Dad abandoned the child: what to do

If the husband has abandoned the child, make a clear plan.
action. You need to achieve the payment of alimony, to pay even more
attention to the child and start to engage themselves. Become self-sufficient
and purposeful woman, in front of which new

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  • 1 Husband abandoned child: “single mother” is not
  • 2 Father’s obligations to the child according to the law
  • 3 The child has not yet been born, but the husband is already refusing him – that
  • 4 How to tell a child that dad is gone?
    • 4.1 The husband refused the child – is it possible to find a new one?
    • 4.2 Social roll “Alimony”


Husband abandoned child: “single mother” – this is not

Demographers are sounding the alarm: there are more than 10 million single mothers in Russia,
who raise children without the support of her husband. What do women do
who are in a difficult life situation and should
self care about the material welfare of the child?

If the husband refuses to raise children and help them
financially, this does not mean that you cannot cope alone.
Surviving the loss of support is difficult, but you need to gather strength. WITH
this moment you will have to take care of your children doubly
сильнее – за себя, и за отца ребенка, чтобы чтобы дать им все
the best.

The first thing you need to do – to issue a new social status
– single mother. This will give you the right to receive certain
benefits, as well as alimony. If the father does not agree voluntarily
give money for the maintenance of the child, you can recover them through the court
– this is provided by law.

Do not be proud and do not think that you do not need anything from
this person: take care first of all about the child – these are his
need money. Study child support legislation or
consult a lawyer.

Father’s obligations to the child under the law

If the husband stopped communicating with the child and does not participate in expenses
on its content, it does not mean giving up parental rights.
Your task is to collect evidence that in reality children
brought up without the participation of the father. If there is evidence, then you
without problems, it will be possible to achieve the payment of alimony through the court. Your
главный инструмент – статья 71 WITHемейного кодекса (лишение
parental rights).

WITHтатья 71. Последствия лишения родительских
is right

  1. Родители, лишенные родительских is right, теряют все is rightа,
    based on the fact of kinship with the child for which they are
    были лишены родительских is right, в том числе is rightо на получение от
    него содержания (статья 87 настоящего Кодекса), а также is rightо на
    benefits and state benefits for citizens,
    having children.
  2. Лишение родительских is right не освобождает родителей от
    duties to support your child.
  3. The question of the further joint residence of the child and parents
    (одного из них), лишенных родительских is right, решается судом в
    order established by housing legislation.
  4. A child for whom parents (one of them) are deprived
    родительских is right, сохраняет is rightо собственности на жилое помещение
    или is rightо пользования жилым помещением, а также сохраняет
    имущественные is rightа, основанные на факте родства с родителями и
    другими родственниками, в том числе is rightо на получение
  5. If it is impossible to transfer the child to another parent or
    случае лишения родительских is right обоих родителей ребенок передается
    in the custody of the guardianship authority.
  6. Adoption of a child in case of deprivation of parents (one of them)
    родительских is right допускается не ранее истечения шести месяцев со
    the day of the court decision on the deprivation of parents (one of them)
    родительских is right.

Муж хочет отказаться от ребенка: что говорит закон

Alimony calculated depending on the income of the father of the child. Than
the more he earns, the more money the child will rely.
Узнать больше о is rightилах расчета суммы алиментов можно в статье 81
WITHемейного кодекса. It states that:

  • with an only child, 25% of his income is collected from his father;
  • two children charge a third of the income;
  • for three or more – 50%.

The size of these shares may be reduced or increased by the court with
taking into account the material or marital status of the parties and other
noteworthy circumstances.

The calculation of alimony is possible only with the official income of the father.
If he receives most of his salary illegally (“in envelope”),
it is not possible to calculate the percentage of hidden income.

The child has not yet been born, but the husband is already refusing him – that

Take your time to make hasty decisions and interrupt
pregnancy. Remember that inside you have a new life, your
krovinushka and your great mission to give birth and raise this
person The father’s refusal of the child does not mean that you cannot
воспитать его самостоятельно.

If a man left you and you are in a position, then
opportunities ask for help from a psychologist. Find support
It is also possible with relatives, relatives or friends. They will help you in
hard time, support and comfort.

WITHтарайтесь избегать общения с теми людьми, которые настроены
negatively towards your pregnancy and the whole situation in
whole who keep saying �”I told you …”, “It was necessary for me
listen … “etc. Uses such words do not exactly bring, and only yet
more aggravate your psychological state. Now single
the person you can rely on is just you.

How to tell a child that dad is gone?


Raising a child in an incomplete family is difficult. Difficulties
tests both mother and child. Дети с ранних лет видят неis rightильную
family model, and this can not be reflected in their subconscious. it
fraught with errors in the formation of their own family in the future. Also
старайтесь не говорить при ребенке плохо о его отце — либо
just good or nothing.

Многие женщины придумывают версии, что папа умер. Psychologists
It is not recommended to tell the child about the father in this way. It is better
come up with an unusual profession that explains dad’s absence
beside. Возможно, отец улетел в космос или отis rightился в дальнюю
expedition. Show imagination to less traumatize a child in
early age.

Муж отказался от ребенка – можно ли найти нового man

The husband left the family and left you with the baby – consider this,
as a new opportunity! So now you are free and you can build
relationship with another man. A young and interesting woman can
to be not as difficult as you think, to find a worthy fan,
who will be your reliable support and new dad for the child.

It’s a mistake to think that women with children are not needed by anyone
interested in men. Do not put a cross on yourself! Drive away such thoughts
away and enjoy yourself. it нужно не только вам, но и вашим детям,
who want to see vigorous, active and
purposeful woman. Mom should be attractive and

Remember! If the husband abandoned the child and left you, then
the loner was not you, but he! WITH вами осталось самое ценное – дети.
Lonely became a man who left the family and, perhaps, he has not yet
once regret their action.

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