Crib safety criteria fornewborn baby

When buying a cot for a baby is not worth immediately
stop on a model that seemed attractive by
design and affordable. One of the most important selection criteria
furniture for kids – safety. So what to look for
when choosing a baby bed?

How to choose a bed for newborns: criteria

Environmental friendliness

Traditional material for the manufacture of children’s furniture –
natural wood. Only during its processing and when
In the production of cots, a variety of impregnations, varnishes,
enamels. Ensure compliance with all sanitary standards is possible only in
If the seller provides a hygienic certificate.

The safest water-based paints and varnishes. Breed is important
tree of which the bed is made. Better for kids
purchase furniture from hardwood varieties (from birch, beech,
oak, ash) or pine, fir.

Stable construction

Growing up, the child becomes a little restless. He has enough
forces shake and even knock over his bed. Especially that
which has a swing mechanism. Therefore, when choosing a must
make sure the stability of the structure: it is desirable that the crib
rigid fixation of a steady state was provided.


A bed with a perforated or
rack bottom. Such models provide air access to the mattress, and
after all the crumb can be described. The mattress should choose orthopedic with
coconut filler.


Avoid child injuries will help correct partitions
cots The optimal distance between the slats is from 4 to 8 cm.

Bottom height adjustment

It is convenient if you can adjust the height of the bottom in the crib. Now
produce two-and three-level structures in which the bed
lowers as crumbs grow. This eliminates the risk of falling out of
the beds.


Little fidget jumps and rocks the bed, and because of this
its fastenings gradually weaken. Therefore, parents should
constantly check whether they are strong enough, have not appeared
зазоры между соединениями и элементами cots In that case not
there will be a risk that the crumb will pinch the hand or foot. To the child was in
security, нужно также проследить, чтобы все детали cots
were recessed or covered with special nozzles.

Bumper and canopy

кроватка с балдахином

Only parents decide whether to organize a bed.
Crumbs with bumper and canopy, these are not mandatory elements. If a
do you want to create a “royal” bed, consider the following

  1. The bumper should be flat enough so that the child does not have
    opportunities to stand on it.
  2. Bracket for the canopy, it is important to properly secure that he
    accidentally fell on the crumbs. If a в семье есть другие маленькие дети
    or pets, they may try to pull the canopy over
    bed. In such cases, it is better to remove the canopy or shorten it,
    so that the grown-up child can’t reach him.


Growing up, the baby starts to try everything on the tooth – so he
gets acquainted with the world around. The same fate befalls the bed.
Consider this moment and choose a model with silicone
overlays thanks to which the child does not injure lips and gums.
Make sure that the remaining parts are not chipped and
chipping. It is important that all surfaces are perfectly smooth, the edges
– rounded.

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