Dangerous lure: TOP-5 mistakes of parents

Obesity, stomach ulcers, caries … Such hazards
subject their children to parents who misinterpret

How to introduce a baby with food as safely as possible? I
I will tell you about the 5 most frequent mistakes at the beginning of prikorma.

And our already eats borscht!

How to spoil the child’s gastrointestinal system? Right –
рано, непоследовательно и в большом количестве вводить lure.

Studies have shown that one of the main reasons
Gastroenterological diseases in children and adults is
too early introduction of new food.

Up to 4 months, the gastrointestinal tract of a newborn is simply not
ready for adult nutrition. The child has very thin intestinal walls,
enzymatic and immune systems are underdeveloped and beloved
the whole family soup for the baby can be just life threatening. BUT
also harmless orange juice or any other complementary foods, with
which you are in too much of a hurry.

When to start? Optimal start dates
complementary foods – the period from 4 to 6 months. They may fluctuate for
each child within 1-2 months.

When is it time to introduce new food?

  • When a baby begins to chew when it gets into the mouth spoon, nipples
    or toys;
  • He stops pushing out the rich food with his tongue;
  • The baby is already starting to sit on its own;
  • His first teeth appear;
  • And he shows interest in food from an adult table.

It is necessary to begin feeding with 1-component mashed potatoes. Let’s get it in the beginning
feeding when the baby is hungry. The first portion – 1 tsp in
in the morning when the baby feels good, cheerful and

Gradually bring the volume to the age norm. Appeal
attention to the reaction of the body of the baby. If everything is fine, then
After 3-4 days you can try a new product.

To maintain breastfeeding after each meal
It is recommended to breastfeed the baby.

When the lure is not on time?

When a child is sick or has just recovered, it should not be injected into
menu new product. In this period, the baby’s body is on
limit their capabilities, all the forces thrown into the fight. Therefore, on
digesting their food is almost gone.

If dysbacteriosis is still attached, food may cause
even disgust.

How to help the child’s body cope without

  • Do not force the child to eat

A sick child’s need for food is sufficiently reduced, and if
feed him by force, you can add to the main disease
problems with the intestines, liver, kidneys, heart and other

  • Give the child as much water as he wants.

Yes, there are no nutrients in the water, but with the restoration of water
balance she does an excellent job.

  • Do not wake the child for food

He can eat when he wakes up.


Food is best given in small portions, but often.

From complementary foods to obesity?

Mothers often do not notice that they are doing something wrong. For questions
doctor “Why do you give cookies to a child in 4-5 months?” or “Why do you
sprinkle with sugar and so sweet apples? ”they answer:“ Baby so
I want to! Well, should he rejoice at something? He is an adult! ”
Or even “He sleeps better this way!”

BUT в результате у малыша в разы повышается риск не только
overweight, but also diabetes. Overeating, as well as
sweets in the diet of a child of the first year of life can lead to
obesity in childhood, and then in adulthood.

BUT еще мало кто знает о том, что уже в возрасте 12 месяцев у
Many babies have caries in the initial degree. And the reason for this
unhealthy, too sweet food, persistent juices and sweetened
yogurts, which the child sometimes drinks every night.

As a result, the diagnosis of circular caries is very common,
There is an enamel it is struck from different directions.


Food allergies are very often inherited. If
some of the relatives have such a feature, you need to be
be careful with the lure. Allergies can occur on the skin as well.
in the form of rhinitis, edema, upset chair.

Children under one year can not be given exactly:

  • Sausages;
  • Shop pastry sweets;
  • Salting, fatty meats;
  • Red berries and vegetables, citrus and exotic fruits; mushrooms;
    nuts; honey;
  • Seafood; various seasonings and sauces;
  • Chips and carbonated drinks;

Whole cow’s milk and egg yolk are also better not to add to

For the prevention of allergies, it is important to maintain breastfeeding.
If the food is mixed or completely artificial, then
The pediatrician should help to pick up a mix.

Sometimes the cause of allergies can also be overfeeding and
inconsistent feeding mode.

Better late?

«BUT мой ребенок в 8 месяцев ничего не пробовал, кроме
mother’s milk! ”- some moms on the Internet are showing off.
But too late introduction of complementary foods is also a mistake.

The nutritional value of breast milk is enough for a child up to 6 months,
sometimes later. But it is not enough for a child of the second year of life.

Later introduction of complementary foods can cause such
, как:

  • Delay in physical development of the child due to lack
  • The threat of anemia;
  • The child is late and hard to learn chew – and therefore arise
    digestive problems;
  • It is more difficult for him to perceive new tastes and smells.

Do not make mistakes that later will be difficult to fix!

Hope these simple tips will help you avoid them!

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Dangerous lure: TOP-5 mistakes of parents

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