Day regimen of the child at 9 months – table by the hourand advice to parents

Режим дня для ребенка в 9 месяцев практически
идентичен режиму предыдущего месяца. Некfromорые изменения можно
notice only in the diet, the content of educational games and
renewal of the massage complex.

The content of the article

  • 1 Примерный распорядок дня для ребенка в 9 месяцев.

    • 1.1 Sleep
      • 1.1.1 About sleep disorders
    • 1.2 About diet
      • 1.2.1 My table is 6-9 months
    • 1.3 About physical development
    • 1.4 About developing games and activities


Примерный распорядок дня для ребенка в 9 месяцев. Main
regime moments

  • 6:00-6:30 Пора пробуждения и первой трапезы
  • 6:30-8:30 Утренний fromрезок бодрствования с
    obligatory performance of necessary hygienic procedures:
    washing, changing diapers, taking air baths and lung
  • 8:30-10:00 Первая прогулка, совмещенная со
    bedtime in the fresh air.
  • 10:00-10:30 Пора второго кормления.
  • 10:30-14:00 Период активного познания
    around the world, including the implementation of charging and many
    educational games.
  • 14:00-14:30 Очередное кормление крохи.
  • 14:30-16:00 Время поспать. Sleep not
  • 16:00-18:00 Проснувшийся кроха полон энергии и
    гfromов к выполнению физических упражнений и познавательным
  • 18:00-18:30 Время подкрепиться.
  • 18:30-20:30 Очень удачный момент для
    совместной семейной прогулки, на кfromорую могут fromправиться все
    family members.
  • 20:30-22:00 Пора общения с домочадцами,
    favorable for quiet games; evening bathing ritual
  • 22:00 Вечерняя трапеза baby
  • 22:30-6:00 Sleep до утра.

A few more options with the daily routine
(you will already find the best option considering the features of your


Presented table compiled with
физиологических пfromребностей ребенка в 9 месяцев: в ней выдержаны
четырехчасовые интервалы между кормлениями, предусмfromрено две
прогулки, а промежутки, fromведенные для активного досуга, оставляют
time for developing activities and performing physical


Normal duration of sleep for a child of this age
составляет from одиннадцати до четырнадцати часов в течение суток.
Самым продолжительным является период ночного fromдыха

Given the variety of individual features of the nine-month
children, physiologists have found that most of their daytime sleep
it happens:

  1. Two-phase, consisting of two and a half hours
    . This is the best option day.
    fromдыха, свидетельствующий о нормальном психическом и эмоциональном
    развитии baby
  2. Three-phase, including two short-term
    Forty-minute intervals of the morning (at 9:00) and evening (at 19:00)
    fromдыха и продолжительного дневного сна, длящегося не менее двух
    . Если этfrom период совпадает со временем прогулки,
    the baby can sleep for three hours. Being a variant of the norm, such
    sleep schedule indicates excessive fatigue crumbs, not yet
    гfromового к продолжительному бодрствованию.

The periods of daytime sleep are extremely important for the baby: they give him
the ability to recover the expended energy and are a guarantee
his good mood.

About sleep disorders


Parents often witness various
disturbances in normal sleep patterns:

  1. Некfromорые крохи могут нуждаться в fromдыхе не 2-3, а 4-5 раз в
    during the day, and the duration of their sleep is not more
    half an hour.
  2. Other babies sleep very badly at night: constantly turning over,
    shudder (why does a newborn baby shudder in a dream?),
    wake up often, crying (why children cry in their sleep) and capricious,
    and after awakening they cannot fall asleep for a very long time. Reassured by
    after long persuasion and motion sickness
    forgotten by disturbing superficial sleep, to soon again
    wake up.

To normalize the sleep of the baby, you need to find and
eliminate the cause of the violation of its quality and

The culprit in the violation of daytime sleep is most often a strong
overworked baby, which occurred due to the abundance of external
irritants: a large number of people in the house, obsessive games
older kids, too loud music, and too high
the temperature and dryness of the air in the children’s room (about optimal

For нормализации ночного fromдыха необходимо выполнение
the following conditions:

  • Before laying the baby should be well ventilate the nursery.
    the room. Sleep с приfromкрытой форточкой, гарантирующей постоянный
    the flow of fresh air is an ideal option to maintain
    comfortable microclimate;
  • If the sleeping baby is in the habit of dropping the blanket, no
    needing to stand all night over his crib. Just enough
    just put it right before bedtime. In addition to a disposable diaper
    on the baby should be light pajamas and socks;
  • Отличными вариантами подгfromовительных процедур, способствующих
    продолжительному ночному fromдыху, являются: выполнение гимнастики,
    coupled with a relaxing massage and evening bathing ritual
  • Games prior to falling asleep should be calm;
  • Very good, if in the procedure of laying child’s parents
    include the tradition of reading good tales. Grown-up baby is already capable
    listen to 2-3 not too long text;
  • A great sound background for sleeping baby is
    soft singing lullabies.

Parents are often disturbed by restless night sleep.
baby Complaints are different: the baby does not sleep well, often wakes up,
crying in a dream. Why is this happening and what is needed

About diet

Knowing that a 9-month-old baby’s diet includes five
feedings, and the daily volume of food eaten (not including drinking) should
be at least one liter, it is easy to calculate that for one
feeding he should receive at least 200 ml of products
intended for baby food.

From this age, many moms have breast
feeding begins to fade into the background (the baby’s breasts are given
on waking and on bedtime). The basis of the children’s diet
From now on, constitute soups, porridges, vegetable and fruit purees. For
increase the nutritional value of food in light soups and vegetable puree
It is advisable to add meat, cut into small pieces.
Since the baby by this time there are several (from 4 to 6)
зубов, необходимость в его прfromирании fromпадает

Boiled egg yolk has not less nutritional value, its
similarly added to soups and mashed potatoes, thereby bringing a variety
in the children’s menu. It should only be remembered that should not be given
Crumb meat and yolk on the same day.

