Daily routine of a child at 6 months


  1. Feeding
  2. Sleep
  3. Hygiene
  4. Walks
  5. Gymnastics and massage

Six months from the date of birth is the first serious date in life baby. At this age, he becomes more mobile and independent. In addition, his schedule is slightly changed. of the day.


The total number of feedings per day should be five. If the child at 6 months is still fed breast milk – this wonderful. Pediatricians believe that breastfeeding is necessary continue as long as possible. But at six months of age already need to introduce complementary foods.

You can start with vegetable and fruit juices and mashed potatoes. The best thing apple juice and one-component mashed potatoes will do. Great choice there will be mashed broccoli, zucchini or cauliflower. Give baby try a few drops of juice or half a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

Closely monitor his reaction, as well as the reaction of the body. The child should not have problems with stool or allergic reactions.

If the introduction of the first feeding went well, you can increase servings and give one-cereal cereal without milk. You need to start with half a spoon, if the reaction is positive, the portion can be increased. The ideal time to try out new products would be awakening. after a nap.


SleepingThe duration of night sleep at this age is about 7 hours. At this time, the kids can already sleep long enough without a break. This is especially pronounced in children on artificial feeding. They can sleep up to 8-9 hours without a break.

During the day, you need to lay the baby three times. Moreover, the duration daytime sleep is increasing at this time.

If earlier the child slept 2 hours and stayed awake 2 hours, now he will sleep 2.5 hours, and the period without sleep will be reduced to 1.5 hours. At this time, you need to carefully monitor the baby and choose comfortable for him and for you sleep mode.



Morning routines remain the same as before. After awakening crumbs necessary:

  • wash your face;
  • clean the ears and nose;
  • conduct oral hygiene.

After each trip to the toilet, it is advisable to wash the baby under running water or wipe thoroughly with wet wipes.

It is necessary to bathe the baby every day at the same time. Water procedures should take about half an hour. Better to carry them in the evening, an hour before bedtime.

At this age, children already know how to sit and play with toys in in the bath, now the bathing process turns into fun for baby.


An ideal option would be walking 2.5 hours twice a day in warm time, and 2 hours twice a day in the cold season. If there is no such possibility, then you need to go for a walk at least 1 time per day, and during daytime sleep open windows in the house.

Gymnastics and massage

Massage and gymnastics at this age are also important, continue do them daily. Now the baby is turning over, trying to sit down and crawl. To do this, strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal press.

A set of exercises for a child of 6 months:

  1. We start with a hand massage. They need to be stroked, then rub and feel. End the exercise by stroking.
  2. Mixing and raising hands. Now instead of your hands you need invite the child to grab the rings or rattles with a round a pen. We raise our hands in different directions 8 times.
  3. Bending the legs at the knees. Need to do 6 bends each leg, and then 6 bends simultaneously with two legs.
  4. It is necessary to lift straightened legs. For this keep the leg in the knee in the upright position. One by one lift each leg 6 times.
  5. Turn the baby on his stomach and massage the back and buttocks. We start by stroking, then rub and feel. We finish stroking.
  6. Massage the abdomen must begin with circular strokes, then proceed to sawing along the rectus and oblique muscles. Finish pinch massage around the navel.
  7. Massage of the chest begins with stroking. Then do vibrating movements and stroking again.
  8. If the baby at this age is not yet crawling, then you need to help him. While lying on your stomach, bend the legs at the knees. Child must understand and crawl independently.
  9. Raising the body must be done from a prone position back. Grasp the baby by the arms so that he grabs your fingers. Then move them apart and pull the baby a little up. He will throw his head back and his heels will rest against your legs. Try to put your child on his knees.

These recommendations are indicative. Always necessary listen to your feelings, and also watch how it reacts child on a change in daily routine.

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