Curd lure

Curd lure

можно ли давать ребенку творог

Творог – один из вкуснейших и необыкновенно полезнейших
fermented milk products, due to its calcium content,
фосфора, витамина В2, фолиевой кислоты и кефирных
fungi. This product is one of the most important in the diet.
Therefore, the question “Is it possible to give a child cottage cheese?” Does not even arise
in front of inexperienced parents. The children who eat cottage cheese in
in sufficient quantities, healthy teeth and strong bones are formed,
tots come well in height and weight. In addition, cottage cheese
beneficial effect on the work of the heart muscle, liver, nervous
systems and metabolic processes of the child’s body.

At what age to start eating the cottage cheese?

When a child can be given cottage cheese as a complementary food, depends on
primarily on the type of feeding the crumbs. Babies who up
6 months received only breast milk, can try
curd in 8-9 months. Artificialists receiving different species
complementary foods from 4 months, can get acquainted with the cheese already in 6-7
months. But, both in one and in another case, cottage cheese supplements
is introduced after the development of the baby juices, vegetable, fruit
lure and non-dairy cereals.

  1. First feeding
  2. First time juice
  3. The child is bad to eat with a spoon

How to properly enter the curd lure?

Cottage cheese treat should be offered for the first time.
only healthy baby, no later than afternoon snack, and only when
the peanut in a good mood. Do not introduce a new product
three days before and three days after vaccination.
Actually, these rules concern the introduction of any new product in

How much cottage cheese can you give to a child?

At the first introduction of any product, including cottage cheese,
child should be offered ½ – 1 teaspoon. Well, if the baby
like the new taste. Then you should carefully follow
the reaction of the small organism to the newly introduced product. If not
followed by allergic manifestations then it can continue
increase the portion. By one year old baby should eat 50
grams of cottage cheese daily. Sometimes for medical reasons a pediatrician
advises a little increase or decrease the number of cottage cheese
complementary foods.

Приготовить домашний творожок или
buy in the store?

On the shelves today a large selection of children’s cottage cheese,
cooked for feeding babies up to a year. Such a curd
adapted to the needs of the as yet immature digestive
system crumbs, has the consistency of thick cream and delicate taste. how
usually kids eat it with pleasure. Buying cottage cheese in
магазине,  следует выбирать упаковку с маленькими сроками
storage, the most recent production date and without additives.


Cottage cheese made from
whole milk from home Burenka.

Recipe for homemade curds

Boil 1 l. milk Остудить примерно  до 35
Co, добавить 50 г. закваски (подойдут кефир, простокваша
or sour cream). After a few hours, the milk will turn sour into sour milk.
Place dishes with yogurt in a water bath and put on
slow fire After about 30-40 minutes the curd will be ready.
It remains only to allow the serum to drain. Cottage cheese
Cooking must also be shredded in a blender. Can
add berries or fruits. 

No need to give the child as a complementary cheeses stuffed with
flavors and various additives, as well as “adult”
cottage cheese.

What diseases shouldn’t cottage cheese be given to children?

Contraindications for eating cottage cheese are diseases.
the kidneys. Cottage cheese, as well as other dairy products do not give to children with
milk protein intolerance.

In any of these cases, a pediatrician’s consultation is necessary.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: Can ли давать кефир детям
up to a year

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