Cracks in the anus: treatment, symptoms,candles, ointments, baths for anal fissure

Update: October 2018

Almost everyone who is interested in health problems has heard or
read about hemorrhoids. But not everyone knows that itching, burning and
even bleeding in the anal area can cause no disease
veins, and rectal fissure.

More often it is an acute illness, lasting up to 4 weeks,
related to surgical pathologies or disease section
rectum. The crack has a linear shape, can be located on
the mucous membrane of the anal canal or on the skin of the anus and have different
depth and extent.

Much less common is chronic fissure with prolonged
undulating course with improvements and deterioration.
Chronization process contributes to prolonged exposure
factors leading to this problem.

The reasons

The reasons трещин возле заднего прохода:

  • Chronic constipation forcing a person excessively
    strain, increasing pressure in the rectum.
  • Mechanical injuries by solid stool, toilet
    poor quality paper, anal sex practitioners,
    инструментальном исследовании rectum.
  • In childbirth in the period of attempts the crack of the anus or mucous
    rectum – an unfavorable sign, as it may become
    harbinger of perineal rupture 4 degrees.
  • Inadequate hygiene, diaper rash can also lead to
  • Inflammatory changes in the intestinal mucosa on the background of proctitis,
    diarrhea, dysbiosis, helminthic invasion can also occur
    cracks, which, in this case, will be only one of the manifestations
    main pathology.

Crack symptoms

  • The pain is stronger, the deeper the crack. First she appears
    only with bowel movements or mechanical irritation. Later, as
    joining inflammation, pain can take
    persistent and disturb a person already and without any
    irritation problem area. The nature of the pain can be stinging,
    burning, stitching, or pulling and pressing with significant edema and
    chronic inflammatory process. With chronic course also
    there is a spasm of the locking muscle of the rectum, which increases the pain
    with bowel movement.
  • Itching and discomfort are provoked by narrow, uncomfortable or
    synthetic linen, long sitting, constipation or liquid
    by the chair. The greater the length of the crack, the wider the itchy area
    and the more pronounced the discomfort.
  • Isolation of scarlet blood not mixed with feces during bowel movements or
    straining is the result of the destruction of the capillary walls in the anal
    areas (see causes of blood in feces). If the damage is very
    deep veins can be injured and then dark
    venous blood and bleeding will be similar to hemorrhoidal
    (long and bulky, see bleeding from the back

The appearance of these symptoms – discomfort, itching in the back
passage, pain, blood during defecation may be more serious
diseases such as hemorrhoids, inflammatory and oncological
processes in the intestines, therefore, for diagnosis
requires a rectoscopy.


The crack delivers significant discomfort and not to aggravate
condition should be eliminated factors support its existence
and provoking the formation of new damage:

  • Lead an active lifestyle, avoiding prolonged sedentary
    provisions. Walk more, practice healing
    physical education.
  • Fight against constipation (see all candles from constipation), avoiding
    delays stool more than two days. Timely adjust
    dysbacteriosis and treat intestinal infections with diarrhea.
  • Use soft toilet paper and wash it cool.
    water after stool.
  • Do not get involved in unconventional sex or use
    quality lumbricants.

Crack diet

Dietary activities are reduced to the selection of such a table, which
normalizes stool regularity. It is also important to exclude fried
пряности и алкоголь (см. диета при hemorrhoids and cracks).

For constipation, a good breakfast is helpful (a glass of cool
juice, after 20 minutes – hot oatmeal), on an empty stomach
dessert spoon of sunflower or olive oil, beets in all
types, bran bread, cereals, apples, plenty of drinks (at least 3
liters per day) and soups for lunch.

Diarrheas require the restriction of cabbage, legumes, fresh vegetables and
fruit (fiber), yeast baking, whole milk.

What kind of medicine treat rectal fissures?

Sharp cracks are taken to heal using different forms.
drugs, that is, lead conservatively. In the arsenal
Proctologist today have ointments, creams, gels and suppositories. Also sometimes
resorted to tablet drugs.


Before local treatment, anal fissures are prescribed.
антисептические и противовоспалительные сидячие ванночки.
They need to produce after defecation. Solution temperature
составляет 30 градусов по Цельсию, продолжительность 10-15

  • As a therapeutic solution, a decoction of chamomile and bark is used.
    oak (separately or in the ratio of 2 to 1). Chamomile suppresses
    inflammation in the tissues, facilitating healing. Oak bark gives astringent
    effect, drying the crack. You can use and decoctions of calendula
    or yarrow.
  • Less often use a weak solution of potassium permanganate (pale pink
    colors), as an antiseptic.

