Day regimen of 10 months

10-month age is a fertile time for those mothers
who in time were able to teach their crumb to cyclical
the alternation of modal moments. The body of a disciplined kid,
accustomed to a specific mode of the day, informs him in advance,
when it’s bedtime, when it’s time to eat, and when you can
do active learning about the environment

The content of the article

  • 1 Approximate daily routine for a child of 9 months. Main
    regime moments

    • 1.1 About the importance of healthy sleep
    • 1.2 About the features of the children’s diet
  • 2 About physical activity
    • 2.1 On intellectual development and development games
  • 3 Video guide


Sleepless nights and chronic lack of time required for
performing household chores are a thing of the past. Knowing the usual mode
your baby, mom can plan her day in advance, without forgetting
carve out some time for yourself and for your spouse and for
the rest of their households.

The approximate daily routine for a child in 9 months. Main
regime moments

  • 6:00-10:00 Пробуждение, первый прием пищи,
    the implementation of a set of mandatory hygienic procedures, morning
    gymnastics, coupled with a relaxing massage and
    taking air baths.
  • 10:00-10:30 Вторая трапеза crumbs.
  • 10:30-12:00 Период первого дnotвного
  • 12:00-14:00 Познавательная прогулка на свежем
    air (acquaintance with the world around, its flora and
  • 14:00-14:30 Самое время для перекуса.
  • 14:30-15:30 Время для спокойных развивающих
    games and reading children’s books.
  • 15:30-17:00 Второй период daytime sleep.
  • 17:00-18:00 Активный досуг, выполnotние
    physical exercises, educational activities.
  • 18:00-18:30 Четвертое кормление crumbs.
  • 18:30-20:30 Прогулка на свежем воздухе вместе
    with all the family members.
  • 20:30-22:00 Пора общения с близкими людьми,
    quiet educational games using pyramids, cubes and
    benefits for the development of fine motor skills. Evening bathing baby.
  • 22:00-22:30 Вечерnotе кормление
  • 22:30-6:00 Период ночного recreation.

As can be seen from the table, the child’s daily routine is at 10
months almost identical to the previous month
development: it has five feedings, two walks and two days
отдыха, notобходимого крохе для восстановления сил
. For
normal development of the baby is now necessary stability, namely
therefore, the established order in the alternation of regime points is not
needs no adjustments and corrections.

The importance of healthy sleep

Growing up and actively developing baby is still
one night’s rest is not enough: losing much
amount of energy during outdoor games and in the process of mastering
surrounding space, it needs at least two periods
daytime sleep.

The duration of these periods is on average from
полутора до двух часов
, хотя изредка кроха может позволить
yourself and longer rest. This sometimes happens in a cloudy
the weather, while sleeping in the fresh air, during prolonged
car trip or after too intense gaming

The more energy the crumb spends in the gaming process and the more
information he receives during developmental activities – the higher
his need for daily rest during which his muscles
relax, the body accumulates energy, and the brain is engaged
processing information acquired in the process of active cognition
of the world.

During a night’s sleep lasting at least eight hours,
in addition to the above processes, there is an active development
children’s brain and all systems of rapidly growing

At this age, every child already has a favorite position,
accepting that he quickly falls asleep and feels the most
comfortable while sleeping. Psychologists claim that the position
taken by a child in a dream, can eloquently testify about
his mental state and physical well-being. Position,
when crumb:

  • спит на боку, свидетельствует об уверенности и
    feeling of comfort, absence of disturbing factors and condition
    complete relaxation;
  • спит на животике, говорит либо о его повышенной
    emotionality, or about the experienced feeling of fear; such pose
    may take a child suffering from a cold, pain in the neck or
    increased gas formation (this posture tells mom that
    the baby at this moment needs its protection and special attention);
  • спит на четвереньках, может свидетельствовать о
    depressed feelings of protest (perhaps the crumb was laid in that
    the moment when he did not want to sleep at all);
  • спит, прижав колени к груди, демонстрирует наличие у
    him strong fears and any concern.

So that there are no special problems with the evening falling asleep
should create a calm atmosphere in the house: turn off the TV,
bathe your baby, make him a relaxing massage, read a book
with vivid illustrations, hum a softly lullaby song. Sleep in
A well-ventilated room will be especially sturdy.

Ten months of age is the time to teach a child to
the pot. This should be done delicately and in no case. not
by force. The most favorable moment for planting on the pot
is the awakening of the baby.

Длительность пребывания на горшке not должна превышать десяти
minutes В этот момент not следует отвлекать кроху игрушками: он может
просто not понять, с какой целью его туда посадили. If just
the awakened baby will be able to use the pot directly
назначению, notобходимо обязательно его похвалить.

ЧИТАТЬ ТАКЖЕ: как приучить ребенка к горшку

About the features of the children’s diet

The menu of a ten-month-old baby should be nutritious and
varied, including dishes from vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.
An important factor is the balance of nutrition, high
содержание в notм микроэлементов и витаминов.