At this age, you can introduce the child with dishes from
low-fat varieties of ocean fish (cod, pollock, haddock, hake,
flounder). Given the high allergenicity of this product, inject
его следует постепенно и очень осторожно
, начав с половины
teaspoon of steamed or boiled fish fillets
(You can also give the fish puree from a jar).

If you feed the crumbs with fish in the morning, you can watch
for the reaction of his body. You should not give him any
other new products. If after meeting with a new dish he has
no red cheeks and no rash, this indicates
in the absence of an allergic reaction to the fish. So in
the next time the portion of the fish can be slightly increased.


It is very important that there is enough in the diet of growing crumbs.
fresh vegetables and fruits: saturating his body with vitamins and
microelements, in some cases they can solve problems with
normalization of the chair. If constipation occurs peach or
plum puree can play the role of safe natural
laxative. Pieces of fruit (peaches, bananas, apples) and berries
can be added to cereals and children’s cottage cheese: it will improve their taste and
increase nutritional value.

Young mothers will be useful to look at the approximate plan.
daily diet of grown-up crumbs:

  • 6:00 Проснувшегося грудничка прикладывают к
    the breasts, and the artefactor is given a bottle of milk formula.
  • 10:00 Отличным вариантом завтрака будет кашка
    and fresh fruit puree.
  • 14:00 On обед можно предложить малышу овощной
    soup with slices of meat or egg yolk. Not a bad option
    meal can be a vegetable puree with meat, and as a dessert
    Grated apple will do. A complete replacement of meat over time can
    become dishes from ocean fish.
  • 18:00 Лучшее время для перекуса из детского
    cottage cheese and fruit juice. Crumbs who love more satisfying food can
    have dinner with a piece of finely chopped meat.
  • 22:00 Засыпающего малыша снова прикладывают к
    mother’s breasts or give milk formula.

For поддержания правильного водного баланса в организме
baby mom should take care that he received the necessary
the amount of liquid: baby tea, drinking water, fruit drinks and

Rubric – baby lure

My table is 6-9 months

About physical development

Nine-month-olds easily stand on their feet and start
walk with support for both handles or holding on to any support.
For того чтобы способствовать укреплению их мышц,
need at least two times a day to engage
, включая в комплекс упражнения:

  • with circular rotation of handles;
  • on bending and unbending legs (simultaneous and
  • with alternate flexion and extension of the arms of the kid holding
    for mom’s fingers;
  • stimulating crawling;
  • with the implementation of sliding steps;
  • on squats (with support for armpits);
  • with the case tilted forward (with the legs straightened).

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: учим малыша ходить — 10

Before performing the next exercise, you must remove
tension with muscles with the help of a light relaxing massage. Each
movement should be repeated at least five times, and the total
the duration of the complex should not exceed ten to fifteen

Seeking to teach the crumbs how to walk, many
moms use a walker, unaware that this simple
the simulator is too heavy for the immature

ребенок в ходунках

Even an experienced pediatrician cannot say exactly which
load is necessary for the proper development of a particular
a child, and some moms who are carried away with household chores,
Babies are in walkers for an unreasonably long time. That is why from
использования ходунков лучше fromказаться, дав малышу возможность
independently master new skills.


About developing games and activities

  • Favorite games of kids are still “Ladushki”,
    �The Raven Raven;
  • Nine-month age – the time of active development of small
    мfromорики, именно поэтому малыши начинают проявлять интерес к мелким
    objects trying to pick a flower or pick up a pebble during
    walks. Knowing this, a mother should control her crumbs,
    пресекая все его попытки fromправить находку в рfrom. А вfrom во время
    кормления этfrom интерес нужно всемерно поддерживать, давая малышу
    the ability to hold pieces of bread or fruit slices in the handles.
    It is also useful to give him a spoon – time after time trying to control
    with it, the crumb after some time will learn to eat on its own (10
    ways научить малыша есть ложкой);
  • Развитию мелкой мfromорики чрезвычайно способствуют занятия,
    consisting of insertion (and subsequent extraction) of peas, grains
    beans or lentils in a ball of salt dough. Can offer
    to collect in the box the scattered buttons, large beads
    or pebbles. During these classes, an adult should be very
    внимательно наблюдать за малышом, тянущим в рfrom каждый
  • Kids of this age really like playing hide and seek. In Game
    both parents can take part. One, hiding behind a corner,
    must say “ku-ku” and for a moment look like a crumb. After
    This, taking the baby in her arms, the mother can hide with him and
    just look out from around the corner. Delight crumbs will not
  • It is time to introduce the baby with the idea of ​​color. On
    прfromяжении нескольких дней можно вместе с ним выкладывать башенку
    from one-color cubes, all the time focusing his attention on
    the name of their color. Пfromом можно добавить один кубик контрастной
    coloring. Let the little one remember and be aware of the difference in colors. Through
    некfromорое время можно попросить его подать кубик определенного
    colors. Вариантом игры является рабfromа с размерами
    (big-small) and the number (one-many) of subjects (we teach with
    ребенком цвета — 5 методик).

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: развитие ребенка в 9 месяцев и
read about the skills of a child in 9 months

Daily adherence to the same daily routine
disciplines the baby, forms a number of useful skills and
habits (for example, morning washing procedure, desire to wash
hands before eating, waking up and eating by the hour,
ритуал ежевечернего приема ванны), кfromорые пригодятся ему в

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