Crusts on the head of newborns: causesoccurrence and how to remove them

Parents are usually worried when their child has a headache.
there is a kind of crust. So small
нарост мама может заметить еще в роддоме. Some babies
these crusts are preserved for up to a year, and although they themselves are not
cause no inconvenience, parents still seek to get rid of
from dubious growths. That is why all moms worth
arm yourself with information about what the crusts are on
голове у младенцев, вредны ли они и как их убрать.

корочки на голове младенца

Causes of crusts

In infants, the appearance of crusts is a very
common. Perhaps every second baby has
seborrheic crusts regardless of whether there are hairs on the head,
or they are not. The name “seborrheic crusts” in this case
conditionally, since outwardly these crusts resemble the symptoms of seborrhea.
True, unlike real seborrheic crusts,
infant crusts to the disease have nothing to do. Have
the formation of crusts on the skin of babies – a natural process, the root
which is the unsolved work of sebaceous and sweat
Have одних малышей появляются плотные желтые корочки,
others have thin white, like sticky dandruff. it
individual peculiarity, but in its origin it is one and
the same phenomenon.

Although crust formation is a natural process,
Some actions of parents can increase their growth:

  1. Overheating. Babies that are wrapped even in
    warm and put on a hat, more sweat. From this crust
    are formed more actively.
  2. Frequent shampooing. Baby’s skin is not yet
    has reliable protection, so frequent shampooing or
    soap only aggravates the situation.
  3. Use of unsuitable household chemicals.
    Shampoos and gels for washing containing dyes, fragrances and other
    �”Chemistry” is not suitable for kids. Have детей на такие средства нередко
    an allergy occurs that enhances the formation of seborrheic

Scale of disaster

Crusts on the baby’s head are absolutely harmless. Her
the only negative is aesthetic.
Sometimes you can meet
the view that these crusts interfere with hair growth. it просто очередное
delusion Still, most moms prefer
наросты убирать, поскольку, если этого не делать, сами они не
pass long enough. (См. статью о том, почему у
ребенка плохо растут волосы)

How to remove

The most effective way to eliminate crusts – mechanical
deletion. This should be done by a certain method. Can not
соскребать их ногтем или острым предметом – это может
injure delicate skin. It is also impossible to remove the crusts, not
soak them in advance.

To eliminate the crusts from the head of the baby will need
cosmetic or sterile vegetable oil (can be used
vaseline oil), a thin cap, shampoo and a comb with
natural bristles.

  • Haveчастки кожи головы, на которых появились корочки, нужно
    Grease abundantly and hold it for 20-30 minutes. For better
    softening can be worn on a thin knit head
  • When the proper time for “oiling” is over, you need
    gently remove the crusts comb, making movements in different
  • The oil from the head and hair is washed off with baby shampoo. During
    headwashing areas with crusts can be further massaged
    with your fingers.
  • After bathing, when neither oil nor
    shampoo, you can once again “go” comb to remove
    separated residues.

To repeat this procedure, as well as to wash the baby’s head in general,
can be no more than 2 times a week.

ATидео: Как и с помощью чего удалять себорейную

(Memo. Clickable)

как убрать корочки с головы грудничка

Photo memo on how to remove the crusts from the head

О шампуне от корочек

Instead of the “oil procedure,” you can use a special
шампунь от crusts. Not all manufacturers have such means. AT
question the choice of shampoo, you can trust the recommendations of moms in
online communities and reviews of friends. From combing shampoo,
Of course it does not save. AT борьбе с корочками шампунь заменяет масло,
because it contains softening ingredients. AT отличие от масла, его
need to lather on the head and rinse after 2-3 minutes, and after
смывания приступить к вычесыванию отслоившихся crusts.
The effectiveness of this method is difficult to assess objectively. ATидимо,
personal characteristics play a big role because one shampoo
helps for several applications, and others it does not help on
throughout the months.

ATидео №2:

Prevention of appearance

Preventive action if you do not relieve parents completely
from the problem of the scabs on the head of the baby, then at least reduce their

  • Do not overheat the crumb. AT теплом помещении всегда снимайте
    headdress. At home, too, not always even a newborn
    It is advisable to be in a hat.
  • Keep air humidity at the right level.
  • Without fanaticism, treat your baby’s head. Wash with
    detergent can be 1-2 times a week.
  • Carefully select household chemicals for crumbs, so as not to
    provoke allergies and dermatitis.
  • Use a comb daily, even if combing especially
    there is nothing. Massage comb with natural bristles – good
    профилактика образований crusts.

Seborrheic crusts on the head of the crumbs – not so serious
The problem, as may seem to moms. If the crust does not
it turns out to be removed – you can contact a specialist, but in
In most cases, this nuisance does not require medical attention.
intervention and serious measures.

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Мамина Тема: как удалить себорейные корочки с головы
newborn baby

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