Deadly bacteria are contained intap water

Update: February 2019

The water flowing from our home taps is not as harmless as
It seems at first glance. And this is due not only to intestinal
infections or viral diseases. There is a danger
legionellosis infection with the development of intoxication syndrome,
pneumonia and damage to the nervous structures. Therefore, now experts
attract public attention to preventive measures with


Currently in Germany the number of
people infected with this infection. Incidence is
15000-30000 per year, with such a variation of indicators due to
inaccurate diagnosis of the disease. Legionellosis can take on
death, therefore, the prevention of infection is very important for
world medicine and statistics.

The process of legionella infection may not be related
only with contact with an infected person. Bacteria
spread through water vapor, especially in showers.
The German Federal Office for Education
Health has developed a list of simple rules for rational
and safe use of the shower:

  1. With long-term use of the shower, first open the hot water and
    let her run for a while.
  2. Do not let water stagnate in your plumbing system.
  3. If you use a special apparatus for heating water,
    set it to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and more.
  4. Periodically skip hot water, even if regularly
    use the cabin for washing.
  5. Be sure to clean the shower using household tools, watch out for
    clean plum.

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