Ointments, cream

Crack ointment should contain a fatty base, do not cause
irritation of the skin and mucous membranes and, ideally, combine
противовоспалительные и стимулирующие заживление тканей
properties. Introduced 1-2 times a day after bowel movements and
ten-minute bath in the amount of one centimeter. Average
продолжительность курсового лечения мазями острой трещины
makes 7-10 days. Most crack preparations are applied
and for the treatment of hemorrhoids (see the list of all hemorrhoid ointments).

  • Ультрапрокт 420-500руб– сочетание
    glucocorticoid fluocortolone and local anesthetic zinchocaine.
    Оказывает противовоспалительное, противозудное и
    analgesic effect.
  • Ауробин 190-230руб– комбинация преднизолона
    (противовоспалительный и противоаллергический эффект) с
    lidocaine hydrochloride (local anesthesia) and dexpanthenol
    (acceleration of healing and recovery of the skin and mucous membranes). A drug
    is contraindicated in pregnant, lactating, people with bacterial or
    viral inflammation or intolerance to the constituents
  • Декспантенол, Бепантен, Пантесол 70-120руб –
    ointments and creams based on pantothenic acid, affecting protein and
    fat exchanges and accelerates healing.
  • Солкосерил 160-180руб. in the form of ointment or gel
    accelerates the absorption of glucose by the tissues, thereby improving nutrition
  • Актовегин 100-120-180руб. improves cellular
    breathing and glucose utilization, contributing to tissue
  • Метилурацил 60-80руб.– лекарство, сочетающее
    свойства анаболика и противовоспалительного средства,
  • Проктозан 230-270руб. contains bismuth
    subgallate, titanium dioxide, lidocaine and befexamak. Dries and
    heals the crack.
  • Эмла 1400-1600руб – местное обезболивающее на
    based on lidocaine and prilocaine. The drug is indicated for spasm.
    Anal sphincter on a background of chronic fissure. May cause
    a decrease in heart rate and allergies.
  • Катеджель 120-140руб. combines lidocaine and
    antiseptic chlorhexidine. Indications are similar to emla.
  • Левомеколь 80-120руб. – антибактериальный
    chloramphenicol and methyluracil, accelerating the closure of the crack. A drug
    indicated for chronic or inflamed fissure. Should remember
    that prolonged use may be complicated by anemia and a decrease in
    blood leukocytes. Ointment Levomekol contraindicated nursing.
  • Нитроглицериновая мазь 0,2% расширяет
    vessels and relieves sphincter spasm. Prepared according to the recipe.


Candles – a convenient dosage form that allows the main
drug substance rapidly absorbed into the hemorrhoidal veins
plexus. In addition, candles are made on the basis of cocoa butter or
other neutral fat that simultaneously play a role
laxative. When there is a chronic anal fissure,
treatment is best done using a combination of means containing
painkillers and antispasmodics. A drugы в свечах применяют дважды
per day after defecation.

  • A drugы с местными обезболивающими, которые ослабляют боли и

    • свечи с экстрактом Красавки 40 руб.,
      Анузол 60руб.(белладонна, висмута трибромфенолят,
      zinc sulfate)
    • Anestezol (benzocaine, bismuth subhallate, menthol, oxide
    • Proktozan (lidocaine hydrochloride, bismuth subhallate, dioxide
  • Релиф, Релиф Адванс 250-350руб. and ointments and candles
    relieves, suppresses inflammation, stimulates healing,
    prevent bleeding. A drugы противопоказаны до 12 лет,
    in violations of blood clotting and leukopenia, feeding and
  • Постеризан 200-300руб мази и свечи –
    hydrocortisone and E. coli killed by phenol. Under the same
    The name is also an ointment that can be applied simultaneously on
    1-2 weeks. Candles are contraindicated in the early stages.
    of pregnancy.
  • Ауробин – комбинированные свечи с действием,
    similar ointment with the same name.
  • Свечи с метилурацилом 60-80руб. stimulate
    improvement of metabolic processes at the site of tissue damage, have
    immunomodulatory properties.
  • Свечи с облепиховым маслом 100руб. effective
    in acute shallow cracks.
  • Прокто-гливенол 300-400руб свечи и мази – это
    pain-reducing lidocaine and tribenozide stimulating venous
    outflow and removing puffiness.

For more information on drug instructions, see the article.
candles from cracks and hemorrhoids.

The role of laxatives in the treatment

By making stools softer and stool daily, you can
eliminate one of the main reasons for the crack
around the anus. Medications that facilitate bowel movement are divided.
on the following groups.

  • Emollients (vaseline and sea buckthorn oils, Norgalax). AT
    home conditions for problems with the anal sphincter use
    oncoming microclysters 10 minutes before emptying (100 ml
    pasteurized sunflower oil and 200 ml of boiled water
    room temperature).
  • Means to increase the volume of intestinal contents:
    plant based on agar or psillium (Naturolax, Mukofalk,
    Fayberlex), based on cellulose (Fiber, Fiberkon).
  • Polyhydric alcohols: Duphalac, Normase, Lactulose (standard, not
    irritating bowels), Sorbitol, Macrogol, Lactiol (see all

Child’s anus crack

The immaturity of the child’s digestive tract causes that
the ease with which they develop various bowel dysfunctions
and, as a result, cracks appear in the anus.
If babies under one year old have most often cracks, this is the result.
diarrhea with dysbiosis or intestinal infections, then more
older children, like adults, the main problem is
constipation, including neurogenic origin.

