Cream and remedies for stretch marks duringpregnancy, how to avoid their appearance

Update: October 2018

Stretch marks on the skin darken the beautiful period of carrying a child.
They appear in the prevailing majority of pregnant women, but each
have their severity.

Stretch marks represent a change in the skin with the formation
cicatricial tissue in places of its overstretching and microdamages. Striae
absolutely painless and formed imperceptibly for a woman.

The color of stretch marks varies from light pink to saturated
purple, the appearance resembles bands of different widths,
which sometimes protrude above the surface of the skin and are felt when
tactile touch.

Location of stretch marks

  • Stomach. This part of the body grows most during
    of pregnancy. About 80% of stretch marks are located exactly on
    the stomach.
  • Chest. The mammary glands also increase in volume, someone
    slightly, and someone and 2-3 size.
  • Hips and buttocks. Also increasing in volume.
  • Spawn Stretch marks on calves are rare, but still possible,
    if a woman is prone to edema.

The causes of stretch marks

Hereditary predisposition

This reason is the most basic. If similar problems were
the mother or grandmother of a pregnant woman, then most likely they
expect her too. Genetically determined striae are not associated with
pregnancy itself, and are a feature of the skin. In this
case, the woman initially knows about the possible problem and can
actively engage in its prevention. But, unfortunately, this skin
reacts more strongly to any provoking factor against which
The probability of stretch marks increases significantly.

Strong stretching of the skin

Skin of the abdomen is subject to rapid and significant stretching.
Breasts, stretch marks of this kind can be on the buttocks with

What happens when skin is overstressed? Epidermis significantly
thinner, subcutaneous tissue breaks and arise
microdamages. These damaged areas are gradually replaced.
connective tissue. Fresh striae tend to have reddish
color, because under a thin layer of skin shine small
blood vessels. Over time, the blood flow in them stops, the vessels
they become empty and fade, and the scars look brighter and become less

Hormonal changes in the body

Changes in hormonal levels lead to a decrease in elasticity and
reduce skin moisture. Against the backdrop of high levels of progesterone
synthesis of collagen, a special protein responsible for
elasticity of the skin and its ability to stretch without
pathological changes.

Risk factors for the appearance of stretch marks

  • Overweight;
  • Quick weight gain during pregnancy;
  • Polyhydramnios;
  • Large fruit;
  • Multiple pregnancy;
  • Weakness of the abdominal muscles;
  • Smoking during pregnancy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Наличие стрий на коже, возникших до of pregnancy.

Do striae tan?

Striae не загорают, поскольку соединительная ткань лишена
melanin pigment. Moreover, after sunburn they become the most
pronounced, speaking white stripes on the background of tanned skin.

How to avoid the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy

This paragraph we bring forward the treatment, because to get rid of
already appeared stretch marks is almost impossible (see how to get rid
from stretch marks after childbirth). But to warn or at least
to reduce their number is quite realistic. The best remedy for
stretching during pregnancy is a permanent job of
prevention of their occurrence.

Industrial production facilities supporting
elasticity and firmness of the skin

The range of these funds is huge – special
cosmetics for pregnant women that are intended for
stretch warnings. They should be used regularly, with
the very beginning of pregnancy, without waiting for the skin to begin

As a rule, no hazardous or allergenic components
contain, but just in case you can check the sensitivity of the skin
to the selected cream on a small area of ​​skin. If you mean
come, you see the effect of its use – to look for something better
not worth it. How to smear stretch marks during pregnancy, can
recommend a pharmacist or even a friend, but should still
adhere to the recommendations of your doctor.

Some popular means to prevent stretch marks on
survey results:

Mamma Donna Chicco cream, 550 rub.

Effective cream for stretch marks, one of the leaders among similar
reviews pregnant. In the active composition of the cream are oils
rice and wheat bran, vitamins E and PP, which are effectively
moisturize the skin and prevent tissue stretching.

Cream for stretch marks Sanosan, 400 rubles.

Contains jojoba oil, hibiscus seed extract, in which
contains a special amino acid, similar in structure to collagen.
The cream improves skin tone, activates blood circulation, increases
the ability of the skin to stretch without microdamages.

Body cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort, 240 rubles.

As part of a complex of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, vegetable
extracts and oils, complex REGUO-STRETCH: provides intense
nutrition, restores the structure of elastin and collagen
fibers, helps to retain moisture in the intercellular

Cream for stretch marks World of Childhood, 190 rubles.

