Death indicator

In the process of research, scientists from Italy and America studied 1799 coronavirus-infected people, 399 of whom were serious condition. Comparing blood tests, scientists saw that platelet count decreased significantly in those patients whose болезнь протекала очень тяжело или доводила до смерти.Медики могут использовать данный знак для возможностиmonitoring the condition of patients and timely take appropriate Solutions: David Naimzada (Research Fellow, Analysis Lab health indicators and digitalization of health Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) stressed that platelet count indicates the state of the hemostatic system – a biological system in the body whose function is to maintaining a liquid state of the blood, stopping bleeding with damage to the walls of blood vessels and dissolution of blood clots that performed their function. If there are violations in her work, then this may speak of systemic failures of the whole organism. The conclusion of scientists joined Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department of the Clinical Center Sechenovskiy University R. Komarov. He noted that the severe form of the Covid-19 pandemic syndrome occurs PON, when violations of the liver, kidneys and lungs are detected. This, in turn, causes the inhibition of the hematopoietic sprout, which leads to a decrease in the number and quality of platelets. Doctors of Russia suggest that the technique for monitoring platelet levels in the blood is promising for the analysis of the health status of patients with coronavirus infection. Supposed to use platelet count reduction as a marker of deterioration Health: While scientists are working on a vaccine for coronavirus, You protect yourself from infection by staying at home during quarantine. When going out, don’t forget to wear a medical mask and use antiseptic agents. On our website, in the section statistics, you can observe the speed of propagation Covid-19 pandemics in Russia and the whole world.


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