Crochet Baby Sleeping Bag

Mandatory swaddling with straightening handles has sunk into the past and legs of a newborn. On the advice of modern pediatricians, the baby needs freedom of movement conducive to the successful development of tactile, bone and muscle systems.

But the baby is not able to coordinate their own movements and during sleep makes a number of specific movements, dubbed “throwing up.” Salvation from involuntary movements of the arms and legs of the baby, interfering with the full to rest, – a sleeping bag.

In the first few months, the newborn is best created the conditions most similar to mother’s stomach – a cozy “house”, representing an alternative not only to free swaddling, but also often blankets falling from the child.

Bag for a baby / review will help determine the question is to take or not to take non-standard in the wardrobe newborn bedding.

Positive moments of a sleeping children’s envelope:

  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the sleep;
  • Excellent replacement for a bedspread, blanket or sheet;
  • Rapid formation in the crumbs of the habit of sleeping;
  • Providing ample room for movement a newborn;
  • Creating the most sound and safe sleep of the child.

About a wide range of sleeping bags for babies is not worth it talk.

Children’s stores offer a variety of invoices, the coefficient of insulation, cut, coloring and design are peculiar cocoons with or without sleeves. Modern manufacturing firms on high level prepare sleeping accessory.

Use of hypoallergenic materials, 100% cotton lining, comfortable zip locks, durable buttons or Velcro for quick diaper changes help protect the baby and create extra comfort for mom.


The stores usually offer models that can be used. within 3-6 months – from 0 to 12 or 36 for months. Depending on the age of the crumbs, the length of the bag varies within 66 – 112 cm.

Care should be taken when choosing a sleep accessory. baby and choose the best sleeping baby affiliation. Otherwise, the child will simply slide down and there is a chance to “drown” in the envelope. It may cause shortness of breath because newborns are not in able to get out on their own.

Some moms don’t trust manufacturers and decide independently sew or tie a small child a sleeping bag. AT in this case, practical housewives come to the rescue specialized needlework magazines or online publications for children offering current models with a detailed description, simple and understandable patterns and ideas for inspiration.

Moms should figure out why the baby sweats in a dream head.

Useful advice: Is it possible to sleep on infants.

Details of the hundred you need to purchase for the baby summer.

The sleeping bag for the baby has practical side: it can be used while walking, travel and trips to the clinic.

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