Creaking knees – a sign of the beginningosteoarthritis

Update: February 2019

Houston group of researchers representing the College
Baylor, engaged in the analysis of such a symptom as a creak in the knee
joints when moving. If you feel the crunch, hear
creaking or cracking in the knees, performing physical exertion or
just moving, think: maybe this is the beginning

It is worth recalling that osteoarthritis is a chronic
joint disease. It is based on cartilage degeneration, its
thinning and impaired metabolic processes. This pathology occurs
under the influence of many factors, for example:

  • overweight;
  • excessive exercise of lower joints
  • joint injury;
  • mature age;
  • inflammatory processes, etc.

Houston study considers squeaking as possible
marker (specific symptom) of arthrosis. Doctors sampled
3,500 people who were at risk
diseases. Standard polling techniques were produced.
subjects as patients, examination, conducting basic laboratory
and instrumental diagnostic methods. Such “counseling”
Researchers received three times: a year later, 2 and 3 years from the start
an experiment.

The results of the work of the Baylor College are the following conclusions:

  1. About 75% of patients in the control group were diagnosed
  2. At the beginning of the analysis, only a few experienced pain in the group.
    joints when moving or at rest against the background of a clear picture of the disease
    X-ray data.
  3. Almost all those who did not experience pain, creaking and crunching

Given the above, researchers have noticed: crack or crunch
in the knee joints, indeed, can be a marker of arthrosis
even in the absence of other manifestations of the disease. results
Houston experiment was published by the journal Arthritis Care
& Research. Scientists themselves plan to continue the development of this
theories in new research. Their writings can help in prevention.
болей и замедлении течения osteoarthritis у миллионов людей.

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