Daily routine of babies at 12 months


  1. Sleep
  2. Feeding
  3. Hygiene
  4. Walks
  5. Physical education and massage

In a year, the regimen of a child should not undergo drastic changes. We must try to live according to the regime that was set at 11 months.


The total sleep time at this age is approximately 13 hours in day. At night, the baby sleeps for about 10 hours without awakening. When if the child wakes up in the middle of the night, do not feed him. Gently, but insistently put him to bed.

Changes may affect daytime sleep. Some kids pass from a double sleep to one long daytime sleep. If the child sleeps 2 times during the day, then the duration of sleep should be 1-1.5 hours. The wakefulness period is 3-3.5 hours. AT if the baby goes to a one-time sleep, its length can be up to 3 hours.


Depending on the schedule of daytime sleep, it is built and food schedule. If you save a two-day sleep, the baby should eat 5 times a day. If the child has switched to long daytime sleep, then you need to translate it into 4-time food.

At breakfast and at bedtime, the baby may still receive breastfeeding. milk or milk mixture. In the afternoon you need to eat other foods. It is already very similar to the diet of adults. The difference is the ban on fried, smoked, spicy dishes. Citrus fruits are also unacceptable, chocolate, factory confectionery and sausage.

Do not give children candy and too sweet at this age. biscuits. They have no use, and sugar and fat just huge. It’s better to diversify your baby’s diet with fruits and berries.

When switching to 4 meals a day, do not “shove” in the child all the food that he ate earlier in the whole day. Volume of one food intake should not exceed 250 ml.


At this age, you can already accustom your child to independent hygiene. Show him how to wash and brush his teeth. Praise baby for the right actions.

The following must still be observed in the morning hygiene procedures:

  • washing;
  • face wash;
  • cleaning the ears and nose;
  • combing hair;
  • teeth cleaning.

After each trip to the toilet, try to wash the child under running water without soap. In case of emergency Use wet wipes.

Bathing before bedtime should be done 4-3 times a week. The duration of this procedure can be up to 10 minutes. Once in a week you can add a decoction of herbs to the water. If the child is very nervous, mint, valerian or calendula is great.

Be sure to give your child a variety of rubber while swimming toys and other bath games. Swimming should associate with fun and pleasant moments.


Walking a yearYou need to walk twice a day for 2 hours. AT in fine weather, time can be slightly increased. If such there is no possibility, you need to walk at least once a day. And during daytime sleep well ventilate the baby’s room. In this age you can already start going for a walk without a stroller on short time.

Interesting for the baby will be walking in an open stroller sitting. The child will be very exciting to study the world around him. Can pluck leaves or flowers, give it a touch. Besides, Try to choose lively playgrounds for walking. it will allow the child to socialize faster and make friends.

If you notice that your child is wary of others children, then do not worry. Over time, he should get used to to strangers.

Physical education and massage

Almost all children begin to walk by this age alone or with little support. Right now very it is important to strengthen the muscles of the back and legs with various exercises and gymnastics. You need to do it daily in the morning.

In the complex of gymnastic exercises you need include:

  • Squats
  • crawling;
  • tilts with support;
  • walking;
  • crawling under an obstacle;
  • walking on the spot;
  • raising shoulders;
  • walking on the spot;
  • exercise “bike”;
  • throwing the ball.

Do not throw a massage. He will help the child relax. after strenuous physical activity.

All of these recommendations are indicative. You should listen to the baby’s reaction to possible changes in his familiar schedule.

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