Dairy mom experience: I fed someone else’s babywith milk

How I became a milk mother for two other children. What is experiencing
a woman who feeds not only her own, but also someone else’s child. Worth
whether to feed your baby with donor milk.

To be or not to be a wet nurse for someone else’s child? Feed or not
to feed your baby with donor milk? I did not think about it
never once, though she managed to visit dairy mom twice, about which
no regrets.

молочная мама

Undoubtedly, breast milk is much more useful than a mixture: it
ideal for babies, its composition is constantly changing,
adapting to the needs of the child. And, of course, do not forget about
psychological component: the baby knows that the mother is near,
feels her warm and caring. I knew about all these advantages before
childbirth, so I didn’t even think about feeding the mixture, and how
only my baby came into the world, I began to build breast

The first two days everything went just fine: the child sucked at the breast and
fell asleep peacefully. And on the third day I had so much milk that
I was ready to climb the wall from the aching pain in a crowded chest.
In the intervals between feedings, when my baby was sleeping, I rushed to
sink and tried to straighten the stone chest. I knew what to do
it is impossible, but there is no other way to deal with the problem.
I saw.

My roommate trying to calm her screaming from
starving daughter, cast me envious glances. Now i’m not even
I will remember which of us came up with this thought – to put it on me
on feeding, I know for sure that this thought roved both of us in
head (I was eerily sorry for her child, but I was shy
to offer). Baby greedily grabbed my breasts and finally
calmed down. And I was very surprised at my feelings as a wet nurse, because
that when feeding someone else’s child I felt almost nothing
I felt physically that I was feeding, but I had no emotions
It was. It is completely different – to feed someone else’s child. Simply
mechanical feeding – the baby sucks the breast, and you lie and
you think: “All or not all?”. Everything is different with her: during
feeding you feel intimacy, union with the baby,
all-consuming love – you literally enjoy these moments
and really get pleasure from it. I fed the neighbor
the girl until discharge from the hospital, and then we just parted

The second time I became a milk mother at the request of the doctors. I gave birth
very early at 26 weeks. My daughter and I went through all the circles of hell:
resuscitation, incubator, power through the probe. Not every parent is capable
to endure such a thing, and the girl’s mother, who was lying in the next compartment, was
visibility could not stand. She did not come to the child, and her condition
was extremely severe, critical: artificial lung ventilation,
weight 700 grams and more the child did not gain. Doctors asked me:
�”Help, you have a child of the same age and with the same weight.” And I

It was necessary to strain hands, after careful skin treatments
solutions. I was given sterile bottles, one for my
child, the second for a stranger, and I tried to type so much that
enough for a day two kids. I decanted for hours, literally up to
blue chest before peeling skin. These were completely different.
sensations not similar to those that I experienced for the first time. In my
only one thought was spinning to my head – it is vital for this
baby Ведь со with milk я передаю этому ребенку частичку
love, warmth and caress – I hoped it would help her a little
get stronger and start to gain weight. But, unfortunately, did not help: for those
the two weeks that I fed her, the child never started adding
in weight. My daughter and I were transferred to another hospital, to a department for
premature babies, and that girl remained in the incubator. Apparently
Of great importance is not only that the milk be suitable for the child.
weight and age, but much more important that it was from her mother –
dear, loving.

I often think of these milk children of mine, even though I’m not
I do not remember their names, and I do not know how their further
fate But I have never regretted my decision to feed them –
I want to believe that with my milk they got at least a little
health So to be or not to be a wet nurse for someone else’s child?
Definitely be! To take or not take the nurse? For myself, I have not yet
answered this question. What do you think?

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