Day regimen of a newborn baby at firstmonth

Первый month of life ребёнка – самый важный. In this period
the child adapts to life in new conditions, learns
independently breathe, eat, feel separate from mom.
That is why it is important to create optimal for the newborn.
conditions to facilitate a difficult period of adaptation. Important
значение имеет правильная организация режима дня ребенка в 1 month
life, food, swimming, walking. Properly organized
распорядок дня новорожденного ребёнка в первый
month of life оказывает влияние на его самочувствие и дальнейшее
development. When debugged mode, the child behaves calmly,
is active and happy with a good mood. He is not
naughty, getting enough sleep, happy to contact with
parents. Young moms, in turn, are not nervous because
�”Loss in time and space”, and enjoy the joy

The content of the article

  • 1 Withмерный режим дня в 1 month
    • 1.1 Sleep
    • 1.2 Power
    • 1.3 Bathing
    • 1.4 Walking
    • 1.5 Massage and gymnastics
    • 1.6 Communication with the baby
  • 2 Recommendations to parents on setting the daily routine

newborn child в 1 month

Withмерный режим дня в 1 month

Основные задачи малыша в первый month – спать, кушать,
establish contact with parents through the first and foremost
улыбок (См статьи о том когда child начинает агукать и когда
начинает осознанно улыбаться
). Daily routine
позволит новорожденному заранее знать, что его ждёт, и
prepare for this. In addition, a kid who lives by a certain
regimen of the day and nutrition, quickly gets used to biological rhythms and does not
confuses day and night time.

Psychological observations show that children whose regime
of the day was observed by all the rules, grow more
disciplined, collected and confident.

Let us dwell on the main points of the child’s day regimen
первый month.


In the first 2 weeks of life, the infant baby sleeps almost all the time.
(около 18-20 часов в сутки), просыпаясь только для того,
to eat In the 3-4 week period, when the baby is awake,
getting longer. During wakefulness the child is not
only eats, but also begins to learn the world around: for a long time
considers bright, large, eye-catching items,
react to the voice of the mother, listens to the surrounding sounds.

Useful video: how much should a baby sleep

Detailed on the topic of sleep: how long does the newborn sleep


A few years ago, young mothers listened to the advice of doctors who
recommended to feed the newborn strictly on schedule. With
In this approach, feeding is done every 3 hours.
Some experts still adhere to this rule.

However, the best option is to feed the child
requirement. Особенно это касается первых monthев of life малыша,
when food is his main need.

We read a detailed article: feeding on demand or mode
(advantages and disadvantages)

According to statistics, most newborns need 6-8
feedings per day. But it is worth noting that the amount of milk intake
(be it breast milk or artificial milk formula) depends
from individual needs, as well as consumed in one
volume times В норме малыши в 1 month после рождения должны
выпивать от 50 до 90 мл молока
или детской молочной смеси.
Many moms follow this rule in feeding: offer breast
or a bottle, until the baby does not eat.

See article: how much milk or mixture should eat

It is necessary to consider that the newborn who is on
bottle-fed, can consume less milk than
breastfed babies. This is due to saturation.
dairy mixtures of various fatty acids and trace elements.
Thus, the “artificialities” quite a small amount
mix to quench the feeling of hunger. Accordingly, the gaps
between feedings should be somewhat larger so that
the digestive tract of the child managed to digest and assimilate
milk mixture.

An important point in the organization of the diet – not
допустить перекармливания
. Since in such cases
problems with digestion, colic, frequent
regurgitation, constipation.


В 1 month своей of life младенец знакомится с ещё одной
important procedure – bathing. Bathing mode should also
organize, starting from the first days of life. Bathe the baby
better in the evening – just before feeding and

The newborn should be bathed in the designated only for this purpose.
bath. Moms must follow the water temperature for
купания (оптимальной температурой считается 36-37
). To do this, you can use a special
thermometer. After some time, parents will learn to identify
the temperature of the water for bathing the baby according to their own feelings.


Pediatricians recommend adding herbal teas (celandine,
daisy, a series).

