Currant compote for babies


  1. The benefits of currants for infants
  2. Currant Benefits
  3. Cooking method

Mommy’s best mom choice, both in terms of feeding and drinking the baby, there has been and remains mother’s milk. This one the product was prepared for the crumbs by nature itself already at the time that it was at mommy’s heart.

This article will focus on currant compote, as an alternative to quenching thirst and enriching vitamins for those babies who already in the first six months were on artificial or mixed feeding and are extremely in need of vitamins and amino acids that are rich in currant berries – these natural oxidants of the Russian middle band.

Also, mothers will learn how to properly administer complementary foods for infants.

The benefits of currants for infants

Currant – the “queen” of all gardens – there are three species:

  • White;
  • Red;
  • Black.

The highest concentration of vitamin C is in black, and the smallest – in white currant. The latter is sweeter and least astringent in taste.

Shimmering in the July sun, as if filled with it by light, bunches of “northern grapes” are shown to children born in the middle and northern strip, due to the concentration of vitamin C, which is so necessary for strong immunity in the fight against any diseases.

It also contributes to the full absorption of the second vital important vitamin “growth” – D and calcium, which together are involved in the construction of the musculoskeletal system and are a guarantee against infant rickets.


One of the remarkable properties of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is its ability to accumulate in cells organism and then several months remain in them. This is what makes it an excellent natural preventative measure. respiratory diseases but also strong at the same time an allergen.

Remember that the combination of increased intake of vitamin C with in hot sunlight can even cause burns on the skin in as an allergic reaction.

Currant Benefits

Currant compotes are a better choice compared to fresh juices, as the latter are capable of:

  • Extremely irritate the walls of an unprepared stomach due to the high acid content;
  • Cause abnormalities in the pancreas, which will forced to work hard in response to a signal about acidic environment in the stomach;
  • Lead to severe stool relaxation and as a result dehydration as a result of intensive wall absorption stomach fluid from the body in order to neutralize irritating acid;
  • Lead to allergic reactions, and they may occur even after a few months, when the use of juices will already be behind.

Due to the strong concentration of acid, juice cannot be given over once a day. And because of the ability to relax the stool, juices will rather, more leaching of useful elements from organism than their accumulation. Fresh juices are allowed only in the refrigerator and no more than 3-5 hours, when it comes to baby. Moms are often interested in how many months babies You can give a banana.

Find out here which components are included in the Frutonyan mash. due to the much lower concentration of acid in them, are:

  • A more gentle source of vitamins and minerals;
  • At the same time they perfectly quench thirst and can be used all day in the form of a drink without causing a sharp relaxation, no stress for the stomach;
  • This is a milder way to prevent and combat constipation in infants that do not cause stress in the body.

Cooking method

To make compote for one liter of water you will need a glass fresh berries that:

  • Sort and clear of the stalk;
  • Wash thoroughly in cold water;
  • Dry on a sieve, while bringing the water in the pan to boiling;
  • Gently pour into boiling water, stirring wooden a spoon;
  • Cook for 5 minutes under the lid to preserve vitamins for a very low heat;
  • Sweetened with fructose.

Before serving, cool the compote in cool part of the room at room temperature. Keep currant compote for infants is possible during the day at room temperature up to 25 degrees, and in the refrigerator – up to 2 days.

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