Day regimen of the child at 6 months

Six months is the first milestone in
the life of the little man, which is celebrated by all parents. To that
the moment the child has adapted well to the environment, and
relatives learned to understand well and even predict it

The content of the article

  • 1 Приблизительный режим дня ребенка в 6 months: таблица
    • 1.1 Hygiene procedures
    • 1.2 Sleep
    • 1.3 Feed
    • 1.4 Developmental activities
    • 1.5 Gymnastics, massage and walks with the baby
  • 2 VIDEO GUIDE: mode for from mummies


In the routine of the six month old child occur
some changes associated with increasing duration
wakefulness because the hardened crumb is able to keep
activity over a longer
of time.

Приблизительный режим дня ребенка в 6 months: таблица

  • 6:00-8:30 Время пробуждения, совершения
    morning toilet, air bathing and first feeding
  • 8:30-10:00 Крепкий утренний сон;
  • 10:00-13:00 Второй период бодрствования,
    including feeding, performing a set of physical exercises with
    subsequent light massage;
  • 13:00-13:30 Третье кормление ребенка;
  • 13:30-15:00 Дневной сон на свежем
    the air;
  • 15:00-17:00 Развивающий активный досуг,
    consisting of alternating gymnastic exercises and developing
  • 17:00-17:30 Время четвертой трапезы;
  • 17:30-19:00 Познавательная прогулка, плавно
    turning into sleep;
  • 19:00-21:00 Период бодрствования, заполненный
    developing activities, communication with relatives; купание baby;
  • 21:00-21:30 Afterднее кормление;
  • 21:30-6.00 Ночной отдых.

A few more options with the daily routine
(вы уже подберете оптимальный вариант учитывая особенности
your little ones):


This is the approximate schedule of the day, designed to
удовлетворить физиологические потребности малыша на 6 месяце
life in food, wakefulness and rest. It provides
a four-hour interval between feedings, three periods of daily
сна и две прогулки на свежем воздухе

Considering these recommendations and looking at the behavior of your
crumbs, each caring mom can independently make up for
his individual mode of the day, taking into account as much as possible
preferences and features of natural biorhythms.

Hygiene procedures

Hygiene procedures по уходу за
ребенком состоят из обязательного ритуала утреннего туалета,
washing the baby after every bowel movement and evening

  • Complex of morning hygiene procedures, including washing
    крохи, уход за ушками, глазками и ротовой полости —
    extremely important for the health of the child, and for
    forming his good habit. Few moms
    it is known to cleanse the child’s mouth from pathogenic
    microorganisms need even before the appearance of his first
    Special napkins are designed for this,
    made in the form of fingertip impregnated with cleansing
    vegetable solution. To prevent the development of caries,
    pediatric thrush and stomatitis followed after every meal
    rub the mucous membranes and the surface of the tongue above
    a napkin. The cleansing composition is so safe that it is impregnated
    wipes can be used to sanitize the oral cavity of children
    first days of life. No rinsing and rinsing after them
    no use required;
  • Changing the baby’s diaper, you must either undermine it under the stream
    warm running water or wipe thoroughly with hygienic
    wet cloth (the first option is preferable). After
    undermining is not worth rushing to don a new diaper, giving
    baby can spend some time naked: air baths
    contribute to hardening crumbs and serve as the best prevention
    diaper rash;
  • The evening bathing ritual of a six-month-old baby is best
    spend an hour before his sleep. The optimum water temperature for this
    остается прежней: 37 градусов, а вот вместо привычного
    herbal decoction, you can pour in a special tool
    предназначенное для купания ребенка
    . Considering that baby
    this age can sit well, holding rubber in the arms
    toy bathing procedure is quite fun and


We read a detailed article on the hygiene of the child


Общая продолжительность сна 6-ти месячного малыша
usually is about fifteen hours, ten of which
night time is given, and the duration of each period
дневного сна сокращается с двух до полутора часов

Most babies still need threefold
daytime rest, although there are very active children among them,
which is quite enough two periods of daytime sleep.

If mom sees that her pussy is feeling fine and not
shows signs of fatigue despite the fact that on schedule
It is time for daytime sleep, you should not lay it forcibly.
The child is already able to declare his dissatisfaction, having arranged a hysteria
in response to such actions by adults.

A very good indicator of healthy sleep is
baby’s ability to fall asleep easily without all motion sickness and
additional stimulation (in the form of nipples and singing lullabies).
From this age it is necessary to teach the baby to sleep only in
своей кроватке

Sleep baby as we fall asleep at 6


Breastfeeding is still perfect
power option for a six month baby. According to
reputable professionals, it should be kept as long as possible,
however, the nutritional value of breast milk becomes insufficient.
for feeding the grown child. That is why the diet
babies need compulsory complementary feeding

(the artifacts had already met him two months earlier).

Ideal foods for feeding semi-annuities are juices.
and monocomponent puree of fruits and vegetables (most often used
apples, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin and zucchini). Start off
prikorm should be very careful: with a few drops of apple juice
or half a teaspoon of vegetable puree.

