Coups from back to side – on the stomach – from the abdomenon the back

When ребенок начинает переворачиваться

Self-coups from the back to the stomach and from the abdomen to
back become a truly revolutionary event in the life of the baby. On
his back, he is able to see only his mother’s face and a couple of toys above
head or side. When the time comes and the child
начинает хорошо переворачиваться на животик (а это
происходит около 4-5 месяцев)
, ему открывается целая
the universe consisting of extremely entertaining objects and phenomena.

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First coups

After three months, the baby is already pretty well mastered
skills such as:

  • turns the head to an unusual or favorite sound (for example,
    to the tune of a mobile or other toy), when lying on the stomach;
  • gradually begins to raise and fix the head and shoulders in
    position on the abdomen with support on the hands;
  • movements are becoming more and more coordinated: child
    curious to feel his face, to grab his nose.

During this period, the baby can hit the mother, suddenly making
переворот со спины на живот. It’s hard to call it
truly coup, rather, not a very successful attempt
скатиться на бок из положения на спине, в которое кроху
laid caring mom. But the beginning of active movements have already been made,
and now the baby will not stay long on his back. True,
по-настоящему дети начинают
переворачиваться, только когда у них достаточно
the muscles of the neck, arms and back will get stronger, which usually happens a little later
(4-5 months).

Attention! After three months, when the pussy comprehends the skill
переворотов, нужно всегда придерживать ребенка рукой, меняя
him a diaper or turning away to take a tube of baby cream
or a bottle of massage oil. It becomes unacceptable to leave
to the crumb of one on a bed without sides and, especially, on a changing station
table, because it is fraught with falls and injuries.

According to some moms, their child is just 4-5
месяцев весьма бодро начал поворачиваться со спины на бок,
далее на животик и живота on the back — одним словом, делать
coups in different directions, having managed to fill himself with a few bruises,
before mom believed that the baby really learned
roll over yourself.

Coups from back to stomach and back (4-5 months)

когда ребенок начинает переворачиваться со спины на живот

После 4-х месяцев когда ребенок лежит на
back, then lifts his head and with interest examines his
legs, can bend them in the knees, pulling up to the chest and trying
reach out to them with your fingers. Then he periodically starts
поворачивать корпус со спины на бок.

К 5-ти месяцам ребенок может хорошо держать
head, rise on his hands, lying on his stomach, bend in every possible way
back. He likes to swing, lying on his back, can in this way
rolling on the bed, pushing off the bed
position on the stomach. Such movements actively help develop
right muscle groups, therefore, just at this time many babies
начинают хорошо переворачиваться как со спинки на
животик, так и обратно on the back.

Onдо понимать, что, когда малыш переворачивается, а потом учится
sit on their own and then crawl, then at the same time
similar muscle groups are involved. So when enough
the muscles of the neck, back, legs and arms will strengthen for high-grade
coups, your child will gradually begin to make attempts to sit down
and crawl by myself.

Development article:

  • Onчинаем сидеть
  • Onчинаем ползать

Помогаем делать перевороты

To help the baby to master a new skill you need to play with
mandatory smile and words of approval. Noticing that the child
It turned out to accidentally roll over himself, try to play with him,
putting the toy on the side of it, stimulating the baby to turn.

You can perform simple exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and
hands that will help the child learn a new skill for him.
Starting exercises, you need to make sure that:

  1. The kid is well able to raise his head lying on his back, and
    keeps your head well lying on your stomach.
  2. The child has a strong desire and a formed skill.
    lying on his stomach with his head raised, leaning on his hands at least in
    for 5 minutes.

If the baby is not too interesting to lie on his stomach, delay it
for some time in this position you can, for example, swinging
gym ball or putting a bright fun toy right in front
by him.

Exercise to coup

It is done when the child is on the back. Right hand mom
embraces the baby’s lower leg of the same name, while the left hand is easy
fixes the left leg so that it does not bend. Then mom starts
gently pull the right foot down and then in the direction of the coup to
right foot was on the left. No need to rush and pull over
measures the child should be able to turn around 10

Video exercises coups

After the coup turned out, the baby’s pen can stay
under the body. Try to give a crumb the opportunity to own it.
to straighten If the baby starts to get nervous, then you can
strengthen the movement for the leg, with the handle gradually released.
Exercise can be repeated 3-5 times in several approaches in flow
of the day Remember – all movements are exceptionally smooth, without abrupt
jerking and jerking!

Посмотрите видео о том, как научили
малыша переворачиваться. В flow трёх недель
ребенок учился переворачиваться! And here is the result! When
wakes up – the first thing is to lie down on your stomach!

Mastering self-revolution skills opens up for
new interesting world of the child, gradually bringing it to the need
crawl and then walk. And of course, when the baby takes it like
follows, then mom will have to constantly not forget for a second about
simple safety rules.

Do not specifically start to train the child to sit or even
to stand, if by 5-6 months the baby does not know how to roll over.
Best of all, when each new stage of development karapuz replaces
another smoothly and in the right sequence. Yes, children can sometimes
�“Jump over” or significantly shorten certain stages, but these
stages will still replace each other alternately.

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baby roll over

Video: baby in 3.5 months turns from back to belly and from
живота on the back

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