Therefore, in parallel with the beginning of the treatment of cracks should take care
about the normalization of intestinal motility and correction of dysbacteriosis. Without
eliminating these moments therapy may be difficult and prolonged,
which contributes to the chronization of the process and will translate it into the category
surgical problems.

When a sharp crack appears in the anus, the child becomes
restless (or crying) when trying to poop. With a bowel movement or
after the release of drops of bright red blood. When appearing
These symptoms should be shown to the child by a pediatrician or child
the surgeon.

  • With constipation, Duphalac (Lactulose), a diet,
    sufficient drinking regimen
    one feeding, divided into parts during the day), older children
    years must receive soups and liquids in volumes of at least a liter, and
    older than three years – one and a half to two liters per day. With neurotic
    constipated child advise a neurologist, prescribe a course
    sedatives for children. It is advisable to diagnose and
    treatment of dysbiosis and elimination of helminthic invasions (see pinworms in
  • Diarrhea to be sanitized intestinal nitrofurans (Ersifuril,
    Stop diar) or bacteriophages with the subsequent appointment of eubiotics
    for a month.
  • The drug of choice for children – candles with sea buckthorn oil. In children
    up to a year, half of the candle is used twice a day.
    For children older than one year – 1 suppository twice a day.
  • To correctly light a candle for a child up to a year, you need to put
    him on his side or raise his legs and pelvis from a position on his back. Then
    the candle tip of a clean index finger is pushed on
    a distance of 1-3cm and hold the child’s buttocks for three minutes to
    the candle did not flow out (see what to do with constipation in infants).
  • Baths – it is also possible for children to use baths with
    chamomile or calendula before applying candles or ointment.
  • Since children hate pain, the cracks are trying
    heal as quickly as possible, applying the ointment Levomekol and Oflokain.
    Levomekol can not be used for longer than a week and in large doses, so
    How can I get anemia and leukocyte fall due to chloramphenicol
    in its composition. Oflokain also contains an antibiotic in combination with
    lidocaine, so better relieves.
  • Aurobin in candles and ointments can be used in children older than a year.
    no longer than five days. At the same time it is necessary to apply no more.
    half a candle and half a centimeter ointment.
  • Drugs with Methyluracil, D-panthenol,
    Bipanthen healing fissure.

So, the drugs of choice for the treatment of anal fissures

  • children – candles with sea buckthorn
  • adults – Dexpanthenol, Methyluracil, Aurobin (not
  • as a painkiller – Anuzol

How to cure an anal fissure after childbirth

The cause of a crack in the anus can be childbirth. During
pressure period in the rectum increases, and tissue
crotch stretch. Since in birth the crack is a trifle, with
which are not considered, then all problems begin in a couple of days,
when there is pain during a bowel movement. Here you have to resort to
laxatives and drugs that are either not absorbed into the blood,
either do not penetrate the milk. The most important thing is to get there as soon as possible.
к врачу-специалисту, чтобы получить грамотные рекомендации и
Do not miss the hemorrhoids under the mask of anal fissure.

In general, the treatment tactics are the same as in children under one year old (Dufalac,
candles with sea buckthorn, Methyluracil). Posterized in can be added
candlelight, Emla for the skin of the perianal area, gel Katedzhel.

Healing of anal fissures, which exist more than three
months, it is very difficult because of the keratinization of the edges of the defect and
reduce metabolic processes in tissues. In such a situation are shown
different options for surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment

  • Devulsiya – a compromise between operational and
    conservative treatment may be the manipulation of anal anal
    holes. At the same time, under anesthesia, the spasmed sphincter is expanded,
    which solves some problems. This procedure is not carried out at
    the elderly.
  • Cryodestruction – there is a crack cryodestruction option liquid
    nitrogen, which is expensive and does not always radically solve the situation
    (it is difficult to achieve a clear freezing of only pathologically changed
  • Sphincterotomy – classical surgery
    involves the excision of cracks in the plane within healthy
    tissues. If the crack is combined with sphincter spasm, then
    dissect from the inside (sphincterotomy surgery). Timing
    wound healing – 5-6 days. Up to this point doing dressings with

Thus, the treatment of acute anal fissure is worth
start at the first manifestations. It is very important to contact
to the doctor, since similar symptoms give hemorrhoidal
rectal veins and tumors (see which doctor to consult with
hemorrhoids and cracks).

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