The best time to meet the baby with a new product.
is the period of the second feeding, because in this case the mother
it is possible to observe the reaction of his body to
новую пищу
. If not followed by skin rashes and changes
nature of the chair, the number of complementary foods every day little by little

In the same way, dairy-free single-cereal porridges should be administered:
starting with half a spoon and making sure it is well tolerated
product, its portion is gradually increased to the amount completely
replacing one attachment to the maternal breast. Six months
Kids are very useful yolk steep chicken eggs. It is introduced into
ration of several grains, diluted in milk.

After the new products (cereals, juices, yolk and
puree) will become familiar to the baby, his daily diet will be
like this:

  • 6:00 Breastfeeding;
  • 10:00 Vegetable puree (200 ml) with several grains
  • 13:00 Application to the breast, fruit puree (30 ml);
  • 17:00 Milk-free single-cereal porridge (200 ml), 30 ml of vegetable
    (carrot, beet) juice;
  • 21:00 Feeding with mother’s milk.

Considering that for one attachment to the breast, the child receives from
200 to 250 ml of mother’s milk, its daily ration consists of 850
ml of milk and 400 ml of complementary foods. The diet of babies-ismostennikov consists
approximately from the same amount of milk kasha, juice and fruit
mashed potatoes.


We read about how to introduce complementary foods to children on the chest.

The main criterion for food sufficiency is the behavior
baby himself: if he for four hours separating one
feeding from the other, behaves calmly, means received food
хорошо его насыщает
. Also if the child is correctly typing
weight means food gets enough.

Some semi-annals keep the habit of waking up among
nights demanding feeding. Usually babies behave this way;
the artifacts, tightly supped with a pap, sleep soundly
deep sleep.

My table is monthly for months (6-9

Developmental activities

  1. For a six-month-old crumbs, the brightly voiced toys and interesting
    objects that emit different sounds. Giving your baby a new toy, mom
    must call her.
  2. It is very important that the toys are made from a variety of
    materials: rubber, plastics, wood, fur and fabrics. Touching
    their surfaces, baby enriches their tactile and sensory
    sensations. If the mother will accompany the baby’s play with comments about
    properties of each toy (solid cube, smooth doll, teddy bear
    bland), its passive dictionary will be enriched with many new words,
    which will subsequently have an important impact on the development of the right
  3. Do not forget that at this age in children actively
    teething, so parents should provide them
    teething toys. The process of washing toys that have been in
    handles crumbs, should become daily.
  4. For the development of fine motor skills can be purchased with high quality
    made spiral toys containing objects strung on them:
    balls, cubes and rings. No less useful will be toys
    containing a large number of small parts, holes, pockets,
    shoelaces and clasps. When playing with them, be sure to be present.
    an adult.
  5. If the parents have not yet acquired the crumbs of the development center,
    six months is the time for such a purchase. Lots of
    Light, sound and sensory effects hidden in this toy
    gives the baby a great pleasure and opportunity for development
    hearing, touch and eye.
  6. The development of fine motor skills tiny handles extremely
    Finger games “Ladushki”, “Forty Crow” promote.

Gymnastics, massage and walks with the baby

Six months of age is a time of great physical achievement.
baby Большинство детей начинает сидеть, активно ползать и
roll from back to tummy doing it in any
direction. To further physical development of the crumbs
held as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to strengthen it every day
muscles with the help of gymnastics, massage and physical


We also read about what a baby can at 6 months

  • In the complex of morning gymnastics and physical education classes
    Be sure to include stretching handles and
    legs, their flexion and extension, exercises based on all four
    limbs, with the production of the baby on the legs and the power load;
  • After doing the exercises, the baby should be done
    relaxing massage: removing tension from the muscles, it will deliver
    pleasure baby. Performing it at home, mom can
    use her famous massage movements, which are reduced to
    careful rubbing, stroking, pinching, kneading
    tender baby skin and stronger muscles. Before proceeding to
    Massage, mom needs to consult with
    a pediatrician observing him: he will advise the most complex
    effective techniques;
  • No less useful is the massage performed after evening bathing.
    crumbs. At this point, it can be combined with the implementation of a simple
    gymnastics, forcing the crumbs to swing their legs and arms,
    squat him with his knees kneaded, tear his torso from
    the surface of the table, lifting it by the arms, then by the legs.

Понимая необыкновенную пользу свежего воздуха для
health promotion for a six-month-old child, in his daily routine
Mom should make time for two walks. Their duration
в хорошую погоду может составить не менее 2,5 часов

If mom is very busy with some business, on the second walk with
the kid can go dad or any of the adult members
families. If this option is impossible, it is necessary as often as possible.
to air the children’s room and put the baby to sleep when open
pane (of course, taking care of the lack of drafts).

Как оценить развитие ребенка в 6 months:

Why is it so important that a child be accustomed to
specific daily routine? First, it promotes good
mood, health and successful development of the baby. Secondly,
the predictability of his behavior and the habit of falling asleep in certain
the clock helps mom carve out a minute for herself and also remake
a lot of useful work on the farm.

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VIDEO GUIDE: mode for from mummies


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