таблица прикорма воз

таблица прикорма воз

Режим питания по-прежnotму состоит из пяти приемов пищи
with strict keeping of the four-hour interval between them.
Breastfeeding should be maintained whenever possible by applying
to the crumb to the breast only in the morning (after awakening) and evening
(перед укладыванием на ночь) часы
. Per day baby
должен съесть 1200 г полезной пищи и выпить not меnotе 200 мл
жидкости (воды, соков, морсов или чая)

  • В рациоnot ребенка появляются новые блюда: отварная вермишель и
    молочная лапша, которыми not чаще раза в notделю можно заменить
    habitual gruel;
  • From the children’s curds can now be periodically cooked soft
  • For выработки здорового жевательного рефлекса notобходимо давать
    малышу сухарики, детское печенье, кусочки not слишком твердых
    fruits and vegetables;
  • Given the presence of teeth, meat and fish begin to cook
    фрикадельки, кnotли, тефтели и котлетки, запекая их в духовом шкафу
    or using a double boiler;
  • Hepatic paste is gradually introduced into the child’s diet;
  • Вместо мяса дважды в notделю кроха должен получать яичный
    yolk. Рыба на его столе должна появляться not чаще одного раза в
  • Sometimes instead of mashed potatoes made from boiled vegetables, you can
    give crumbs raw fruits or vegetables, grated on a fine grater. Highly
    полезна для notго смесь моркови и яблока;
  • The children’s diet of this period contains a rich assortment.
    fruits. Only citrus fruits and grapes are contraindicated for crumbs.

The daily menu of a ten-month-old baby should be
like this:

  • 6:00 Milk formula (150-200 ml) or mother’s milk.
  • 10:00 Any porridge or dairy vermicelli, children’s cottage cheese,
    pudding or casserole, tea or kompotik.
  • 14:00 Light vegetable soup cooked in meat
    бульоnot, ломтик хлеба, овощное пюре с котлеткой, кусочком отварного
    meat or fish, fruit juice.
  • 18:00 Fruit or vegetable puree (or grated raw carrot with
    apple), baby cookies or crackers, mors or compote.
  • 22:00 Applying to the breast, a bottle of breast
    with a mixture or with baby kefir (200 ml).

The urge to eat and drink should be strongly encouraged.
on their own. For этого у notго должна быть миска на присоске и
кружка-notпроливайка. The food in the bowl should be such that the crumb
был в состоянии доnotсти ее до рта, not растеряв по дороге.

ЧИТАТЬ ТАКЖЕ: как научить ребенка пить из

About physical activity

Ten-month babies are extremely mobile: they are beautiful
crawling, rapidly moving from one room to another,
long sit with a straightened back, stand confidently at the support, and
many begin to walk.

For укрепления мышц кроха нуждается в регулярном
выполnotнии комплексов специальных физических упражnotний. The best
времеnotм для утренnotй гимнастики являются первые часы после
пробуждения, пока кроха not приступил к активному ползанью и

The gymnastic complex should include

  • on the circular rotation of the handles;
  • with squatting;
  • with alternate flexion and extension of the knees;
  • with lifting straightened legs;
  • with hanging and holding the kid on gymnastics

Regular gymnastics helps build muscle
mass, which is designed to support the bones and the spine. After
complete gymnastics to relieve tension from the muscles by using
relaxing massage, resulting in their longitudinal stroking and
easy grinding. Второй блок физических упражnotний следует
perform during active leisure in the evening. To do
гимнастикой notобходимо в хорошо проветренном помещении, совместив
ее с taking air baths.

Highly важно научить подвижного кроху правильно
go down from the bed or sofa. This useful skill will prevent
risk of injury. The baby must understand that he should first
lie on the tummy and, sliding off the edge of the bed, pull down the legs.
Полученный навык следует отрабатывать по notскольку раз в течение
of the day

Knowing about the beneficial effects of oxygen on the development of children
мозга, мама должна гулять с младенцем not меnotе двух раз в сутки.
Если по какой-либо причиnot такая возможность отсутствует,
колыбельку с тепло одетым спящим малышом можно выnotсти на

On intellectual development and development games

  1. Ten-month babies start saying their first words,
    consisting of repetitive syllables, so the arsenal of developing
    lessons should be supplemented by speech games. During the game �“Who how
    shouting? “Mom, showing the crumbs appropriate toy, should
    clearly pronounce onomatopoeic words: “be-be-be”, “meow-meow”,
    �”Ko-ko-ko”, “woof-woof”. Putting the doll in the crib, it is necessary
    several times to say: “bye-bye”. Showing baby that teddy
    the bear is leaving him, you need to wave him a hand, saying:
    �”bye Bye”.
  2. To enrich the passive vocabulary, develop memory and feelings
    rhythm is necessary to read the crumbs short rhymes, sing children
  3. Reading books and viewing bright illustrations is interesting and
    useful to all kids. Looking at pictures of animals
    and people need to show and name parts of the body, small details
    faces. After a while, the clever crumb will start pointing to
    them at the request of mom.
  4. You can do the simplest exercises with your baby.
    articulation gymnastics: make faces, stretch lips and
    stretch them into a smile, show the tongue, fold it
    tubule, clatter, imitating the beating of horse hooves. Strengthening such
    the way the muscle groups involved in sounding, the mother will
    contribute to the proper development of the articulatory apparatus.
  5. It is at this age that you can see that one of the baby’s pens
    becomes dominant. This is the basis for attributing it.
    to the category of “right-handed” or “left-handed.”
  6. The fine motor skills of the crumbs are so developed that it allows him
    labor to take any items and capture small parts with two
    fingers This skill should be developed during modeling.
    You can give your baby a piece of dough or soft clay:
    plucks small pieces from it and attaches them to the sheet
    cardboard, pressing with one finger.
  7. You can give your child a pencil or brush and paint: he
    pleasure will begin to put lines on paper.
  8. By folding a pyramid with a crumbs or a tower of cubes, you can
    introduce him to the idea of ​​the size and quantity.

Strict adherence to the daily regimen is a guarantee that
The younger child will develop successfully and harmoniously, and his
Mom will be able to combine his care with doing a lot of urgent
household chores.

ЧИТАТЬ ТАКЖЕ: как все успевать с ребенком?

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