The cream has a natural composition: extract of butcher, horse
chestnut, Asian Centella, wheat proteins, almond and shea butter,
vitamin E and B5, squalane, Glicofilm, glycerin. Normalizes exchange
reactions in the skin, tightens, softens and strengthens the skin.

Lifting cream with collagen FOR MOM Vitex, 120 rub.

The cream is enriched with collagen, which prevents the appearance
stretch marks due to improved structure of natural collagen
skin. Chamomile extract, shea butter and apricot nourish and moisturize

Contrast shower followed by a light massage of massage skin
glove or washcloth

These procedures improve blood circulation in the skin and its supply.
oxygen, stimulate the processes of renewal and production of collagen and

  • Sequence. Recommended daily water procedures with
    alternately changing warm and slightly cool water. Is unacceptable
    use hot and cold water, temperature difference of water
    should be in the zone of comfort. Overall
    shower duration – 10 min.
  • Skin massage can be carried out and water streams, smooth
  • During or after shower 1-3
    skin massage using a massage glove or

Attention! These procedures are contraindicated in the presence of the slightest
threatened miscarriage because they can excite the central nervous system and transmit
impulses in the uterus, leading to a tone!

House scrub

Timely exfoliation of keratinized epithelium contributes to
effective skin renewal and activation of collagen synthesis and
elastin. Once a week you can use the following

  • 100 ml of cream
  • 3-4 drops of vitamin A or E
  • sea ​​salt to obtain the desired consistency (not very

The scrub is applied to a massage glove and gently treated throughout
the skin, then wash off the remains under the shower and put a special
cream or vegetable oil.

Home remedies

If a woman does not have confidence in cosmetic preparations.
industrial production, home remedies will come to the rescue.
Oils from stretch marks during pregnancy effectively moisturize and nourish

  • peach
  • almond
  • olive
  • sea ​​buckthorn

They increase the elasticity of the skin, because they are rich in vitamin E.
It is recommended to gently rub warmed oil into the skin every day.
after taking water treatments. Some sources recommend
used as an additive to the base oil essential oils.
However, it can turn into a serious allergy up to edema.
Quincke. Even those essential oils that are easily tolerated
pregnancy can cause negative effects.


Sudden weight gains lead to stretch marks on the skin, as well as
threaten other problems, so they should not be. Correct
food with a decrease in the proportion of animal fats, easily digestible carbohydrates
and sweets avoids fast weight gain. Wherein
The diet should be complete in protein and plant.
fat, which plays an important role in the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Drinking mode

The moisture content of the skin depends not only on the external
moisturizing. Adequate consumption of clean water (about 1.5 liters per
day) is very important for pregnant women, because the body is not getting
water from the outside, begins to take it from the inside. Dehydrated skin more
all prone to stryyam. Do not drink plenty of water in the second
Afternoon and overnight to avoid edema.

Multivitamins and Minerals

Lack of vitamins, especially E, as well as minerals
adversely affects the condition of the skin and its derivatives. AT
the gestation period a woman needs increased admission
vitamins and minerals, as they spend on the needs of the fetus.

But in modern practice, the question of applying artificially
created multivitamin and mineral complexes is controversial,
sometimes unjustified and leading to allergic and other
negative reactions (see the harm and benefits of vitamins in tablets).
Proper administration of a monovitamin preparation, which
really lack the body (according to the results of blood tests),
as well as dietary correction with an increase in the proportion of foods rich in
vitamins and minerals.

Special massage to prevent stretch marks

It is carried out outside water procedures and is aimed at stimulation.
кровообращения с одновременным тонизированием skin. Recommended
to massage using vegetable oils.
Contraindicated with the threat of miscarriage.

Gymnastics for pregnant women

If there are no contraindications, it is helpful for women to carry out the lungs.
Exercises without exercise and redistribution of body weight – walking,
swimming, breathing exercises. Improved blood supply and lung
Skin toning best affects her

Wearing a special support band

Рекомендовано, начиная с 22 недели одноплодной of pregnancy. WITH
in case of multiple pregnancies
set by a doctor. Bandage supports the stomach, redistributes
load that protects the skin from stretching. Pick up a bandage,
learning how to wear it should be strictly in accordance with
recommendations of the doctor and under his control.

Wearing special bras supporting the chest

Допустимо с первых недель of pregnancy. Bras are tailored
in such a way that without squeezing the milky ducts support
chest. Это предотвращает обвисание груди и растяжение skin.

ATыполнение всех предложенных рекомендаций позволит избежать
such trouble as stretch marks. The main thing – do not be lazy, and pay
this issue due attention.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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