Cystone: indications for use, dosage, coursetreatment

Update: October 2018

Today, the prevalence of diseases
urinary tract is very high. Only acute cystitis in Russia
about 26-35 million cases per year. And urolithiasis by
The statistics account for 35-40% of cases of hospitalization in urology.
In diseases of the urinary system, doctors often prescribe
Cystone, whose indications depend on
clinical picture in each case. Most often he
It is a component of the complex therapy of various urological
diseases because it has a mild anti-inflammatory,
diuretic, litholytic and antiseptic action. With
taking this medication daily diuresis increases by 30
percent, contributing to the removal of pus, mucus, infectious agents
from the body.

This is a herbal remedy that is very
attractive to consumers. This is a tableted drug,
indian manufacturer in no other dosage form of it
Do not release, neither in drops, nor in injections, nor in suspensions.
Cyston tablets are biconvex, round, brown in color with
small patches of various shades, no smell, no
unpleasant taste. Tablet form provides ease
application and dosage accuracy. The average price in pharmacies 380-400 rubles

The composition of the drug

This tool has more than 14 different
of herbal extracts, therefore its medicinal effect
due to the complex effect of the constituent components:

  • Rough straw is antispasmodic and 
    diuretic action
  • Дидимокарпус стебельный  — содержит в своем составе
    essential oil, pedicin, isopedicine, which has diuretic
  • Onosma many-leaved – also has a diuretic effect, removes
    раздражение, воспаление, обладает антисептическим actм
  • The saxifrage reed – has the property of dissolution of stones in
    мочевом пузыре и в почках, оказывает мочегонное, вяжущее act,
    reduces mucosal irritation. Renders insignificant
    antimicrobial effect
  • Cardiovascular Madder – Promotes Oxalate Dissolution
    stones, as it contains ruberitrinic acid and anthraquinic
    glycosides. It has diuretic and astringent effects.
  • Ash vernonia – effect due to a decrease in cramps
    bladder helps with dysuric phenomena, disorders
  • Сыпь пленчатая —  оказывает антисептическое act
  • Purified mineral resin – helps to improve
    digestion, stabilization of metabolic processes, normalizes
  • Silicon lime – has diuretic properties and
    ability to dissolve calculi (stones)

Given the composition and properties of medicinal herbs, this medicine has
powerful diuretic properties, helps dissolve stones
reduces the inflammatory process in the excretory system, has
противомикробным actм на патогенные микроорганизмы. is he
значительно усиливает act стандартной антибактериальной
therapy, 10 times reduces the likelihood of recurrence of diseases in

Indications for use

Лекарство Цистон, показан к применению для treatment практически
all known diseases of the urinary system of a person, but in
mainly as part of complex therapy (see cystitis in
women).цистон показания к применению

  • During the postoperative periods it is prescribed for prophylaxis.
    formation of kidney stones
  • With наличие литолизоксалатных и фосфатных камней
  • Used in the treatment of urethritis, pyelonephritis,
    pyelitis, infectious processes in the kidneys, and Cystone is indicated
    with cystitis
  • And also prophylactically in the remission stage of these diseases
  • With камнях, которые образуются уратами и мочевой кислотой
  • In cases of urinary incontinence in women
  • With кристаллурии — наличии песка в моче
  • With подагре
  • With сиалолитиазе — камнях в путях слюнных желез
  • With нарушении мочевыделения
  • With приступах, которые сопровождают выведение мочевой

Due to the popularity of the drug is low and the price of the Cystone,
купить его можно в любом аптечном пункте, стоит он 230-280
rub. for 100 tablets. Price varies by region and
from a specific pharmacy network. За полугодовой период treatment больному
will have to spend about 2000 rubles, which is quite acceptable
for a natural drug.

Cystone – contraindications for admission

  • This is a non-toxic drug, no overdose cases.
    are registered
  • However, the drug is not indicated for use if
    obstruction according to the ultrasound diameter of the stones is more than
    10 mm.
  • Since the drug is of plant origin, people prone to
    to allergic reactions before use is worth testing
    medicine for individual intolerance. If patient
    suffers from seasonal pollinosis, the allergic reaction is very
    great, and in the period of worsening allergies take the drug
    definitely not.
  • In other cases, the use of the drug is harmless. See list
    лекарств with cystitis.

Cyston and pregnancy

Care should be taken by women to receive pills
Cystone during pregnancy. Independently start using any
herbal medicine is not recommended due to the high
probabilities of allergic reactions. And the dose of the drug, and the duration
application must determine the doctor. But some doctors claim
that the drug Cystone during pregnancy should not be taken.

Cystone – how to take children

  • With инфекционных процессах: детям 2-6 лет следует принимать по
    ½ caps., Children 6-14 years of age and 1 caps. 3 times a day for a period of 4-6
  • With обострении инфекционных заболеваний: дети 2-6 лет по 1/4
    caps. дети 6-14 лет по ½ caps. 2 p / day сроком 6-10 weeks.
  • With мочекаменных заболеваниях: длительный курс, дети 2-6 лет по
    ½ caps. дети 6-14 лет по 1 caps. 3 p / day for a period of 3 months, then by
    1/4 caps. и ½ caps. respectively 3 p / day before the release of the stone.
  • With острой почечной колике: до исчезновения симптомов дети 2-6
    лет по ½ caps. и дети 6-14 лет по 1 caps. 2 p / day
  • For the prevention of stone formation: children 2-6 years old by ¼ 
    caps. и дети 6-14 лет по ½ caps. 3 r / day for 4-5

How to take adults

  • With инфекционных процессах: взрослым следует принимать по 2
    tab. 3 times a day for a period of 4-6 weeks.
  • With обострении инфекционных заболеваний: по 2 caps. 2 p / day
    сроком 6-10 weeks.
  • With мочекаменных заболеваниях: длительный курс по 2 caps.. 3
    р/день сроком 3 месяца, затем по 1 caps. 3 p / day before the release of the stone.
    With этом быстрый результат ожидать не стоит, принимать лекарство
    It takes about six months to feel the effect.
  • With острой почечной колике: до исчезновения симптомов по 2
    caps. 2 p / day
  • Для профилактики образования камней: по 1 caps. 3 p / day for
    4-5 months.

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