По теме купания: Как купать
ребенка и Как выбрать ванночку


Walking для малыша первого monthа играют немаловажную роль.
First, the newborn Useful to breathe fresh air.
Secondly, in the spring-summer period, doctors advise briefly
expose the face of the child in the sun, which contributes
выработке в организме витамина D и препятствует рахиту (в
hot days to expose the child in direct sunlight can not be in
избежание ожогов!
). Thirdly, the outdoors children
sleep tight.

However, some rules should be followed before
how to go for a walk with the baby:

  • According to the advice of children’s doctors, you can start walking when
    the baby will be 10 days old (this applies to healthy, born in
    term children);
  • Walking time in winter is about 10 minutes.
    (air temperature should not be below -10 degrees), in summer –
    20 минут (температура воздуха – не более 25-30 degrees).

Massage and gymnastics

In those moments when the newborn is awake, Mommy needs
find time for massage and gymnastics.

Under the massage should be understood affectionate and gentle strokes.
on the back, arms and legs of the child, as well as circular movements on
clockwise in the abdomen (for the prevention of colic and

Gymnastics newborn is to perform the simplest
movements: accurate bending of legs and handles. You can also insert
the thumb in the palm of the baby and after he grabs,
slightly lift. Newborns tend to be very fond
Such an exercise themselves begin to “pull up.”

Мамы должны знать, что массаж и гимнастику
желательно проводить за 30 минут до кормления.
Before a night’s sleep, it is not recommended to perform exercises and

По теме массажа: Как делать массаж
месячному ребенку и Занятия на гимнастическом мяче

Видео: Ежедневный массаж для детей в 1-3

Communication with the baby

Moms should be included in the day regimen
месячного ребёнка общение и игры с ним. No need to think that
a kid at that age doesn’t need it. For him, it’s the same
important as food and sleep. It was at this time in the child, according to
psychologists form the basic trust in the world.

The more gentle mother will be with her baby, the more attention and
she will give him care, the more confident and harmonious she will be
develop baby.

Communication and games with the baby should take place in a calm
setting when he is full and awake. Mom can affectionately
talk to the baby, read nursery rhymes and singing to him, sing
songs. For games fit rattles. Let the baby learns to hold
them, and mom should praise and support him.

Advice to parents on setting the daily routine

  1. If a baby can sleep until dinner, and at night “set the heat” is
    The first signal is that the day regimen needs to be changed. No need of course
    deliberately wake up the child in the morning or put to bed,
    when he doesn’t want it. But a little to adjust the sleep mode all
    you can. And the best way is walking. Everybody knows that babies
    very good sleep during the festivities. So feel free to go to
    a walk at a time in which, in your opinion, the newborn should
    sleep. Gradually, it will help you to adjust the sleep mode of the child,
    especially daytime.
  2. To make it clear to your child about the morning, you can
    wake up gently wipe his face moistened in warm water
    cotton pad. Other hygiene procedures (cleaning the spout and
    ears, lubricate baby diaper rash cream), regularly repeated
    at the same time, they will also inform the baby about the start of a new
    of the day
  3. To avoid nighttime wakefulness, try not to turn on for
    night feeding bright light. Limit to the muffled light
    night light. Talk in a low tone. After feeding calmly
    shake the child to fall asleep.
  4. In the evening, turn off the overhead light, turn on the light. it
    Orient baby in that approaching time of sleep. For this
    цели также подойдут музыкальные карусельки (См статью о мобилях
    на кроватку
    ). The child quickly learns the relationship between such
    «сменой декораций» и a dream.
  5. If the baby doesn’t want to fall asleep, try putting it in
    crib and turn on the quiet calm melody. The child will listen
    sounds of nature, under which can quickly fall asleep. Mom can also
    sit next to the crib and hum to the newborn lullabies.
    Such actions, systematically performed every day, through
    some time achieved due effect: the baby will fall asleep
    faster and timely.

Новорождённому на протяжении первого monthа of life нелегко
get used to the new routine. But parents still have to
постепенно приучать ребёнка к определённому режиму of the day Will pass
quite a bit of time – and the child will wake up and fall asleep
strictly at a certain time. it пойдёт ему на пользу, так как он
will predict what will happen next and accordingly
to react. Parents will be able to rationally distribute
own time.

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