after removing a wart with nitrogen?

After a bubble appears at the session site,
should be protected from wetting, puncturing and try not to
touch, and also 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening to process
a strong solution of potassium permanganate, or salicylic alcohol 2%. Through
a week when the exfoliation of tissues begins, the treatment can be
stop it.

It should be remembered that any warts are due to
progression of viral infection on the skin, which is sufficient
easily transmitted by household contact, through everyday objects,
clothes, towels, etc. Therefore, you should always follow the rules
personal hygiene and have individual washcloths and towels.

Advantages, disadvantages, consequences of such a procedure

Results and benefits:

  • Reasonably affordable prices for wart removal liquid
  • The short duration of the procedure, the lack of special
  • The impact of freezing eliminates the spread of infection to
    coming skin
  • Minimal risks for the development of scars and scars after removal
    of education

Disadvantages of the method and consequences:

  • The need for pain relief. Depending on localization
    growth, in very sensitive places, especially when conducting
    procedures for children, there may be significant pain that
    some cases last up to 1-2 days.
  • Proper doctor’s assessment of depth and time is very important.
    impact on the fabric, there is a chance of getting burned and marks on
    skin after healing wounds.
  • With large warts there is a high probability of incomplete treatment.
    of education и необходимость повторного курса или даже нескольких

Patient reviews about the procedure

As with any treatment in each specific clinical case
Patients varying reactions, effects, reviews and impressions.
Most people who have gone through this procedure note the following:

  • Many patients experience pain during a session and for 2 days.
    after that due to the individual pain threshold, especially in
  • According to most patients, the removal efficiency
    новообразований nitrogen очень высокая.
  • Holding several cycles in separate situations are explained
    наличием большой площади of education, недостаточным воздействием на
    root growths, as well as reduced immunity, so in such
    cases, the doctor may prescribe vitamin therapy or
  • После удаления бородавки жидким nitrogen, последствия в виде
    the discomfort that a swollen bladder brings, the need for it
    processing – note all as a disadvantage of the method.
  • Many patients call this method the easiest and
  • In most cases, there are no scars on the tissues and

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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